Best Shoe Protector Spray For White Shoes – You Should Consider

Most of us wear shoes with great passion as it is already established that shoes define one’s personality and elegance. That is why we spend a good amount of money to buy our favorite shoes. In that case, we should take extra care of our favorite pairs of shoes, especially when the color is white. Since white shoes stain easily and tend to get dirty fast, it’s an important issue to prevent the damage and protect from ruining the day. Here manufacturers came forward to solve this issue and invented protectant sprays for your shoes. These protector sprays work as a shield against damaging dirt elements and UV sunlight and will save shoes from staining and other dirt. Which ultimately increases the durability of your favorite pairs of shoes.

Here we are going to mention some of the best shoe protectors spray for white shoes to save them from staining and damages. Remember, any kinds of scuffs or strains are more visible on the white surfaces than others. So, in the case of white shoes, you must keep the concern in your consideration and take one of these protective sprays as the savior.    

How Does Shoe Protector Spray Work?

Shoe protecting sprays work as a shield to the damage-causing elements.  Practically dirt pieces of stuff like mud, stains, scuffs, salts, and others come in contact with your shoes when you walk on the road wearing them. These harmful elements can make marks and bad spots on your shoes and damage the shoe materials forever. White shoes are very vulnerable in this case. Because stains and other dirt spots are more visible on a white surface. Remember that, the sun-ray of Ultra Violet (UV) radiation even causes the damage to shoe upper. Here sprays play the key role to protect the shoes working as a preventive solution. 

Suppose you are preparing to go out and walk to your office. Before that, you are spraying on your shoes to protect them from stains. Now maybe you are curious how this shoe protector spray works? The answer is that while you spray on the shoe, it turns itself into a coating form or layer on it to cover the whole surface as a protective layer. Now whenever you hit the road, the dirt or mud tends to come in contact with your shoes. But that protective layer stands as a shield and prevents those stuff from coming in contact. This is how shoe protector spray saves your shoe and keeps it almost new. But remember these sprays come in different forms for different objectives.  

Best Shoe Protector Spray For White Shoes

Indeed white shoes need extra care in such a case, finding the best shoe protector spray for white shoes is the most protective solution. Because prevention is the key. Here we have rounded up some of the best shoe protector sprays and they will keep your white shoes vibrant and look. 

1. Apple Brand Garde Rain Protector Spray

Are you looking for a good quality protector spray? Then Apple Brand protector spray is best for you. Always make sure that your shoes are safe in your daily busy life especially in the rainy season. But many times we cannot protect your clothes and white shoes. This fantastic water repellent spray is a great choice for removing all stains. 

Apple Brand Garde Rain Protector Spray

This spray is totally safe and stains and repels from shoes completely. It has a strong protective ability even if the shoes are sensitive.  Besides protection, it will give your shoes a new and fresh look that you will love your favorite shoes more. The protector spray is easy to apply and a great use for shoes, boots, wallets, furniture, and other items. 

It dries quickly and works effectively against all types of staining. This brand is famous for some features. One of the effective features is that it will not alter the color.  The effective formula will take care of your leather perfectly by preventing stains. 

  • Keeps your products from strain, oil, grease, etc
  • It won’t affect color and shade
  • Effective for leather and fabrics
  • Dries quickly
  • Easy to application
  • Not suitable for white leather
  • Strong smell

2. Combat Shoes Cleaner Kit by Combat Cleaner Store

Combat shoe cleaner is one of the best shoe protectors among various brands. It is suitable for all types of shoes such as boots, athletic shoes, synthetic, leather, or anything. This shoe cleaner will protect your sneakers from all types of mud, dirt, stains, oil, or other stubborn stains. It can help to keep your shoes new and fresh in any situation. 

Combat Shoes Cleaner Kit by Combat Cleaner Store

Luckily, this cleaner kit works against intensive dirt like coffee, wine, or grease. Using this kit can be the easiest and quickest solution to remove the colored patches. You can easily maintain the hygiene, cleanness, and fresh appearance of your shoes. Fortunately, it can work with all types of material and is pretty safe for them without making discoloration. 

