Shoes For Elderly With Balance Problems To Prevent Falls

Research by the National Council on Aging says that one in four elderly seniors falls each year due to foot issues. Most of these falls occur from balance problems that lead to serious injuries and even death.

The more a man or woman gets older, the more he or she experiences physical changes accordingly. People at the age of 65 or older struggle to cope up with these changes. They lose balance on their feet and are more susceptible to foot pain, arthritis, edema, and other problems. At this age, the rate of our seniors falling due to balance problems is higher.

The most common reason behind falls is poor or unfit footwear. This footwear might worsen their condition through hip fractures, serious brain injuries, broken bones, and others. Balance while walking at this age is most crucial for seniors. Perfect footwear can only provide this balance to them while walking. These preventive shoes provide balance with comfort and adequate support to seniors.

We have researched the shoes for the elderly with balance problems and found some of the best designs having satisfactory reviews from the users. The list is given below. From our analysis, we can assure you of the safety and compliance of these brands.

How Do Shoes Help With Balance Problems In The Elderly?

Seniors with normal shoes are more vulnerable to injuries due to falls. They usually tend to walk by shuffling their feet. This habit of walking creates adversity when they walk wearing the wrong footwear. The high heels or the floppy slippers are the footwear they should avoid. Instead, shoes with proper traction, light soles, arch support, and good cushioning provide a great balance while walking. These specifically designed shoes for balance are made to solve balance problems and reduce the risk of falling. These shoes have cushioning in the heel area to absorb the shock that creates while walking. This prevents any irritation and inflammation in the heel area. Other important features make shoes have good balance. The roomy toe box, the contoured footbed, and the overall soft interior; all these components make shoes help with the balance problems.

Types Of Shoes For Elderly With Balance Problems That Prevent Falls

The marketplaces are flooded with a variety of shoes. But these types are good for the elderly with balance problems. Our elderly parents should wear these shoes for comfortable and safe walking.

Walking Shoes for the Elderly

There are specially designed walking shoes for elderly persons. At this age, they need comfort and safe shoes while walking. Walking is the common exercise they prefer to follow almost every day. It improves their deteriorating physical conditions and strengthens the resistance. Since they tend to fall frequently due to lack of balance, walking shoes with proper balance come as helpful wear.

  • First, these balance walking shoes make them feel comfortable.
  • Then it fits well to their feet.
  • These shoes are lightweight. Absorb shocks with soft cushioning support.
  • Prevent foot problems like blisters and calluses

Slip-on Shoes

Slip-on shoes are designed with good balance and without laces; they are easy to put on and off, which reduces extra stress to fit in. Low-profile slippers and loafers are slip-on shoes. These slippers are not the regular types; they are designed for seniors, especially as balance shoes. They can be worn as informal shoes at home or even in office environments.

Orthopedic Shoes for elderly

Almost all the possible physiological features are combined in an orthopedic shoe designed to fix foot problems—the rubber outsole and midsole help provide traction support and absorb shocks and good mobility. There are custom orthotics to give you proper arch support and cushioning in key areas. These shoes have enough room in the toe box and heel area to properly fit irregular foot mechanics and structure. Medical benefits from orthopedic shoes are preventing and curing foot deformation, edema, weak joints, bunions, and other foot pains.

Velcro Shoes

Including other helpful features, the Velcro shoe has a Velcro closure facility which is easy to tighten. Elderly seniors usually face mobility issues as they find it difficult to bend themself to put on the shoes and tie the shoelaces. Instead, Velcro shoes can easily be put on the shoes and place the straps against each other. It takes just seconds, and they need neither too much bending nor too much time. People with a physical handicap find it easy to fasten the straps. Additionally, the Velcro shoes come as stylish and trendy besides helpful features. These shoes are good for formal and outdoor wear. It means our active seniors can choose them for official wear.

House Shoes

These casual shoes are to be worn in the house only. They are designed to be soft, lightweight, comfortable, and easy to put on and off. The slippers or the flip flops are the basic house shoes. Elderly seniors can comfortably wear them in and around the house, but our advice is to avoid wearing them outdoors because the outsoles are not designed to deal with rough and hard concrete.


