Best Shoes For Healthcare Workers As Per User Reviews

As a medical professional, you need to have the right shoes to deliver services. Nothing feels bad like discomfort while on duty especially when your shifts demand standing for long hours. This cuts across all professions. As a healthcare worker, you need good shoes that give you comfort when working. This is because you spend substantial time on foot; standing, walking or running among other activities in the hospital. Everyone who works in the domains that have long hours will tell you the benefit of good footwear. If your footwear gives comfort, you will not experience a lot of fatigue. In this guide, we have explained all you need to know about shoes for healthcare workers. Follow closely!

Why Should Healthcare Workers Need Appropriate Shoes?

Below are benefits of appropriate footwear

  • Prevent Corns and Bunions: Corns occur when the skin thickens on the top of the toe or foot. It is normally similar to callus. On the other side, bunions occur when the bones push out of the ligament. This occurs when wearing shoes that do not fit you. That’s why; you should wear appropriate footwear to prevent all these. Sanitary staff on duty needs a great deal of ATP for movement from one place to another. If you do not have good footwear, you may develop the feared corns and bunions. If you want to get rid of them, look for a good removable insole for your shoe. Also, if possible, the insole should be from a soft material and good width. Besides, the shoe should have ventilation holes under the toes with flexible textures.
  • To prevent Back pain: Back pain is one of the dangerous and easiest defects you can get for not having good footwear. So, if you do not want to become the hunchback from the hospital, get appropriate footwear. In regards to heel size, you should get an average height of 2 to 4 centimeters. This will prevent fatigued and back pain. Also, you may develop circulatory problems, foot pain, and hammertoes. The worst you can get is deformities of the backbone with chronic pain. Also, back pain may be a result of the foot stress you get. So, if you can get shoes with the level of the heel and front part the same. This will give you a stable base for balance.
  • Protection against toxic substances and infections: As a health worker, you should understand the environment that you are working in is hostile.  You need to know that you are dealing with toxic drugs and contaminated samples. They may have the deadliest microorganisms. So, to protect yourself from this danger, you should wear appropriate footwear that completely covers your foot. If possible, there should be reinforcement on the top part and sole to prevent any liquid from seeping.
  • To avoid Anti-slip: Heath workers should wear appropriate footwear to prevent them from the embarrassment of slipping. This in return, prevents you from turning into a laughingstock in your workplace. This is because appropriate shoes are made of rubber soles that provide a good grip with the floor.
  • For good looks: You should wear appropriate shoes to ensure you look good. No patient will like it when you are treating them with shoes covered by blood stains or vomits. So, if you do not want to get such embarrassment, get an appropriate waterproof shoe that does not absorb stains. Also, it should be easily washable.
  • Comfort: As mentioned above, health workers have a lot of movements and this needs you to have a lot of energy. So, as a medic, you should wear appropriate footwear for optimal comfort.  This helps in saving a lot of energy when you are working.
  •  For proper Breathing: As a health worker, you should wear appropriate footwear as it allows proper breathing. These shoes are well ventilated and allow your feet to breathe well after a long day of work. This optimizes comfort which motivates you to work better.

10 Best Shoes For Healthcare Workers

1. Dansko women’s professional clog

Sometimes, regular clogs are too heavy and unfit for health workers. As a medical professional, you spend a better part of the day standing or moving up and down. For that reason, you deserve light and comfortable shoes. With Dansko women’s professional clog, you will never go wrong.

Dansko women’s professional clog - Best Shoes For Healthcare Workers

First off, Dansko clogs are full of positive reviews. This tells you that the shoe is worth a shot. What’s more? It features a roomy toe box with interior padded collar for optimal comfort. This ensures you have an easy working day with an amazing feeling on your toes and feet. Not to forget its comfortable height range of heel that helps you move up and down without feeling tedious.

In addition, the clog is made of comfortable, strong, and durable leather materials that guarantee its durability.  Its legendary arch support and polyurethane outsole provide a great grip and shock absorption.