The most unique part is a strong protective capability because it will keep your shoes safe all the time. To minimize intensive damage including scuff, water damage, oil damage, or whatever, just use this magical cleaner kit. 

  • Perfect for all types of shoes
  • Ensuring hygiene and classy appearance
  • Including a shoe deodorizer to prevent smells
  • Zero dangerous chemical
  • 1005 money-back guarantee
  • Does not waterproof
  • Too small bottle

3. Moneysworth & best Pro-tex shoe Protector

Pro-tex shoe protector is suitable for all types of shoe materials. It works fantastic to repel water, dirt, stains, deep damage, etc. This protector is versatile, quick-drying, and safe to use. It can work amazingly on different types of materials. The quick-drying fluoropolymer compound is the most effective formula that creates invisible protection. Whether it is leather or heavy-duty boots this good waterproofing spray is the suitable one to clean dirt.

Moneysworth & best Pro-tex shoe Protector

This is safe to use even if it is fabric. The protective layer does not affect the color or shade of your shoes. An invisible protecting coating is super effective to repel without changing color. It blocks all stains as well as removes liquid from shoes. 

Furthermore, it also gives your shoes a new and prominent look, which can make you confused whether it is a new one or not. It is an all-weather stain protector that works by formulation of a protective layer. The invisible shield prevents not only stains but also dirt, water, salt, oil, etc. 

  • Invisible shield
  • Prevents cracking, fading, discoloration, etc.
  • Safe for all types of materials
  • Spray protector
  • Easy to use
  • Provide new look
  • Bit expensive
  • Mislead information

4. The Art of Crep Protect Spray 

This 200ml hydrophobic spray prevents stains with revolutionary nanotechnology. People get irritated when they use shoe protector spray due to the smell of the strong chemicals. Fortunately, you won’t get any terrible smell while using this spray. Even this spray is not sticky and visible. You can use this spray for shoes, jackets, as well as purses, or other synthetic items.

The Art of Crep Protect Spray

The application is very simple so that anyone can use it without any difficulty. Besides, waterproofing is handy and it often helps to present any type of stubborn stain. You will just get a newly looked and cured shoe without any discoloration. An invisible protective layer prevents getting spoiled from your shoes very quickly and effectively.

For the tremendous level of protection, many users trust this unique and environment-friendly protector spray. The formula contains polymers and sunscreen that not only prevents stain but also UV fading damage. This waterproof spray keeps your shoes dry, clean and looking new. This quick-drying protector is easy to apply, just apply for 2 coats to get the best result. 

  • 200ml hydrophobic spray
  • An invisible protective layer
  • Quick-drying
  • Easy to apply
  • Use nanotechnology
  • Bit pricey
  • Nor suitable for all type of leather

5. KIWI Sneakers and shoe spray bottle

In our busy lives, we need some useful items to save our time and money. For shiner, scrape free and neat shoes you can trust KIWI Sneaker protector effective repellent. This is the best option that makes your shoes stain-free and graze-free. This spray is versatile and you can apply it to leather, suede synthetic, nylon, and fabric. It works great with waterproofing formulas and is safe to use on silk, even sensitive fabrics.

KIWI Sneakers and shoe spray bottle

You will be able to use this protectant spray on other items such as pillows, clothes, purses, etc. An invisible shield works against rain, stain, dirt, and patches. It will preserve breathability and retain water out. It has a highly effective protection formula that protects all the mess easily. Another important part is the sponge top brush suitable for cleaning away dirt. Ph. neutral formula cleans and provides extreme protection. 

  • All materials types; leather, mesh, nylon, fabric
  • With sponge top brush
  • PH neutral formula
  • Extreme protection for 15 days
  • Controls odor
  • Not suitable for white sneakers
  • Need multiple coats

6. Cadillac premium water repellant

Cadillac protectors will shield your shoes by creating a protective layer. This shoe cleaner is the invisible, breathable, and odorless protector. This renowned waterproof stain protector works as a barrier with a new formula. Water cannot pass through your shoes because it fully creates a water barrier. Either it is leather shoes, suede, synthetic, or other fabric, this protector is suitable for all types of footwear but mostly it is designed for leather.