Sandals are designed as open and lightweight wear, perfect for hot summer days. This wear has a treaded sole to hold the foot while stepping. It is mandatory if you are on the beach walk.

5 Best Shoes For Elderly Women With Balance Problems

Now, we will go over some of the best shoes for elderly women with balance problems. If you are looking for a pair of good shoes for elderly women, then you can buy any of them without any hesitation.

1. Propet Women’s Tour Walker

First, we would like to introduce the Propet women’s Tour Walker. Propet tour walker is one the comfortable casual to provide great support in every step. It can be a center of focus, especially for the elderly who suffer foot ulcers caused by diabetes. It has been found more effective for potential support as well as balance. This supportive balance offer full shock absorption with huge breathability. Even they help to reduce ulcer relapse rates with the balance.

Propet Women’s Tour Walker - Shoes For Elderly With Balance Problems

 These women’s shoes are a complete package with pretty much arch support that makes you feel good while walking. Cushioned EVA midsole and twin strap closure steps make your step comfortable for a long walk. It controls pronation with a rigid heel counter with a removable footbed. Convenient straps with a D-ring Speed lacing system helps seniors to move freely without any difficulty.

Those are ideal for patients with back pain, plantar fasciitis, and other leg issues. The perfect leather upper will provide you breathability, while straps will give a perfect fit.

  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Twin straps closure system
  • Cushioned EVA midsole
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Rigid heel counter with removable foot bed
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Not perfect for wet surface
  • Too thick sole

2. Skechers performance walking shoes

Skechers is an innovative and highly responsive shoe for the elderly. Its exceptional features are the rubber outsole, good traction, lightweight, removable insole, and others. Senior women can get excellent traction and balance with the rubber outsole. The upper, perforated design can make you a fan of these shoes. There are no straps or laces. That’s why elderly women don’t trust, but it has other qualities that can be top-of-the-range shoes for the elderly. They are lightweight, comfortable, and breathable, as well as deal with balance problems.

Skechers performance Shoes For Elderly With Balance Problems

Skechers walking shoes are built with high-quality breathable materials with an excellent interior. High responsive 5GEN cushioned midsole and 100% mesh provide efficient breathability and comfortable steps. Flexible and sturdy rubber sole prevents socks and ensures durability. A perfect fit comes with a wide array of sizes and top-notch customization. It offers plenty of support and prevents sharp objects with supreme support. Enjoy plenty of support with Skechers for a long day without being sloppy.

  • Plenty of support
  • Plenty of stretches; flexible
  • Bamboo lined foot bed
  • Lightweight and easy to wear
  • High responsive 5GEN cushioned midsole
  • 100% upper breathable mesh
  • Complex return policy
  • Way too big

3. Orthoshoes Women Edema Shoes

These women’s diabetic velcro shoes are a combination of style and comfort. They’re lightweight and sturdy and provide premium comfort because they are made with high-quality breathable, and soft materials. They deliver all-day comfort in all seasons and all types of working conditions. For reducing losing balance these shoes are specially designed for the elderly with corresponding flexibility.

Orthoshoes Women Edema Shoes For Elderly With Balance Problems

Stretch mesh upper with a cushioned foot bed allows for long walking, running, and jogging without irritation and discomfort. The highly adjustable closure provides a premium range of support and comfortable wear. They are ideal for patients with diabetes, edema, plantar fasciitis bunion, and other leg problems. Extra width and depth alleviate pressure, and the roomy toe box promotes leg posture and feet health. The closure is easy to put on and off and it relieves pain associated with diabetes. Air cushion with a removable insole is extremely comfortable and supportive for absorbing shocks. Additionally, experts highly recommend them for tendon injury, swollen feet, post-surgery recovery, osteoarthritis, and those who need huge support and balance.