Best reviews

  • It’s not only comfortable but also gorgeous.
  • Made of durable guaranteeing materials.
  • It’s versatile in that it can fit in several occasions.
  • Has strong arch support.
  • Great value of your money.

Negative reviews

  • It is not gender versatile because it is only meant for women.

2. CALZURO Classic Autoclavable Clog

This is another great alternative when looking for ideal medical professional shoes. Buying this shoe keeps you off the shop for a couple of years. This is thanks to its strong and durable rubber material that hardly wears off. In addition, the shoe is super comfortable and made of 1.5’’ heel size that prevents fatigue during your mission.

CALZURO classic Autoclavable clog - Best Shoes For Healthcare Workers

How can we forget its grip effective sole? With this clog, safety is fully guaranteed as you run your patients up and down. This is through the help if its firm and slip resistance soul. The shoe is also eco-friendly, easy to wash and dry.

Positive reviews

  • Great value for money.
  • Its gender versatile.
  • Functionality versatile in that it fits many occasions.
  • Easy to clean and dry.
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Supportive grip

Negative reviews

  • Unpleasant smell of rubber while new.

3. Alegria Women’s Classic Clog

The beauty behind this shoe is amazing! Many assume that professional wear should be silent and boring. With ALEGRIA, things are different. Although the shoe is made for professional health workers, it is uniquely designed with a dazzling beautiful flowery outlook that makes you appear to work looking all glamorous.

Alegria women’s classic clog - Best Shoes For Healthcare Workers

More to beauty, the shoe is amazingly comfortable thanks to its soft and removable footbed. It makes your feet and toes feel relaxed all day long. Its insole is designed to fully conform to the shape of your feet, for a comfortable and custom fit. This helps you to work all day long without stressing your feet. Also, they boast of an adjustable buckle that enables you to control its fitting for optimal comfort.

When it comes to durability, this shoe has passed the test. It boasts of strong, durable leather outer fabric and a rubber sole that hardly wears and tear. This guarantees durability, comfort, and stability.

Best reviews

  • It’s beautiful and appealing.
  • Its durable and comfortable
  • Is stable with a perfect grip
  • Perfect fitting.

Negative reviews

  • It’s not gender versatile.

4. Birkenstock Boston Soft Footbed

This amazing unisex shoe is also ideal for medical professionals. Therefore, it qualifies to be among the best shoes for healthcare workers. The shoe features a very soft latex footbed and a contoured cork that provides optimal arc support as well as a comfortable walk. Also, soft cushioning is added to the insole to make your feet feel relaxed and comfortable all day long at work.

Birkenstock Boston soft footbed - Best Shoes For Healthcare Workers

The shoe is also perfect as it’s made of sturdy and hard rubber soles. This sole provides stable traction to several types of surfaces. Though sturdy, the sole is so light on the feet for maximum comfort. Also, it’s long-lasting and effective in the absorption of shock.

Positive reviews                    

  • It is unisex.
  • Strong and durable
  • Very comfortable to have all day long.
  • Strong traction on several surfaces.
  • Several colors to choose.

Negative reviews

  • It has so many imitations in the market

5. Nike women’s revolution 5 running shoes

Although commonly known for running, this shoe is also ideal for healthcare workers. It is among the best shoes, thanks to its lightweight materials that make it super comfortable to move up and down within the hospital premises. Also, it features a very soft foam midsole and plush padding for optimal comfort.

Nike women's revolution 5 running shoes - Best Shoes For Healthcare Workers

Its breathability is also top-notch. The pair blasts of a well-ventilated knit textile that wraps your feet softly giving them zero room for sweating. In addition, its rubber outsole is strong and sturdy for perfect grip on the surface. This eliminates any possible sliding on the floor. The sole is tear-resistant thus guaranteeing durability.