Cadillac premium water repellant

This premium protector keeps your feet dry because of the protective coating. These protecting coats are the most useful for all types of circumstances. The formula of this protector is totally environment-friendly. There is no harmful chemical and your accessories will remain safe.

For minimizing the inevitable damage this silicon-free protector is highly effective. The tasted formula allows providing your shoes a great long life with a new look. This premium protector is more adjustable for all types of leather rather than other materials. 

  • Invisible layers
  • Breathable; keep your feet dry
  • Environment-friendly
  • Safe; silicon-free
  • Longer life
  • Cheaply made nozzle
  • Not for all types of fabrics

7. Sneaker lab shoe protector spray

Sneaker Protector Spray is a renowned brand that is made with polymer-based formula. The environmentally friendly formula prevents stains, water damage, or other patches to the fabric. The quick and easy formula reduces fading of UV rays with sunscreen quality. It is safe to use many materials such as leather, mesh, knit, suede, nubuck, etc.

Sneaker lab shoe protector spray

A generous spray comes out smoothly and application is simple and easy. Now, this 4.2 fl oz. bottle is bigger than before. It comes with 1.5 % more solution to save your money. This brand is fully aware of environmental impact. The solution contains no harmful chemicals, instead totally safe and biodegradable. The full-sized bottle is made with recyclable plastic.

It makes you confident while walking on dirt roads, workshops, warehouses, even wet places. It ensures that your shoe will look fresh and new. 

  • Polymer-based formula
  • Contain sunscreen; prevents harmful ray
  • Quick and easy to use
  • 1.5x bigger than before
  • Completely environmentally safe
  • 100% Recyclable plastic
  • Not for white shoes
  • A little protection against water

8. TriNova Fabric protection spray

TriNova is highly devoted to protecting your footwear. It protects multiple surfaces including carpets, clothes, shoes, furniture, and more. It won’t change color, texture, and appearance. Even it keeps breathability so that your feet will stay dry. High tech solutions for waterproof quality work great against any liquid. It guards with a clear and odorless solution and water-based chemistry is safe enough to maintain ventilation.

TriNova Fabric protection spray

Whether any type of fabric TriNova protects against spills that make the surface clean and tidy. For premium protection, this clear and odorless solution can be the best choice. Besides safety issues, it isn’t flammable so you apply it wherever you want. The non-aerosol spray is safe for kids and pets.  Advanced stain repellent formula helps to give the surface a new look. This product can be used confidently because it works on all types of clumsy surfaces, don’t worry about fabric. The premium formula is designed to protect the surface as quickly as possible. 

  • Keep surfaces protected; carpet, cloths, couch
  • Easy to apply; just spray
  • High tech solution for waterproofing
  • Clear and odorless
  • Safe to use
  • Poor quality nozzle
  • Can be leaked

9. Scotchgard Fabric water shield

Scotchgard is an excellent protector that repeals without changing texture. It is the perfect choice mostly in wetter weather. This versatile spray is designed for household items including furniture, genuine leather, shoes, sofa, etc. You will love the easy application just spray and wipe the surface. It is made with everything you need. It is a great fix for other materials and fabrics. This shoe cleaner will not change color, texture, and appearance and keep your items fresh and new.

Scotchgard Fabric water shield

For extended life span and waterproof quality, this protector can be a perfect addition to your home. It dries quickly and protects against any type of environmental hazard. Manufacturers recommend using a double coat to get better results.

Protect your all-time favorite accessories such as your work boots, favorite leather wallet, favorite jacket, and designer bag with this cost-effective fabric protector. It can be your secret defender to make your life better.

  • Strong fabric protection
  • Ideal for household items
  • Easy to use
  • Dries quickly
  • odorless
  • Not suitable for white shoes
  • Not safe to use in an indoor place

10. Bickmore Gard-more waterproofing spray 

Bickmore has made a reputation for providing top-quality leather care products. This highly effective waterproofing protector is quite exceptional than other brands. It generates into crevices of the surface deeply and dries very quickly. Within a few minutes, it will dry and you will be able to wear your favorite footwear. Besides superior waterproof treatment, it provides fast and quick protection for what you exactly need. It is specially formulated with a protective layer and works against water and stain or other environmental moisture.