  • Lightweight, sturdy and comfortable
  • Extra-wide toe box
  • Biomechanically engineered for sensitive solution
  • breathable and soft materials
  • Air cushion with a removable insole
  • Extra width and depth
  • Complex return policy
  • Too narrow

4. Propet Women’s Pedwalker 

Propet women’s shoes are a practical and an excellent choice for elderly women. By classic style, comfort, and stability these shoes are ideal for your daily life. The padded interior decreases discomfort and provides energy in every step. Double insole with gel pad offer comfortable soft wearing. Roomy interior along with velcro close tabs ensure an adjustable fit with secure walking.

Propet Women’s Pedwalker Shoes For Elderly With Balance Problems

They are absolutely easy to fasten and undo, and the elderly can manage easily. The sole offers light traction and non-slip protection that makes you flexible and provides support in adverse situations. They are made with 100% soft full-grain leather and an exceptionally creative interior.

A removable footbed helps to accommodate orthotics with maximum customization. Cushioned EVA midsole along with padding lining make the shoes more comfortable while walking. This shoe offers plenty of arch support and the sole ensures a steady balance. It is wide, lightweight, and comfortable to wear for anatomical arch support and foot contours. For the most comfortable experience, the Propet women’s shoes are available in multiple adjustable sizes.

  • 100% soft full-grained leather
  • Removable footbed
  • Plenty of arch support
  • Two removable insoles
  • Extra roomy interior
  • Too bulky
  • Not enough durable

5. Dankso women’s Pro XP

These Dankso women’s shoes are a great choice for the elderly. They come with ultimate comfort and excellent traction because they are made with 100% leather and responsive cushioning. A removable cushioned footbed is easy to accommodate foot swelling. It will keep you moving on for a long day on your feet with a cushioned footbed and slip-resistant outsole.

Dankso women’s Pro XP Shoes For Elderly With Balance Problems

With excellent arch support, they come uniquely and allow you to walk constantly. Not only with great style, but also they feature maintaining natural gait, reducing stabbing, lightweight, and comfortable wear.  Materials and construction both are intelligently engineered, such as a padded collar, rubber outsole, roomy toe box anti-fatigue bottom, and more. You will be confident to get supportive feet and cushioned comfort.

 It reduces the negative impact of slip-resistant quality that allows for a long walk without discomfort and pain. Due to the balance problems elderly always face problems while choosing shoes, but these shoes have plenty of support that gives them a world of confidence.

  • 100% leather
  • Plenty of support
  • Rubber sole
  • Flexibility and comfort
  • Roomy toe box
  • Anti-fatigue bottom
  • Incorrect sizes
  • Less durable

5 Best Shoes For Elderly Men With Balance Problems

Here we have made a list of some of the best shoes for elderly men with balance problems. To reduce the risk of falls and increase mobility, this list is suitable for finding a good pair of elderly shoes with balance problems.

1. Hush Puppies Men’s Gill 

Hush puppies men’s sneakers are great for seniors. They are made with genuinely crafted leather for every generation in all seasons. Hush puppies use durable, breathable, and lightweight materials to make you comfortable all day long. You can pair with them any of your clothes either jeans, trousers or formal. Leather upper and easy hook and loop make shoes adjustable and comfortable.

Hush Puppies Men’s Gill Shoes For Elderly With Balance Problems

These traditional sneakers come with a fashionable look and some sturdy features. They have a synthetic sole that provides perfect grip and a huge amount of support. Removable contoured footbeds are quite helpful for easing movement which is suitable for some patients. Customized fit ensures great movement while walking and they are easy to on and off.  ZeroG outsole helps for getting durable wear rather than other shoes.

Arch size is moderate, just 1”, and it is constructed perfectly to ensure flexibility and comfort. The toe box is well enough and roomy. It provides extra space suitable for those suffering from leg issues such as edema, plantar fasciitis, bunion, diabetes, and other chronic leg issues.

  • Crafted full-grain leather
  • Molded ZeroG lightweight outsole
  • Well-constructed with super-lightweight materials
  • Removable contoured footbed
  • Synthetic sole
  • Too narrow
  • Less durable velcro

2. Merrell Men’s slip-on shoes

Merrell is the anime of perfect balance among the footwear brands. The smooth leather upper and sharp casual style is suitable for any type of occasion. An anatomical foot bed allows dealing with sloppy conditions. It will give you a perfect balance with the M- select grip sole and allow you to walk without any fear.