Positive reviews

  • Comfortable to wear all day long
  • Light and comfortable on the feet
  • Made of breathable fabric
  • Super surface traction

Negative reviews

  • Outer fabric material is not as durable

6. Nurse mates women’s dove oxford

With a four-star rating, this pair is a complete value for your money. Firstly, it features 100% exterior leather material that is long lasting. Also, the material is stain resistance this suitable to work anywhere.

Nurse mates women's dove oxford

Secondly, the pair is made of a non-slip rubber sole that is so great in the absorption of shock. Its heel is moderate in size with 1 1/2 inch hence comfortable to run or walk around. Also, the heel is covered with a polyurethane core for protection against shock. Lastly, this version has a sturdy rubber sole that provides reliable adhesion against all types of surfaces.

Positive reviews

  • Good surface adhesion
  • Made of durable leather outer fabric
  • Stain resistance outer material
  • Comfortable heel size
  • Versatile both on gender and functionality.

Negative reviews

  • Not made out of the best leather materials. I mean, this material starts to peel with time.

7. Skechers Work Sure Track- Trickle

Are you tired of wearing uncomfortable shoes all day at work? If so, Skechers is worth giving a shot. The pair has all your problems solved and makes you feel ready to conquer any kind of task that comes along your way.  First off, it is made of durable external leather fabric. Besides that, the fabric is stain resistant hence easy to clean.

Skechers work sure track- trickle

This pair also features a lace-up closure design to adjust and customize its fitting in favor of your feet. In addition, its innersole is designed with a soft, soothing fabric and a padded collar for optimal comfort and shock absorption.

Here, breathability is on another level. Thanks to a well-ventilated lining that provides a fresh and comfortable feeling on your feet. In addition, it’s light, with a soft cushioned footbed for an entire day’s comfort. Lastly, it has a tough, durable, and slip-resistant rubber sole.

8. Brooks Women’s Ghost 12 Running Shoes

Here is another Ideal pair of shoes for healthcare workers. The pair is understandably comfortable and light in weight. It features a blend of BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning to provide comfort and protection against shock.

 Brooks women's ghost 12 running shoes

The shoe is also versatile and can be used as professional wear, for running and gyming among others. Lastly, it has different colors to choose your preference.

Positive reviews

  • Comfortable cushioning
  •  Value for your money
  • So Ideal for athletes
  • Perfect surface grip

Negative reviews

  • designed for women’s only

 9. Nike women’s Tanjun running shoes

Although known for running, this pair is also ideal for healthcare professionals. The latter is made of a light outer material that makes it so comfortable to wear all day long. 

Nike women's Tanjun running shoes

In addition, it has a gum rubber sole for perfect traction on the surface. Not to forget its lace-up closure design to adjust its fitting as per your comfort. On the upside, it is well ventilated and has different fitting sizes for different users.

Positive reviews

  • Boasts of soft and comfortable man made materials
  • Durable gum rubber sole
  • Perfect fitting design
  • Available in many colors

Negative reviews

  • Sole not 100% slip resistance

10. Naturalizer women’s marianne loafer

We would not end our list without this amazing loafer. This version is super comfortable with soft cushioning that allows medics to stand in the clinic all day long. It also has a soft memory foam footbed that ensures you can move up and down without sole foot.

Naturalizer women's marianne loafer

Made of a100% leather materials, this version is durable promising. The fabric is also resistant to stains thus easy to clean off. Lastly, it features a synthetic outsole that is slip-resistant on all surfaces.

Positive reviews

  • Comfortable heel height
  •  Slip resistance outsole
  • Made of strong and durable materials

Negative reviews

  • Doesn’t have the best fitting

Feature To Look Before Buying Shoes For Medical Professionals

When buying shoes for medical professionals, you should pay close attention to a number of features. This ensures that your service delivery is not interrupted by the shoes you are wearing. With that said, here are some of the features that you need to look at before buying a medical professional shoe.