Bickmore Gard-more waterproofing spray

The non-silicon formula won’t discolor anymore so that your expensive shoes will remain new and vibrant. The most reliable part is a strong invisible layer of protection that allows the materials to breathe properly and ensures dry feet. Before using, the manufacturer recommends applying in a hidden area to check the sensitivity of colorfastness. This product is not suitable for unfinished leather.

However, without any discoloration or darkening, this waterproofing protector spray is impressive. 

  • Superior waterproof treatment
  • An especially formulated protective layer
  • without any discoloration or darkening
  • Keep materials flexible and breathable
  • Perfect leather and suede care
  • Doesn’t last very long
  • Nozzle tend to move too fast

Key Features To Look At Before Buying Shoe Protector Spray For White Shoes

It’s important to know the facts about shoe protector sprays as they come from different perspectives and in different formulations. Since it’s a chemical element, it’s always advised to know about it before use. Here are some features with details to know before ordering the best shoe protector spray for white shoes. 

Shoe materials and Color

As we mentioned earlier that based on the application, there are variants in shoe protector sprays found in the market. The materials of the shoes are not all the same. Some shoes are made of fabric, some are made of genuine or artificial leather, and others. Similarly, different protector sprays are made compatible with different shoe materials. That is why you have to determine the shoe material and its compatible spray. For leather, manufacturers use a specific formula. For canvas or suede, they follow another formulation. So, you should order the specific one for your specific shoes. Avoid the spray that can cause discoloration as white shoes are more sensitive to spots. So better read the manufacturer’s manual carefully and find the specific one according to your shoe material. 


Supposing you are about to invest a good amount of money to keep your shoes like new. If so, then you should take a look into the volume of the spray to make it useful for more days. Good volume refers to the good amount of spray releases which allows your shoe to get a stronger shield every time. Some situations need a volume of spray to last longer. So look for the volume for a stronger shield. 


The formulation is important to consider as the variation in formulation could cause both impacts and side effects to your shoes. Some protector spray manufacturers use extreme chemical formulation that produces a strong odor. These sprays should be used in an isolated area like outdoors or in a room of well-ventilation to dissipate the smell.   

But some sprays are made of organic ingredients and cause zero impacts to the surrounding area. Manufacturers consciously use vegetable waxes, mink oil, turpentine derived from nature, and other natural ingredients in the making of shoe protector spray solutions. That is how these sprays are called eco-friendly and less polluting. Our priority is the traditional shoe protector sprays rather than synthetic chemical aerosol to cause less pollution.     


Several shoe protector sprays play different roles in functions. These spray companies focus on your purpose of use. Each spray has a specific or more purpose. Some sprays resist dirt and stains, some are used as water repellents and some are to make shoes waterproof. To mention again, every shoe protector spray makes a protective layer to the shoe surface but works for different purposes. Now you will buy depending on the weather and region you are living in. If there is random rain or snow falls in your region then you should use waterproof shoe protector spray. But remember that they are known to be the reasons behind the discoloration of your shoes.  

But the common shoe protector sprays in the marketplaces you will find are the shining types to keep your shoes shine and look great even after regular use. So this type of shoe protector spray could be a great choice for shoes as formal wear. 


Longevity is a key factor based on the area you live. If you wear your shoes in random and extreme weather then this adverse must cause damage to your shoes. White shows are more vulnerable in this situation as they tend to stain and spots or marks get visible much. Here it is important to consider how long and how intensely the spray can sustain as a coating on the shoe surface. There is another factor you should take into serious consideration is the quality or material of your shoes.

Manufacturers research these two conditions to produce the spray that can work against both. Since your shoes face hardship due to heavy rain or snowfall, you have to apply protector spray frequently. On the other hand, if you don’t come in contact with dirt or water then frequent application is not necessary. 


It’s interesting to share that protective spray has varieties of applications. It means some sprays are manufactured to be able to apply to different types of products. Some are specifically made for shoe surfaces while some sprays are made to apply to other leather products like wallets, bags, belts, and other clothing. There are also sprays found in the market that you can apply to car interiors. Just be sure about your specific requirement and look for the protector spray. For leather products, you will get versatile benefits ranging from leather shoes to leather interiors.  