Merrell Men’s slip-on Shoes For Elderly With Balance Problems

They are absolutely easy to take on and off. They are quite wide and deep to handle to reduce pressure and are helpful with the bunion. The rebound heel, support, and padded collar provide a snugly and comfortable fit around the ankle. The roomy toe box is helpful to accommodate for swelling and other leg issues.

Flexible compression molded footbed, and cushioned midsole can prevent absorbing shocks. And, the air cushion ensures comfortable to wear for all the moment. It reduces slipping with this supportive sole and promotes leg posture while walking. You will get shock absorption and proper balance from these shoes with air-cushion and ortholite footbed.

  • Full-grain genuine leather
  • Roomy toe box
  • Air cushion and ortholite footbed
  • Compression-molded EVA foot frame
  • M-select GRIP sole
  • Too large
  • A bit narrow

3. Propet men’s Lifewalker walking shoe

Propet has a reputation in design and manufacturing top-quality footwear. They use innovation, technology, and high-quality materials to bring the best quality shoes into the market. This design is crafted with 100% genuine leather and a durable rubber outsole to ensure durable wear. With the right amount of support and adequate balance, Propet shoes are the perfect choice elderly. They are eligible for therapeutic conditions such as diabetes, edema, bunions, etc.

Propet men’s Lifewalker walking Shoes For Elderly With Balance Problems

The stretchable leather fabric, padded collar, and tongue are perfect for accommodating swilling and any type of discomfort. Rubber sole, cushioned heel, and EVA midsole ensure premium grip and adequate balance. The most unique feature is a built-in contoured heel stabilizer that helps to prevent falling. You will love adjustable Velcro closure to get the perfect fit. With this adjustable hook and loop closure, you can handle every condition confidently. The rocker profile adds more volume and a secure walk. A removable cushioned orthotic foot bed can handle any type of shock and perfectly accommodates foot problems.

  • Full-grain genuine leather
  • A removable cushioned orthotic foot bed
  • Adjustable velcro closure
  • Rubber sole
  • The built-in contoured heel stabilizer
  • Padded collar, and tongue
  • The too-wide toe box
  • Not enough sturdy

4. Skechers men’s Go Walking shoes

Skechers is always present new technology and innovation in footwear. They follow certain facilities that people look for shoes especially the elderly. They are enough sturdy, durable, and flexible with soft woven mesh fabric upper. It features responsive and comfortable ultra-Go cushioning that provides ultimate comfort in every step. The Air-cooled Goga mat insole is highly comfortable during walking. This soft upper and seamless design makes shoes more comfortable and flexible to walk with it for longer.

Skechers men’s Go Walking Shoes For Elderly With Balance Problems

Slip-on comfort walking design provides enough cushion, traction, and balance. You will get enough stability for synthetic toe and heel panel overlay. Skechers are always famous for lightweight materials. In these shoes, dual side elastic panels with heel fabric overlay panels provide additional comfort with adjustable fit.

Aged people mostly like these shoes for extreme comfort. However, Natural expression of it can handle senior citizens properly. Responsive cushioning with high rebound ULTRA PILLARS ensures premium comfort and flexibility. A smooth layer and high rebound underfoot can be perfect for either wood, carpet, wet surface, etc.

  • Synthetic sole
  • High rebound ULTRA PILLARS
  • Comfortable ultra-Go cushioning’
  • Synthetic toe and heel panel overlay
  • Air-cooled Goga mat insole
  • Wrong size description
  • Too wide

5. New Balance Men’s 577 walking shoes

The elderly need special concern for a long while, and the footwear should be supportive and comfortable. These New Balance shoes are specially designed for senior people to walk with plenty of support. These shoes will help you in every step with a cushioned polyurethane midsole to ease your walk. A padded lining, cushioned midsole, and durable rubber sole provide excellent traction and ensure stability and security.

