10 Best Adult Diaper – Reviews & Buying Guide

Diaper is a common terminology that is mostly associated with children. To many, it might sound ridiculous for an adult to use diapers. This is a wrong notion because diapers are invented for both children and adults. Adults need to use diapers too especially those who suffer from urinal leakages or fecal incontinence.

We also want to correct the notion that adult diapers are for seniors above 65 years. As much as this is correct, these diapers are meant for everyone regardless of age. They are commonly used by bedridden patients, bladder leakages, or severe diarrhea patients.

If you suffer such problems, then worry not. In this guide, we have discussed a list of ten best adult diapers to consider with the help of different site reviews or people’s experiences. Follow through as we make things easier for you.

Before digging deep, let’s first understand different types of adult diapers.

Top 10 Diapers For Adults

Product NamePicturePrice
1. Depend Incontinence Guard/bladder Control Pads For Men Depend Incontinence Guard/bladder Control Pads For Men Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
2. Depend Real Fit Incontinence Underwear For Men Depend Real Fit Incontinence Underwear For Men Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
3. Tena Proskin Incontinence Underwear For Men Tena Proskin Incontinence Underwear For Men Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
4. Fitright Ultra Adult Diapers Fitright Ultra Adult Diapers Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
5. Prevail breezers 360 ultimate absorbency incontinence briefs Prevail breezers 360 ultimate absorbency incontinence briefs Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
6. Abena Abri-foam Premium Inconintence Briefs Abena Abri-foam Premium Inconintence Briefs Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
7. Attends Advanced Briefs With Advanced Dry Lock Technology For Adults Attends Advanced Briefs With Advanced Dry Lock Technology For Adults Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
8. Depend Silhoutte Incintinence Underwear Fo Women Depend Silhoutte Incintinence Underwear Fo Women Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
9. Northshore Go Supreme Pull On Incontinence Diaper Northshore Go Supreme Pull On Incontinence Diaper Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
10. Medline Fitright Ultra Diaper Medline Fitright Ultra Diaper Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon

Types of Adult Diapers

1. Diapers with tabs

These are normally wrapped diapers with sticky panels to wrap around the belly, crotch, or rear. They are ideal for bed-ridden patients or those with standing difficulties. They have high absorbent materials to prevent any level of leakage.

2. Pull up diapers

These look more like underwear. They are highly absorbent undergarments that are so easy to wear. As the name suggests, you just insert your feet in and pull it up from to the waist.

3. Contour cloth diapers

These are the most available types of adult diapers. They are made of narrow and thin materials at the center, thus comfortable and less conspicuous under clothes.

4. Disposable diapers

These are the most convenient people with loose bladder and need to change their diapers now and then. They are made of highly absorbent materials at the interior and high waterproof materials from the exterior, thus last for sometimes before Change.

5. Swim diapers

Unlike other common types of diapers, these are made to contain solid waste only. They have magical fabric that helps to contain solid waste intact. They are not absorbent to liquid but are designed to prevent any water from entering in.

Who Should Use Adult Diapers?

While people assume adult diapers are only for seniors and the disabled, there are other common users:

  •  If you experience poor control over your bladder.
  • Patients with dementia should also use adult diapers.
  • Patients with severe diarrhea.
  • Death row inmates also use adult diapers before they are executed.
  • Astronauts should also use adult diapers before landing or taking off.

Who Shouldn’t Use Adult Diapers

Though adult diapers essential, not everyone should use them. Doctors warn their use if:

You have sensitive skin

Some skins are sensitive and reactive to diapers leading to rashes or skin irritation. If so, you should avoid skin diapers and look for side remedies.

 You want cure

Many doctors are reluctant to advocate adult diapers to patients who are trying to cure their conditions. This is because patients get liable to these diapers thus don’t take treatment seriously.

10 Best Diapers For Adults

1. Depend Incontinence Guard/bladder Control Pads For Men

Every person has a distinct or rather a different type of need and perception when diaper comfortability is in question. It is because of this that most companies have come up with different types of diapers and pads to provide a suitable solution for bladder leaks and incontinence disorders.

