10 Best Business Casual Men’s Shoes

Gone are the days when men appeared in offices or business meetings with boring suits and shoes. In the early 90s, a marketing company was launched to promote casual business wears at work. These wears, inclusive of casual business shoes for men, have been in existence to date.

It’s with no doubt that shoes play a huge role in completing your overall outlook. As a man, getting the right business casual pair of shoes gets frantic at times. Why? It’s because it requires you to achieve a presentable and classy look simultaneously. For wider understand, let’s dig deep into what I mean by business casual shoes. Basically, these are shoes that are not too formal or too casual. However, what’s constitutes this definition varies from one firm or workplace to another.

To fight off fashion clingers at work, this guide is here for you. We have discussed the best business casual shoes outfit ideas, factors to consider when getting one and some of the mess to avoid. 

10 Best Business Casual Men’s Shoes

Product NamePicturePrice
1. Milano Men’s Double Monk Strap Shoes Milano Men's Double Monk Strap Shoes Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
2. Bruno Marc Men’s Casual Shoes Bruno Marc Men's Casual Shoes Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
3. Deer Stags Mens Rockland Memory Foam Dresses Casual Comfort Chelsea Boots Deer Stags Mens Rockland Memory Foam Dresses Casual Comfort Chelsea Boots Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
4. Allonsi Genuine Leather Sued Shoes Allonsi Genuine Leather Sued Ahoes Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
5. Clark’s Men Bushacre 2 Chukka Boots Clark's Men Bushacre 2 Chukka Boots Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
6. Clark’s Men Contrell Step Slip On Loafer Clark's Men Contrell Step Slip On Loafer Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
7. Sketchers Men Segment The Search Slip On Loafer Sketchers Men Segment The Search Slip On Loafer Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
8. Clark’s Mems Tilden Walks Oxdord Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
9. Calvin Klein Mens Droodie Oxford Shoes Calvin Klein Mens Droodie Oxford Shoes Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
10. Cole Haan Men’s Lenox Hill Cap Oxford Cole Haan Men's Lenox Hill Cap Oxford Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon

Why Do You Need Business Casual Shoes?

As simple as it sounds, business casual shoes plays a great role at work. In the past, office or business – based employers had strict dress codes that commanded employees to have certain type of shoes regardless of how uncomfortable they would be. The good news is: these days you are given freedom to enjoy comfort and relaxation that comes out with business casual shoes. Therefore, you need to continue using these shoes for the following reasons. 

1. They increase your working spirits

Business casual shoes are more comfortable compared to those formal toxic skin shoes that existed in the early days. These shoes bring out a relaxing and comfortable experience that increases your morale to work. For that reason, you tend to be more hard-working at work compared to unhappy and uncomfortable workers. 

2. They reduce expenses. 

Some formal shoes are both uncomfortable and expensive to acquire. This is in contradiction to business casual shoes. These shoes are obviously cheap to acquire and maintain, thus helps you to save on cost.

3. They bring out freedom

It’s sad when employers tend to manipulate their employees when it comes to dressing codes. They ignore the fact that employees tend to express themselves better when given the freedom to chose dress codes as per their comfort.  Choosing business casual shoes at work does not only promote freedom but also fosters self-development.

4. They are versatile

Imagine getting an expensive formal pair of shoes to use in the office only? Avoid these frustrations and get a pair of business casual shoes. They are flexible in the manner that they fit on every occasion. 

5. They increase work performance

Dress good, feel good’. This is one of the most common phrases among employees. The “feel-good” effects contribute largely to boosting your work performance. ScienceDirect study proves that the clothes you wear affect your physiological process either negatively or positively. Comfortable shoes affect this process positively hence increasing your work performance.

10 Best Business Casual Men’s Shoes

1. Milano Men’s Double Monk Strap Shoes

This double monk shoe is one of the most preferred shoes in today’s modern market and does not seem like it’s getting off the charts any time soon. The upper exterior part of this shoe is designed in quality leather that makes it easy to brush hence giving it a clean neat look.

Milano Men's Double Monk Strap Shoes

It also consists of a double-lined insole that provides maximum comfort and gives the users a super easy time while walking in it. They are considered as one of the best casual shoes due to their double strap top cap that makes them very versatile allowing one to wear them with any pants. If you rock these double strap monks with a casual outfit then be sure to receive a truckload of compliments as they go very well together.

These shoes are also available in black or brown calm colors that are perfect for business casual meetings. These colors also give you an ample time as they easily rhyme with any color of pants.