New Balance Men’s 577 walking Shoes For Elderly With Balance Problems

Genuine leather upper ensures breathability. You will love velcro strap designs that are helpful for senior people. Velcro straps are going to provide enough balance besides a secure and adjustable fit. This is one of the most flexible options among other models. The inner part of the shoe has soft fabric and a collar padded will give comfort every time.

You will get a walking experience with responsive stable cushioning. They deliver premium balance along with super comfortable and allow for walking without any stress.

  • 100% genuine leather
  • Solid rubber outsole
  • Absorb cushioning in the heel
  • Polyurethane midsole
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Reflective accent design
  • Too extra wide
  • Bit expensive

Key Features To Look Before Buying Balance Shoes For The Elderly

This article is to tell you about a good pair of shoes for the elderly with balance problems. Some facts make these shoes suitable for our elderly parents as they face foot issues due to aging. They help keep balance and prevent injuries. Our lists mentioned above are created based on these buying guides, which you should follow while ordering new balance shoes for your elderly members.

Size or Fit

Wrong-sized shoes are always bothering and irritating to anybody. Elderly face more issues with wrong-sized shoes besides irritation. Larger-sized shoes are the reason behind twisting the ankles and leading to falls. On the other side, too-tight shoes squeeze the feet abnormally, and the pressure causes foot pain. Too small and too wide shoes make our elderly seniors more vulnerable than others. So to give them a good balance with shoes, you should measure the foot size perfectly. Again, Fit to size is a must to keep in mind. Another thing is to remember that with age our feet’ size changes gradually. So you should measure the fit size the time you’re going to buy a new one.

Shoe Weight

Whether we are talking about youth or seniors, lightweight shoes are good for all for comfort and safety. With age, our elderly seniors lose the strength to wear and walk with heavy shoes. Heavier shoes are tiring to lift with the steps and imbalance can cause falling. It creates pressure on the ankles, calves, knees, and joints. A lightweight shoe is a good solution to all these hassles. Manufacturers use EVA foam and synthetic materials to make lightweight shoes.   


Seniors prefer comfort over anything. Shoes are not the exception. The use of proper materials and techniques makes the shoes comfortable for the elderly. Besides, the design plays a vital role in making shoes comfortable.

Proper ventilation with mesh upper helps to keep shoes dry. A spacious toe box gives the toes enough room while in motion. Nowadays, some brands use built-in custom orthotics as inserts to fit the foot generously and provide ultimate comfort. Cushioning is the must-have component in the shoes to result in safety and comfort. Manufacturers use EVA foam, gel, or air midsole to provide proper cushioning. So look for these components in the balance shoes for the elderly while buying them.

Great Traction

Traction comes as a critical but useful feature as we talk about safety and balance in shoes for the elderly. You should ensure stability for your seniors walking. Without obstruction, traction helps to walk on any dry or wet surfaces (wet, mud, dirt, grass, rocks). This better contact with the surfaces helps to stabilize the posture. The outsole has adequate tread support to let the mud or water pass away and keep it debris-free. With grooves, it creates a good grip on the surfaces and makes the shoe slip-resistant. The bottom line is that the traction and grip let you walk uninterruptedly and prevent any fall. 

Velcro Strap

We mentioned earlier that it is painful and difficult for seniors to tie the shoelaces as they have to bend to finish this critical job. But Velcro straps come as a blessing for seniors as these straps have as easy as versatile adjustment features. Unlike shoelaces, velcro straps are hassle-free to fasten. Seniors need snugger fit shoes to keep balance while walking. Here the hook and loop strap is helpful to adjust the closure accordingly. The good side is that they can wear and fasten their shoes on their own. All they have to do is just hop into the shoes and fasten the straps against each other. So if you think about hassle-free shoes for the seniors in your family, then balancing shoes with a velcro strap could be a good option.