Depend Incontinence Guard/bladder Control Pads For Men

This particular latter has been designed as a simple, easy to use a pad that is strictly for males only. It features a cup-like design that rhymes practically well with a males groin area and fits comfortably without straining or squeezing their genitals. The pads are designed to be disposed of after a singular use, moreover, they have a very discreet look and fit very well under your clothes without popping outside. An odor control feature and a complex leak barrier have been inscribed on the pad making it fully absorbent and caring to your skin.

On the downside, the latter features a design that doesn’t go very well with inner short-like clothes like boxers otherwise if worn with boxers they might leak. The inner lining of the pad is designed to be super soft providing you with a comfortable service as well as protecting your skin’s dignity when active. For confidentiality and for people who strictly like keeping their affairs low key, these pads are the best for you as they come completely wrapped in a box fully concealing its identity.

To spice things further, these pads come in a huge quantity compared to most basic diapers as a packet of these pads contains up to 102 pads.

  • They come packed in a very discreet way ideal for one’s privacy.
  • They exhibit gathered edges that ensures all the liquid is on its place and mitigates any chances of leakage.
  • More comfortable compared to other diapers.
  • They go very well under clothes and are less conspicuous in comparison to normal diapers.
  • A packet contains more than a hundred pieces of pads.
  • They only come in one size.
  • Sometimes they exhibit a strong chemical smell which very bothersome especially to the elderly.

2. Depend Real Fit Incontinence Underwear For Men

Forbearance happens to be one of the most cardinal aspects when it comes to shopping for adult diapers. Getting a good comfortable fully absorbent diaper is almost like playing Russian roulette as all diapers employ different materials in their making hence reacting differently with your body. The above diaper comes with a body-friendly fabric that offers quality protection on one’s skin as well as ultimate perforce when active.

Depend Real Fit Incontinence Underwear For Men

The fabric gives the underwear a premium modern look and gives it a super comfortable feel. Further, this underwear is lighter, less bulky, and looks far better compared to most adult diapers thanks to its fashionable design. It features a fully breathable design that helps to wick away moisture and a super soft interior that is very amiable to your body. On its side’s, lies comfortable tailored leg elastics that help prevent any types of leakage when wet. A stretchable waistband has also been instilled to give the underwear a nice fit and grip on one’s body ensuring that it doesn’t come off even when heavy from immense waste absorption.

Additionally, this underwear is more discreet and fits well under your clothing being hardly noticeable compared to the usual type of diapers. The latter comes only in two colors (black and grey)  and two sizes that are large and extra-large. A packet of the underwear contains up to  52 individual disposable under-wears ensuring you are served for a long.

  • They are more discreet and less conspicuous when worn compared to diapers.
  • They feature a very soft and comfortable fabric in their making.
  • The fabric used easily tears especially after the diaper has been worn for long.
  • Sometimes it might leak through the leg openings.

3. Tena Proskin Incontinence Underwear For Men

Nothing is more irritating than experiencing unexpected waste leaks whether urinary or bowel ones. However since this is a problem that we can’t escape from as it is very rampant amongst the elderly, it is, therefore, best if an appropriate panacea is provided. For several years Tena has been dedicated to providing a simpler life to people with incontinence impediments by making the best waste absorbent products for them.

Tena Proskin Incontinence Underwear For Men

The above underwear has been crafted to resemble and feel Iike normal underwear while one is having it on. The underwear design employed is to provide one with maximum comfort and skin protection wherever you may be. This subtle design outshines the normal diapers by far as it is less bulky and comfortable compared to most diapers that come with a large design.  The underwear has been designed specifically for men.  However, Tena produces a wide range of under-wears for both genders in-case you are in search of one. It features modern innovative technology such as heavy absorbency capability and its highly advanced odor retention feature. A modern inner lining that is comfortable, super absorbent, and quick to try has also been inscribed. This top sheet easily locks away the waste where it belongs giving your skin an easy time even when the underwear is wet. The leg elastics are very soft and contour to your body effectively ensuring that little or no leakages get to transpire.

Moreover, this underwear has been made out of high-quality materials that are harmless to your body and are even FSA eligible. In each packet, you are going to get up to 72 pieces of this individual under-wears ensuring that you get sufficient stock to keep you going.