  • They have a double strap cap that makes them very versatile hence blending in with most outfits.
  • They have a double lined insole for maximum comfort.
  • Does not have a shock absorption feature

2. Bruno Marc Men’s Casual Shoes

Normally categorized as Chelsea boots, these shoes feature a modern classic design that blends in style and comfort together making it a very versatile shoe. Just like most modern Chelsea boots, it goes very well with most modern outfits be it formal or informal. The shoes’ outer material is made of polyurethane fabric and features a very simple and convenient slip-on design. They are also very comfortable to walk in as they have a synthetic insole that provides a comfortable feel on one’s feet. They also have one inch tall heel hence making it very comfortable for one to walk on most surfaces. This modern boot is only an ankle-high with a platform that is precisely 0.5″. Even though the shoes do not have to tie up laces, the outer elastic band provides an easy time while putting the shoes on and does not over-stretch even after long periods of use.

Bruno Marc Men's Casual Shoes

The outer polyurethane material gives the shoe a very neat look as a classic plain-toe Chelsea boot. Five star reviews have been given to the shoe due to its maximum comfortability and stylish design; hence never disappoints once you have it on your shoe shelf. On the downside, the outer polyurethane material makes this boot slightly less durable compared to most Chelsea boots, so be sure to replace your shoe with another once in a while.

  • They are super comfortable to walk on thanks to their synthetic insole.
  • They have a neat exterior appearance that makes them very versatile to most outfits.
  • The shoe is not very durable.

3. Deer Stags Mens Rockland Memory Foam Dresses Casual Comfort Chelsea Boots

When it comes to modern casual wear, we all know that Chelsea boots never disappoints. This shoe has been crafted with a smooth synthetic upper material that gives an ample soft feel on your feet.

Deer Stags Mens Rockland Memory Foam Dresses Casual Comfort Chelsea Boots

The shoe boast of soft fabric linings which help to trap moisture and keep one’s feet super cool during the long hours of having them on. The outer sole is also made out of super durable rubber which makes the shoe non-slip even when used across a smooth surface.  When we come to its interior, the shoe has a removable memory foam insole that is very comfortable on one’s feet. The sole can be easily removed and washed hence getting rid of any possible odor triggered by dirty insoles.

With its easy slip-on construction, the shoe is very versatile and can be worn with most outfits. It has a dual goring hence being very easy for users to put them on as well as providing a comfortable tight grip on one’s feet. It’s available in color black, thus perfect for the office.

  • Have a very comfortable interior.
  • They have a non-slip outsole.
  • They have a removable memory foam insole.
  • It lacks a shock absorption feature.

4. Allonsi Genuine Leather Sued Shoes

One demerit associated with most ankle-high shoes is that they are more prone to contracting shoe odor after long hours of being worn. However, this modern shoe has been designed in a way that helps it dispel any type of odor.  The latter has been designed with soft cow suede leather on its upper exterior part whilst the interior has been lined with soft cow skin that is highly breathable. The high quality hides used in the crafting of these boots ensure that the shoes render the user a long-term service before having to replace them.

Allonsi Genuine Leather Sued Ahoes

Just like most chukka boots, it features a lace-up enclosure that ensures they can easily be adjusted to give a perfect fit. On the lower part,  it has a TPR sole which gives the users a stable non-slip movement on most type of surfaces. As if not enough the interior lining of the shoe makes the shoe warm enough; hence it can even be used as a winter boot. The boots festive design makes it a very versatile shoe that can be worn with casual or even formal outfits. Every pair is a masterpiece as each shoe is carefully made by skillful shoemakers.

 The stitching is done by skilled artisans and designers who cut and join leather pieces together giving the shoe a fresh refined look.  Its leather has been carefully brushed with its sole uniformly dyed bringing out the shoes subtle design. Each shoe comes with its own separate cloth bag as Allonsi is committed to customer satisfaction. All that is evident in all their products including their boots.

  • Designed with a soft inner lining that makes the shoes warm enough to be used as winter boots.
  • They are designed with high end hides hence lasting for long before wearing out.
  • They have a very unique stitching design.
  • Their warm interior can make them a bit uncomfortable if worn during summer.