Price is a matter since protector spray keeps your shoes intact for the long haul. But it’s good to know that these sprays won’t cost you much as they are easy to afford, just starts from 10$. If you buy one bottle, it will serve you for around four to six months based on usage. But in the long run and in adverse situations, you have to think about the cost as the situation could demand more. Ultimately it helps to save your money from buying a new pair of shoes. Instead, the protector spray helps to expand the lasting life of your shoes. 

How Do You Use Shoe Protector Spray?

The protector shoe spray works in a specific way. You should follow the steps carefully to make it work properly. The process of spraying varies depending on the shoe materials, frequency of usage, and the condition of weather.

In case of daily wear that you commonly use, need extra care to protect them from damage. First, you need to ensure that the shoes are dry. Need to brush them with soft bristles to clean all the debris. Then it is better to wipe your shoes with a dry cloth if any small particles are left in your shoes. Then you have to start spraying. Now a protective barrier will be there to prevent dirt and stains. But you have to wait up to 24 hours to let them fully dry and use.

The shoes you wear occasionally or rarely need not frequent spray but you would not compromise spraying as they are expensive and fashionable too. When the drying is done then you can wear them for 2 or 3 consecutive days even under the sun. But they need reapplication if you store them on the shelves for weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my white shoes from staining?

White sneakers are the most versatile footwear for both men and women. The only downside is that a white pair of shoes can get dirty easily. Cleaning white shoes means a daunting task. To get the task of cleaning done, adopt a strict cleaning routine. A pre-treat step you can follow is applying a waterproof stain repellent. Fortunately, stain-repellent formulated protectors provide an invisible layer to keep shoes clean and stain-free. In order to clean your shoes, there are some cleaning agents you may use at home. Soda, vinegar, paper towel, cotton pad, damp towel, etc. are good to use. 

How often should you use a shoe protector?

The frequency of application of shoe protector spray depends on your way of living. If you have plenty of shoe pairs then the frequency of wearing each pair is low. Chances are that you wear one pair of shoes from your collection once a week. Some of the shoes you wear only for special occasions. Prior to your use, the shoes need spraying 2 days earlier and let them dry. In case of daily wear, you need to spray them once or twice a week. Depending on the categories, there is a determination that indicates how often you should apply shoe-protecting sprays. 

How can I protect my fabric shoes?

Keeping stains off from shoe fabric is not easy. The best way to keep shoes bright and shiny is using a protector spray. There are some effective shoe protectors available in the market. Discovering any of them can solve this problem. Usually, protecting white fabric shoes can start by taking a preventative step. Spending long time cleaning shoes is not a good decision for our daily busy schedule. Instead of cleaning, better use a good protector spray for keeping white shoes bright and clean. Some brands are quite safe for all types of materials and provide a tremendous level of protection.  

How do I keep my white shoes from turning yellow?

There is nothing more than worse when your favorite white shoes turn yellow. Thankfully, you can take some efficient steps to protect your shoes. The very first step is to use a high-quality waterproof shoe protector. After that, use another DIY step to stop turning yellow in your white shoes. There is a high chance that white shoes get dirty very frequently that is why the cleaning part is the most challenging task. First, clean your shoes using a brush and cloth. If it is wet then take time to make it dry and then apply the spray as per directions. Avoid sprays that are liable for discoloration. For skipping that issue, always consider a good-quality shoe protector spray as a precaution. 

Final Recap

Purchasing good quality shoe protecting spray is the wisest decision to make your white shoes look great as a new one. We have tried to list some of the best shoe protector sprays for white shoes. We hope our recommended list would save both your time and money. Hopefully, the listed products can meet your expectations fully and your shoes will get a new life. Those are relatively simple products and pretty easy to apply. Be consistent and take care of your shoes to maintain shininess. Clean and well-looking shoes are one of the major parts of your good personality. A neat look provides a positive vibe to start your special day.

Here we recommend that first you just clean your shoes with a damp cloth or brush to clean the shoe surface because it helps the protector spray to provide good results. Make sure that solution turns dry fully before wearing shoes otherwise they will not provide longer coating.