  • Their elastic design helps them to fit well on one’s body.
  • They have a very good absorbent quality.
  • Made with high quality materials that don’t tear or fall apart easily unlike most diapers.
  • They are not easily noticeable when worn.
  • They don’t have a back or front indication markings hence they make it very difficult for people especially the elderly to put them on the right way.

4. Fitright Ultra Adult Diapers

Designed to be suitable for both men and women, these disposable incontinence briefs come with tabs and are crafted to be very appropriate for heavy absorbent. These briefs have been crafted from very amiable materials that fully protect you from wetness whilst taking good care of your skin. Further, they are equipped with competent anti-leak guards that mitigate any chances of leakages as well as improving the diapers containment ability. As if not enough, this diaper features a 4D core with odor protection that wicks any type of wetness away hence protecting your skin from feeling itchy or getting rashes.

Fitright Ultra Adult Diapers

The diaper comes with breathable side panels and employs a very soft fabric in its making hence giving you that comfortable experience that you’ve been yearning for. You must note that the breathable side panels are beneficial, especially when one puts on the diaper for long hours as it enhances air circulation.

Inside, the diaper gives nothing short of ultimate comfort. Nonetheless, it features a less bulky design that fully contours to one’s body hence concealing its visibility when one is having it on. Once you purchase a packet of these diapers, you’ll get up to 52 individual diapers in each. Unlike most incontinence under-wears, these diapers come with modern tabs and skin-safe closures that are very safe and secure. Further, it contains an ultra-soft cloth-like back sheet that makes the diaper feel more natural and discreet. Security has also not been left out as the latter comes with a wetness alert indicator that changes it’s color whenever the diaper gets wet.

  • They have a very commendable waste containment feature.
  • They are very comfortable and protects one’s skin even when soiled.
  • Comes with a wetness alert indicator.
  • They have a small sizing and hence it is advisable to buy a bigger size.
  • They are not very appropriate for people who are permanently bedridden.

5. Prevail breezers 360 ultimate absorbency incontinence briefs

Most people tend to incur diaper rash which is caused when one’s skin comes into contact with a diaper for a long time. That’s why it is strictly advised that when shopping for diapers, one should go for the medically approved diapers. The latter has fully proved clinical effectiveness and has been approved as a very safe incontinence diaper. 

Prevail breezers 360 ultimate absorbency incontinence briefs

Unlike most diapers, these diapers come with outstanding 360-degree breathable zones that allow free air circulation within the diapers. These breathable zones are super ideal in mitigating the build-up of any unwanted moisture hence being very suitable to be used for long periods of time up to nine hours. A normal packet of these diapers comes with up to 96 distinct pieces. Its subtle design makes the diaper discreet enough and less conspicuous that no one will notice when having the diaper on.

  • Their Velcro-like closure tabs can be repositioned quite easily.
  • They come with indicator lines to show when they are wet.
  • They exhibit a 360 degree breathable zone that helps to enhance air circulation within the diaper.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Complaints have been made that the latter tends to leak more at night.

6. Abena Abri-foam Premium Inconintence Briefs

If you are looking for a comfortable and very breathable, this is the right answer. This diaper has been crafted in a way that allows good circulation as well as giving optimum leakage security for all kinds of situations. Its breathability level is out of this world. As a matter of fact, this brief is amongst the few countable briefs that never compromise absorbency for airflow. A complete airflow function is made possible by its breathable side panels and a body heat transferable cloth-like back sheet that gives your skin a cool skin-friendly climate. As if not enough, the brief has an absorbent protection zone that is much larger and extends from the back to the rear, providing super broad coverage. The top layer is very soft and comfortable and wicks away fluids immediately after contact ensuring you remain dry always. It has a stretchable tape that has adhesive hooks on it hence allowing room for easy adjustment. To spice matters further, it is equipped with a wetness indicator with a graduation scale that functions to show the capacity used.

Abena Abri-foam Premium Inconintence Briefs

With this briefs, leakages are not a problem anymore as they have anatomically designed barriers which makes it pretty hard for any leakages to go through. An innovative core has been featured to help lock away moisture, wetness, and odor giving you maximum ease and confidence when wearing these briefs.