5. Clark’s Men Bushacre 2 Chukka Boots

Made out of 100% leather fabric, these ankle-high boots bring in a sense of style and fashion in almost every outfit it’s tagged along. It is designed as a vintage chukka boot with a finish polish that shows marks which not scratches thus giving the shoe a clean neat vintage appearance. The durability of these chukka boots is unquestionable thanks to its thick suede leather upper exterior material and its rock tough outsole. In most cases, the color of these boots may vary due to the lighting present.

Clark's Men Bushacre 2 Chukka Boots

The shoe blends in with jeans denim and even suites hence being a very versatile shoe. Its synthetic sole material makes it very comfortable to wear all day without causing any sort of discomfort on one’s feet. The suede leather material and its lace-up enclosure design make it easily breathable hence reducing the chances of any odor.

  • Made of comfortable insole materials.
  • Its vintage nature makes it a very versatile shoe that can be worn with almost anything.
  • Durable.
  • Made of breathable materials to fight any odor.
  • They are versatile and perfect for any occasion.
  • The shoes have a polish that exposes marks that resemble scratches from a far

6. Clark’s Men Contrell Step Slip On Loafer

When purchasing a pair of shoes, most people look for the most comfortable and durable types.  Well! Here is one of them. This shoe is made out of 100% leather just like most types of shoes from the Clark shoe company. The upper exterior part of the shoe features a breathable leather material that helps minimize any form of odors arising within the shoe.

Clark's Men Contrell Step Slip On Loafer

Nonetheless, this shoe is built with a flexible sole which makes the shoe extremely easy and comfortable to walk in. With the latter, your long hours at work have green greatly simplified thanks to its lightweight nature and comfortability. On the upside, the shoe’s design and nature make the shoe go very well with most casual fashion styles as well as some formal styles. Whether you are an office person or an outdoor person, this shoe will perfectly go with most of the outfits imposed on them. One demerit, its outsole is not stitched but simply glued and so if the shoes are not carefully maintained; it might wear off more quickly than expected.

  • It is super light hence very easy to walk in.
  • It has breathable leather that helps to keep ones feet refreshed.
  • They are light and comfortable.
  • Made of durable leather materials.
  • It outsole might wear off quickly if the shoe is not well maintained.

7. Sketchers Men Segment The Search Slip On Loafer

The modern fashion trend in most outfits has started employing loafers as they seem to fit and go perfectly well with almost every design. These loafers employ a dual goring design with contrast stitching that brings out its exquisite design. On the inside, there is a gel-infused memory foam comfort insole that provides maximum comfort while walking.  Despite the fact that they don’t have a lace-up enclosure, these shoes fit very well and are extremely comfortable thanks to its modern non-slip soles.

Sketchers Men Segment The Search Slip On Loafer

Moreover, its non-slip sole is rubber- made hence does not slip easily, giving them a perfect grip even on smooth surfaces. However, at first when the shoes are still new, it may be difficult to get them on without a shoe horn. Albeit, this changes as time goes by. The loafers are sturdy, thus keeping one’s feet warm and dry even when it’s wet outside.

  • Goes very well with both causal and formal outfits.
  • Have a comfortable memory foam insole.
  • Have a non-slip sole.
  • They don’t have a shock absorption feature.

 8. Clark’s Mems Tilden Walks Oxdord

If you are an ardent leather lover, these shoes will utterly quench your thirst.  Designed by the great Clark shoe company, it is made of high-quality materials hence lasting for a long before wearing out. Its design serves to provide maximum comfort on one’s feet and have a lace-up enclosure system that renders users room for adjustment as well as aeration on one’s feet.

A dual goring across the top of the shoe has been inscribed to spice up its comfortability. Just like most Clarks, it is crafted with a soft fabric with a synthetic lining that has a cushioned ortholite footbed for ultimate support and comfort. Moreover, the shoe has a very durable synthetic outsole that provides a long service to the shoe.

Clark's Mems Tilden Walks Oxdord

More to that, this latter employs an ortholite antibacterial cushioning foot-bed that minimizes moisture and any type of odors. Its Tilden tops are ideal for casual wear at work and formal occasions as they basically blend in with most modern trending outfits. Its design employs an admirable cushioning made out of high-quality materials that ensure the shoe provides a long term service to their users before getting replaced.

  • It has a cushioned footbed that gives user maximum comfort.
  • Has a very durable outsole.
  • It has been designed for a perfect fit with maximum space.
  • The insole is not removable.
  • It lacks the shock absorber pad.