  • Arch cushioning and support: Arch support and cushioning should be a vital feature as it has superior importance to all healthcare workers. It is not only good for the feet but they also improve posture. Arch cushioning helps in preventing lower back pains which are dangerous to anybody. Moreover, if you find yourself in runs, it reduces the running and walking impact.  This is a clear indication that your feet will not suffer fatigue.
  • A Wide Toe Box: When it comes to people who work for long hours, it is not about the beauty of the shoe. At some point, your toes spread out. So, when they spread and the box is small, you will suffer pains. This may occur even with the shoes you are mostly used to can cause pain when you are in long shifts. So, if you are going to buy new shoes, invest in shoes with a long toe box. Do not order a shoe that is too small. Instead, get a shoe that is spacious enough to accommodate your feet in case.
  • Non-slip is an ideal choice: Hospital floors sometimes get extremely slippery. You will get floors with tiles that do not have a grip. This is so dangerous for both patients and healthcare workers. On the side of the healthcare workers, it is a bit more dangerous. This is because they find themselves walking with delicate materials. So, investing in non-slip shoes with good grip is important for all health workers. If you get the shoes with rubber and others without rubber, you are more likely to slip with non-rubber shoes. Also, you can as well get non-slip pads to help you if you have shoes without a rubber sole. However, in case you are upgrading, consider non-slip shoes.
  • Waterproof uppers and soles: As mentioned above, there are a lot of poisonous fluids in a hospital setup. Also, some blood or vomits from the patient may spill on your footwear. So, buying waterproof shoes is very crucial. I mean, when buying shoes as a healthcare worker, consider the materials used to make the shoe. The material should be waterproof. Besides, it should be easily washable and dries quickly.
  • Size: Before you buy a shoe, knowing your size is very important. This is because the size of the shoe and your foot should marry. This is to give you comfort while walking. Also, if you have long-standing shifts, you will not suffer leg swelling. So, as mentioned above, the size will determine the toe box size which is an important feature.
  • Mesh or lather: You may be asking yourself what type of shoe you should get. As per the research, sneakers are more popular in all professions. Are they the right choice for medical professionals? Definitely, Not! Although the upper part is mesh and breathable, they are hard to clean in case something spills on them. In case a dangerous fluid comes into contact with the shoe, it will directly get in contact with your body. Therefore, consider leather shoes as they are safe and simple to clean.

FAQs – Frequently Ask Questions

Why do my feet hurt after a 12-hour shift?

The swelling of feet after long hours of standing is caused by blood pooling in the arteries and veins. As it pulls, it leads to swelling of the feet. This means that your blood is not circulating well in your system.  Also, if the shoe you are wearing does not fit you well, it may contribute to that. You will find your toes are so much pressed inside. So, make sure to buy shoes that fit you well to avoid such feet swell.

Does Nike have a healthcare worker discount?

Yes, Nike offers a 10% discount for eligible first responders and healthcare professionals in the US.

What types of shoes do physicians wear?

Physicians recommend secure and comfortable shoes for their daily wear. Some of the shoes common with physicians include sneakers, clogs, and orthopedic shoes. Others include lace-up shoes, slip-on footwear, loafers, and Velcro shoes. Most of these shoes meet the standards of the shoes for a hospital setup.

Are memory foam materials good for healthcare workers to put on?

Yes. Shoes made with memory foam are the best because the material reduces stress on the foot. This is good because the nature of their work needs one to stand for long hours. So, memory foam is the best for doctors’ shoes.

Why do medical professionals wear shoe covers?

The shoe covers protect them against any harmful liquid that may spill out during their work. Notice that during blood circulations, blood spills on the footwear. So, if the blood was already contaminated, healthcare is definitely in danger. They may get very dangerous contagious diseases. So, a shoe cover is a smart solution for such cases.

Final Recap

Before you buy any shoe as a medical professional, you need to consider several factors. In this article, we have given you all these factors. Although there are many other personal factors, above mentioned are the most crucial. Also, we have discussed the reasons you need to get good footwear as a medical professional. We hope that the article will help you get into a good decision when choosing your shoes as a healthcare worker.