  • They have a breathable back sheet that helps to improve air circulation within the diaper hence locking away unwanted moisture.
  • It rarely leaks and is very ideal for heavy wetters thanks to its heavy capacity retention ability.
  • Comes with a wetness indicator .
  • They are huge and large hence can be a bit noticeable when worn.

7. Attends Advanced Briefs With Advanced Dry Lock Technology For Adults

Are you in pursuit of maximum protection from heavy incontinence? If so, these briefs will fully help you surmount this hurdle. Unlike the vast majority of briefs in the market today, this one dive deeper into providing you with ultimate absorbency and protection. It predisposes a high-performance triple-layer core that stays dry whenever the diaper has been soiled regardless of your discharge quantity. The top acquisition later literary boosts the briefs special design with embossed channeling to quickly pull and direct fluids away from the skin into its center, thus ensuring your skin is fully protected.

Attends Advanced Briefs With Advanced Dry Lock Technology For Adults

Moreover, it has interior leg gathers which offer an additional leakage barrier protection and great odor retention ensuring you have nothing but a comfortable time while wearing the briefs. The exterior part of the diaper employs a fully breathable fabric that promotes air circulation within the diaper thus locking away any unwanted moisture and making the brief ideal to be used over many hours. They come packed in a packet and can’t be reused or recycled. Every packet comes containing up to 72 individuals.

  • They are made out of a very comfortable fabric and are very comfortable.
  • They are very convenient for use overnight.
  • Their breathable backing construction Is not completely waterproof when used for long.

8. Depend Silhoutte Incintinence Underwear Fo Women

Designed specifically for women, this underwear comes with a soft shapewear fabric that contours gently to one’s body to give you that an easy feel that resembles that of actual underwear.  Its premium shapewear fabric gives you nothing short of utmost comfort as well as full-time skin protection when it’s active. On the upside, this diaper is unscented and has a soft inner liner that is designed to be fully gentle on your skin to prevent defects such as rashes and itchy sensations on your skin. Just like most diapers, this absorbent diaper has been designed to lock away wetness and any kind of odors whilst still providing one with maximum absorbency.

Depend Silhoutte Incintinence Underwear Fo Women

The fabric used on it is very tender and soft thus ensures that no harm occurs to your skin when wearing it. Manicured to be more alluring to females, this diaper is available in five colors, black, pink, lavender, berry, and teal. Also, unlike most under-wears, this one comes in three sizes which are small, medium, and large/extra large. This product is normally shipped in a very discreet box that helps to conceal its contents hence being very ideal for privacy lovers.

  • Comes in a fully covered box hence being very ideal for privacy lovers.
  • They are comfortable and fit so well.
  • They are attractive and feature a very feminine outlook.
  • Unlike most under-wears this one comes in three sizes.
  • They come in up to five distinct colors.
  • The new improved version of this under-wears feature a less strong fabric compared to the one found on the older version.
  • They tear easily when over stretched.

9. Northshore Go Supreme Pull On Incontinence Diaper

It’s normally challenging for people with irregular body shapes to find the right kind of diaper that fits them nicely and still providing them with the kind of comfort they seek. This diaper happens to be one of the very few diapers in the market that addresses this by its ability to blend very well with all body types regardless of the size. The latter will give you the best of both daytime and nighttime protection to your skin without leaking anything as it contours nicely to all body sizes and shapes.

Northshore Go Supreme Pull On Incontinence Diaper

The company also makes a smaller European size that allows a more snug fit around one’s leg to minimize leakage whenever it’s wet. It is still stitched to ensure that it provides a closer fit to your body while still giving you that soft and comfortable feel all day. If you are a heavy wetter then this diaper will leave you smiling as it comes with an extended interior lining that extends from the front to rear so as to provide more coverage and absorbency. This extra long lining has been crafted to contour nicely to your body to give your skin that holistic protection.  Stretching is also not a problem as the diaper comes with a very strong elastic waistband that does not fall apart when pulling them up and has body-gripping elastics that help them fit you well.