9. Calvin Klein Mens Droodie Oxford Shoes

For several decades Calvin Klein has been one of the most competent and outstanding companies giving nothing but quality products to its consumers as well as setting the bars high for the vast majority of its competitors. It is without a doubt that this CK shoe comes in place with very spectacular features. To begin with, these shoes have been made out of the softest Nappa leather that provides a tender comfy feel on one’s feet. These shoes have been built with derby construction and exhibit a rounded square toe that makes them easy to blend in with most styles whether formal or informal.

Calvin Klein Mens Droodie Oxford Shoes

.Just like oxfords, these shoes feature a lace-up enclosure system that serves to provide a perfect fit not to mention room for adjustment. More also, it comes in an extended size and width to provide a comfy perfect fit for all of its users. Its comfort ability has been backed up by its flexible design that allows one to freely move comfortably unlike most lace-up shoes.

 It also exhibits some lightly cushioned foam insole and shock absorption features all of this just in a single pair of shoes. If your job requires you to walk or stand for long hours then it is without a doubt that these shoes will ultimately scratch your itch. Furthermore, if you love juggling outfits from Monday to Sunday, whether formal or informal outfits, these shoes have got you covered as well, as they go well with almost everything thanks to their modern stylish outlook. They are indeed a step up from the normal lace-up shoes and add a bit of style to any outfit whilst maintaining a clean professional look.

  • They come with a shock absorption feature.
  • They are very comfortable due to their flexible design.
  • Designed with ultimate space for a perfect fit.
  • Its shoe laces might break after long periods of use.

10. Cole Haan Men’s Lenox Hill Cap Oxford

Here is another legendary type of shoe that brings in the spirit and essence of the ’20s through its beautiful and distinguished design for the dapper gentleman. With this, one gets a nicely polished upper leather exterior and a sleek rubber outsole hence giving you several years of service before having to replace your current pair.

Cole Haan Men's Lenox Hill Cap Oxford

 On the upside, this shoe does not limit the user on the kind of outfits to wear with them as they fully flow with almost everything from suits to denim to jeans, etc. It features a lace-up construction just like moat Oxfords and has a mini stacked heel that helps bring out its very fashionable and unique design. The interior features a cushioned insole and has a full leather lining for maximum comfort while one is having them on.

  • They have a very attractive exterior outlook.
  • They are very durable thanks to its high-quality leather and outsole.
  • It has a cushioned outsole that provides maximum comfort.
  • It lacks a shock absorption feature.
  • It is not the ideal type of shoe for people who work for long hours.

 What To Look For Before Buying Business Casual Shoes

1. Comfort

This is one of the most vital factors to consider when getting your casual business shoes. This is because discomfort at work impacts your performance negatively. That’s why you need to consider extremely comfortable shoes. Consider the right size, warmth, breathability and internal fabrics as they greatly determine the comfort of your shoes.

2. Look

Cheap or expensive, your business casual shoe should have an executive look. Consider its design, color, texture and overall outlook of the shoe. 

3. Durability

You don’t want to waste a bunch of money while replacing your recently bought business casual shoes, do you? Of course not! To avoid so, get a strong pair of shoes, comprised of durable materials to endure several times of wear without tear.

4. Versatility

Are you an office worker, with lots of occasions to attend during the weekends? Why waste money to get several designs of shoes to attend each of these occasions? Getting a versatile business casual pair of shoes should be the top thing in your mind. Such shoe allows you to comfortably fit in any occasion with no left- out feeling. Be it church, weddings, business meetings, or office, versatile business casual shoes will perfectly fit in them all.

5. Budget

Budget is essential when buying your business casual pair of shoes. These shoes have different costs, so you should get one within your range of budget. Note that the budget greatly determines the kind of business casual shoe to get. 

In most cases, durable, comfortable and stylish shoes require higher budget compared to their counterparts. Set your budget considerably, to avoid future inconveniences.

6. Materials

When getting your pair of shoes, look out for its material. Some materials are more durable than others. Other materials are not suitable for business casual wear, but instead, fit well with formal wear only. Some materials are also rough and uncomfortable thus possible work destruction. All these are factors to consider when choosing the material made to manufacture your shoe. 

For instance, pebbled leather is one of the best materials to chose from. They are comfortable, soft and soothing to your feet. They are also a huge vibe and rhymes perfectly with your business casual outfits.

Suede is another reliable material to choose. These materials are extremely pliable, soft and comfortable.

7. Color

Men are naturally color blind. I mean, unlike women, they know less about colors and what should match what color.