Arch Support

The shoes must provide adequate arch support if you want to alleviate foot pain. Most of the seniors around us suffer from foot problems and ailments due to a lack of arch support. This is why shoe experts advise wearing midsole and orthopedic insole with good arch height. The shoes we mentioned above in the list have adequate arch support. But you have to measure first that how much arch support you or your seniors require. Better visit a podiatrist or doctor to measure the level.

How To Use Footwear For Improving Balance Problems

Only a pair of correct footwear can improve balance problems. Besides, seniors should follow some tips to get full support from the shoes for elderly with balance problems.

  • Snugger fit in a shoe is vital to keep balance while walking. Straps or laces as fasteners allow making the show adjusted to feet properly. So it’s better to avoid loose-fitting or narrower pairs that cause balance problems.
  • Improper Heel can neverhelp in balancing while on the walk. Instead, it causes falls and injuries. High heels, slippery outsoles, flat outsoles like flip flops are the reasons behind losing balance and falls. Seniors can’t keep balance with such types of shoes. 
  • Orthotic insert is a simple and effective solution to footwear problems. With these perfectly measured inserts, you can reduce foot pain and increase your comfort level.
  • With age, our elderly seniors experience physical deformations in bones, muscles, joints, and skin. The foot arches lose height slightly. The bones get thinner and the joints lose flexibility. Other physiological changes occur with age. But physical exercise can create possible resistance. Daily exercise like walking can improve circulation and mobility around the feet. Rotating the ankles and moving the toes can improve balance. With all these elderly seniors will find balance shoes more comfortable and   

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best shoe type for the elderly with balance problems?

We have recommended some renowned brands perfect for balance problems while walking. Orthopedic shoes are more convenient and easy to use to handle slip-on situations. They are designed especially for the elderly, with plenty of support and comfort. Orthotic midsole and rubber outsole with a roomy toe box are the perfect combination for the elderly. In addition, velcro straps are another consideration for elderly because it ensures a secure fit with proper balance. Velcro strap also ensures easy to put on and off.

Why do the elderly need special shoes?

When we age, we suffer more health issues because of some physiological changes to our bodies. At this age, people experience some leg or foot issues such as edema, bunions, diabetes, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, and more. The elderly need special shoes to deal with these sorts of foot problems. Sometimes elderly persons face difficulties with body balance which leads to accidental falling or slipping. A good quality supportive pair of shoes is the best solution to get plenty of support during walking. You will find some different types of supporting shoes to cope with leg issues.

How can suitable shoes help your balance?

Some special shoes are specifically designed for the elderly to deal with balance problems. These shoes have some potential features like lightweight materials, breathability, cushioned midsole, shock absorption quality, good traction, roomy toe box, and so on. Another key feature is the velcro strap. These straps can provide a balance with an adjustable fit. For the elderly, you should buy suitable shoes to keep balance while walking. Otherwise, casual daily non-orthopedic footwear can lead to accidental falls or slips. It can worsen their condition.

What footwear contributes to the risk of falls?

Studies have shown that elderly seniors face uncomfortable wearing typical slippers and high heels.  These types of shoes have a significant chance to fall rather than nonslip shoes. To prevent slipping, the elderly should wear specific footwear with some much-needed features. These shoes are great for providing traction and reducing pain. Our elderly seniors should avoid ordinary slippers or and high heels because they can lead to the risk of falls.

Final Recap

We have tried to mention some of the best shoes for the elderly with balance problems. Our deep research and scrutiny into the reviews helped us filter the balance shoes available in the marketplaces to make the top list.

Remember that our elderly seniors always need comfortable and stable shoes to prevent sudden falls. Some older individuals tend to fall more for health issues. Sometimes seniors try to avoid social engagements for accidental falls. They need more concern while choosing shoes.

We hope our top pick will help you find the best pair of shoes to prevent all foot problems like foot pain, edema, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and others. The elderly seniors of our families are our pride. Now it is our turn to do better in every possible way. A good pair of shoes with proper fit, ventilation, cushioning, slip resistance, and traction can make them smile. These features refer to the perfect balance shoes for the elderly. To get more pieces of advice, we recommend consulting with a podiatrist or foot specialist.