On the rear, there’s a tape that makes it very easy for you to dispose of the used diaper, (once you have used the diaper simply roll up, seal with tape then dispose of). As if not enough, the latter has dual leak guards that mitigate leakage and also feature a wetness indicator that alerts you whenever the diaper gets soiled.  This diaper is very comfortable and friendly to your skin as it exhibits a very soft fabric with a silky smooth feel ideal for all day long comfort.

  • It features a good discreet design that makes it less conspicuous when worn.
  • Comes with a wetness indicator which alerts you when the latter has been soiled.
  • It comes with an extended interior lining that provides more coverage.
  • Exhibits a strong waist band that doesn’t fall apart when wearing the diaper.
  • If used for more than eight hours, it’s odor retention ability starts to reduce

10. Medline Fitright Ultra Diaper

Here is another diaper that has been crafted to give your body ultimate comfort by ensuring there’s a steady airflow within the diaper even when it has already been soiled. The latter comprises fully breathable side panels that let in air through the diaper giving your skin that comfortable climate whilst still maintaining its utmost dignity.

Medline Fitright Ultra Diaper

Further, this diaper uses a very soft fabric in its making that is still very breathable and super soft ensuring that you are fully comfortable and you don’t experience any sound or a plastic feel from the diaper. Moreover, it uses a 4D core technology that helps it in wicking away any sort of moisture from the skin hence ensuring that you are always dry. It also prevents any sort of skin discomforts like rashes and itchy sensations. This feature is also very cardinal as it gives the diaper the ability to rapidly wick away any excrement as well as fastening odor control.

On the downside, this diaper is available for waist sizes that range from 32 inches to 42 inches. It comes with multiple refasten able tabs that have been powered by anti-leak guards making the diaper very stable when it comes to minimizing any leakages. A wetness indicator has also been employed in its making thus ensuring you are always informed whenever the diaper has been soiled. When purchased a packet of these diapers exhibits up to 80 individual pieces of disposable diapers ensuring you have more than enough pieces to take you through.

  • Have very good absorbency ability.
  • They come with a wetness indicator which changes color whenever it’s soiled.
  • They come with skin safe closures for safety.
  • Cannot be worn by people with an extra large waist size that exceeds 42 inches.

Key Features To Consider Before Buying Diapers For Adults

Adult diapers are available in different colors, styles, materials, and designs. It is therefore important to consider features that perfectly suit your needs before purchasing:

Leakage conditions

Adult diapers are meant to prevent leakages. Therefore, leakage condition should be the main factor to consider before purchase. Some diapers have stringer materials that hold on for long while others for shorter periods before leakage. If you experience a high level of leakage, you should consider diapers that don’t leak quickly.

Other diapers also feature wetness indicators that alert you when the diaper needs a change. Diapers that don’t leak are also important in a way that they keep your skin dry and off bacterial infection. 

 Comfort ability

This the second crucial factor to consider when purchasing your adult diapers. And Ideal diapers should be made of comfortable materials that allow sufficient air circulation in and out of the diaper. This will prevent both odor and skin irritation. Diaper materials should also be gentle in the skin to avoid rushes and pinches.


A perfect-fitting diaper is not only comfortable but also prevents leakages this is why it’s important to ensure your diaper is of the right size. To determine your right size, you should measure the size of both your hip and waist. 

Absorbency level

This is another key feature to consider before buying your adult diapers. A high absorbency level simply means a low leakage level. If you suffer severe bladder incontinence, you should consider diapers with a high absorbency level.

Eradication of odor

Some diapers have odor eradication ability while others lack. To avoid embracement of bad smell, ensure your adult diaper has the ability to absorb and eradicate odor. This also helps to reduce infection, especially in women.

What Can Cause A Really Bad Diaper Rash?

Several things can cause a bad diaper rash. For instance, irritation from stool and urine, tight-fitting diapers or clothes that rub against the skin, or irritation from a new product. Bacterial or yeast infection can also lead to this problem, and the presence of sensitive skin can lead to this problem. Here, people suffering from eczema are more likely to suffer from bad diaper rash from time to time.

How Do You Prevent Diaper Rash?