There are numerous colors available for business casual shoes. However, not all colors are recommended. When buying your business casual shoes, consider colors like black. This is a multi-occasion color. It will also compact well with any color of your pant.

Brown is another reliable color to consider. Similar to black, this color is calm, stylish and perfect for your business casual activities. Avoid ceremonial bright colored shoes like yellow, red, or green. These colors can be shouting, scary and destructive to your colleagues.

8. Fitting

Make sure to get a shoe that perfectly fits your feet in length and width. Regardless of how classy and attractive it is, don’t get a shoe that doesn’t fit you well. Check out whether it makes you comfortable in socks and without. A well-fitting shoe should not exact any pressure on your feet.

What Should Business Casual Men Dress? Dress Code Guide

What is business casual wear for men? This is a frequently asked question that is well answered below. Several years ago, the business casual dress code did not exist. Office workers were only allowed to dress in suits and ties. Casual dress codes were only during the weekend. Recently, companies started allowing business casual outfits away from suits and ties. However, most companies allow these outfits only on Fridays, while others every weekday.

Defining a business casual outfits is very personal as people describe it in their own perspectives. Generally, it is partial office and partial casual wear. It is meant to propel a stylish yet neat and professional look. However, you should consider policies and culture of your company. Your age is another important factor to consider.

Below are do’s and don’ts on how business casual men should dress


1. Dress shirt

This is a must-have for a business casual outfit. These types of shirts are available in traditional colors like light blue, white, light pink, or mint green. These colors blend perfectly with any pant, to bring out a classy look.

Another perfect alternative is patterned dress shirts. These shirts consist of patterns like pinstripes or gingham.

In dress shirts, you should consider the design of your button. Is it button-up or button-down? The difference applies in the type of collars. Button-down shirts have buttons beneath the collar to fasten it to the body of your shirt. On the other hand, button-up shirts have stiff materials around the collar to help it stay in place. You should also remember to tuck in your shirt with a simple but presentable belt. This will boost your look.

2. Pants

Men should also consider casual pants to complete their business casual outlook. These pants are either dress pants that are made of quality cotton materials, khakis or corduroy pants. You should wear pants with calm colors like black, brown, beige or navy.

3. Casual jackets, blazers or knitted sweaters

Although these are optional, business casual men should consider these three to complete their casual outlook. However, they are needed in cold times of the year.

4. Shoes

Casual business shoes are the best to consider if you are a business casual man. These shoes are more lucrative compared to sport shoes/ sneakers. Select any shoe from our list above to complete your business casual look.

5. Accessories

Accessories like belts, watches and leather briefs are good for business casual men. They help to add a touch of fashion as well as elevate your personality.

Business casual men don’ts

  • Don’t wear ragged jeans or shirts in your business casual attire.
  • Don’t do over tight pants or shirts. They level low your formality.
  •  Don’t do oversized pants or shirts. They look shaggy and wrinkled.
  • Don’t do shouting/ over colored pants, shirts or jackets.
  • Don’t do t-shirts and hoodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between smart casual and business casual?

These are two confusing terminologies that differ a lot in meaning. Smart casual are less formal wear suitable for formal celebrations or occasions that are conducted outside of the office. Bright colors and added accessories like sunglasses complete the definition of smart casual.

Business casual on the other hand, are formal but stylish office wears. These wears should be formal, presentable, but stylish and relaxing at the same time. Light and calm colors are best for this outfit.

Can you wear sneakers in business casual?

Yes. However, this depends on the type of sneakers. Some sneakers are appropriate to wear in business casual while others are not. Sneakers like black low 1 Oliver Cabell and brown common projects Achilles leather sneakers can fit in business casual.

Is men’s boots business casual?

Some are while others are not. Boots like Aquatalia Vladimir weatherproof boots are business casual and great to wear with any business casual pants.

Is vans shoes business casual?

Vans are mostly considered smart casual than business casual. However, if kept simple, they can also fit in business casual. Wearing vans as a business casual also depends on your workplace and the types of clients you interact with.

Final Verdict

Business casual shoes are trendy. Nevertheless, getting the right type to complete your business casual outlook can get hectic to men. Luckily, we have made things easier for you, by listing the best shoes in the market. However, you should consider your company’s dress policy to avoid violating any rules or employer’s expectations. You should also void informal sneakers or shouting colored shoes. Get two or three pairs above to complete your wardrobe.