You can keep diaper rash at bay in several ways. First, you should change your diapers more often, rinse your bottom with warm water from time to time as part of the diaper change, and avoid over-tightening the diapers. If possible, you can consider using ointment regularly and then wash your hands once you change the diapers.

How Do You Get Rid Of Diaper Rash Fast?

To eliminate diaper rash quite fast, you should first wash your skin rather than wipes. This is because wipes might contain other ingredients that might make the rash worse. Apart from this, you can get a good diaper cream and then apply it to the affected area.

This will help soothe the area such that it will no longer feel itchy and irritating. Finally, try to switch the diaper brands as one brand might not be suitable for you while the other one works perfectly well for you.

Symptoms That You Should Go See The Doctor

If your skin’s condition does not improve over time, you should not hesitate to see your doctor so that you can be examined further. Some of the symptoms you should look out for include bleeding, itching, or oozing. You should also see your doctor if you experience a burning or pain when urinating or during bowel movement, you should also see your doctor. Finally, if you are experiencing some fever accompanied by these symptoms, time will ripe for you to see your doctor for further examination and medication.

FAQ – Frequently Ask Questions

Can adults get diaper rash?

Yes. Just like babies, adults too can get diaper rash. Ina real sense, this problem usually affects anyone who wears diapers. Therefore, if you wear diapers, the chances of getting diaper rash are relatively high.

What is the best overnight diaper for adults?

Tranquility Premium Overnight disposable absorbent underwear is the top pick for an overnight diaper for adults. You will note that this diaper is both affordable and absorbent. Also, it is ideal for both urinary and fecal incontinence and can hold up to 34 ounces of liquid.

How to change an adult diaper?

First, you pull down the outer garments and then remove the tapes holding the back of the diaper to the front. You can better still tear the side apart if the adult is wearing pull-type ‘underwear’. Once this is done, fold the diaper up, remove it from between the legs and then clean the diapered area thoroughly with a wet washcloth. Finally, you can dispose of the diaper in the bin.

How many adults wear diapers?

More than 10,910,000 people in the US alone wear diapers for different reasons. This number is likely to be higher in the coming days.

How to make cloth diapers for adults?

To avert the cost that comes with buying new diapers, you can make some diapers using clothes at home. Also, this goes a long way in preventing the allergies that might arise with the use of these diapers. To start with, you should look for a disposable diaper that fits well. For optimal results, you should choose the open type compared to the underwear shaped diapers.

Once this is done, lay the disposable diaper on cardboard and measure 1 inch out of the edge and mark the spot on the cardboard. Ensure that you repeat this process completely around your disposable diaper. Here you should ensure that you draw its shape on the cardboard while ensuring that it 1-inch larger.

Thereafter, you can cut out the cardboard pattern with precision. Once this is done, lay your cardboard pattern on a piece of flannel and then use a fabric marker to trace and cut out the pattern. Ensure that you repeat this process for the 4 pieces of flannel.

Then cut two strips of bath towels, whose dimensions is the length of the flannel but half the width. This towel will be an absorbent shield for your diaper. Once this is done, place two pieces of flannel facing down on the workspace. Then, you can center the two strips of a bath towel and cover them with two pieces of flannel face-up. As you do this, you should ensure that all the end materials are properly aligned.

You can then tuck ¼ inch of the flannel material inside and ensure that you do this entirely around the project for the top and bottom layers. Finally, sew a seam around the outer edges of the project in a bid to secure the tucks. Besides this, you should sew a seam directly up the middle of the project to secure the towel in place. This way, you will end up with a diaper made of clothes for adults.

Does Medicare Pay for Adult Diapers?

No. Medicare does not cover incontinence pad or adult diapers. Here, you will pay 100% for adult diapers and incontinence pads.

Final Recap

It is true to say that adult diapers have become essential for those adults who suffer from the urinal and fecal incontinence. Therefore, you can be sure that you will feel comfortable even when you are in public. They also have a gentle feeling and secure.  In fact, they have become a vital asset for elderly people out there. Consider the above-mentioned adult diapers today, and you will not regret it. This guide will help you choose the best adult diaper to invest in today.