15 Best Ankle Brace For Achilles Tendonitis Support

Achilles tendonitis is an injury usually seen in athletes taking part in sports that involve abrupt speed changes once sprinting, running, or jumping like soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, and soccer. The tendon of Achilles connects your heel to your calf and helps with movement and flexing of the foot. Achilles tendonitis is an inflammation of the Achilles tendon and is usually caused by overuse, increasing activity too quickly, tight calf muscles, or flat feet. If it injures you, the area on the back of your foot on top of your heel might hurt, your Achilles might feel tender or tight, and it’d be tough for you to move your foot. Severe injuries will involve the rupture of your Achilles tendon; you may hear and feel a pop once this happens and you’ll experience severe pain—the treatment plan for Achilles tendonitis – ankle brace, RICE Technique, and physiotherapy.

Achilles Tendonitis Treatment Plan

Aside from the standard rest, ice, compression, and elevation for your foot treatment, wearing a brace to support your Achilles tendon and applying a compression sleeve to your calf will facilitate ease of the pain. A doctor or physical therapist may also recommend a variety of orthotics for Achilles heel tendonitis treatment; Achilles tendonitis braces, night splints, or boots can further diminish inflammation, ease pain, and speed the healing process.

They sometimes use shockwave therapy for Achilles tendonitis treatment. They undergo this Achilles tendonitis rehabilitation method with the goal that shockwaves will encourage healing in the injured tendon tissue.

If other treatment approaches fail, a doctor might suggest surgery for chronic Achilles tendonitis treatment; during the Achilles tendonitis rehabilitation period, they may recommend a rehab brace. The recovery time is also as soon as 2 to 3 weeks or as long 6 weeks after your injury. With the help of physical therapy, the majority will return to traditional activity in four to six months. In physiotherapy, you’ll learn exercises to form your calf muscles stronger and your Achilles tendon more flexible.

ankle brace for achilles tendonitis

A brace just like the Trizone ankle offers identical advantages of taping you might think about for applying pressure and improving arch support. Adding foam rolling and stretching exercises for your calves to your exercising, Wear shoes with good support, cool-down or tune-up is one of the most effective ways that athletes will facilitate prevention Achilles tendonitis.

NB: Make Sure The Size Before Purchasing. Follow Each Brand Measuring Guide Accurately.

Best 15 Ankle Brace For Achilles Tendonitis

1. DONJOY Performance TriZone Ankle Support 

DonJoy Performance Trizone Ankle Sleeve could be a hybrid style combining the properties of compression and bracing in an exceedingly single sleeve. The carbonized bamboo circular knit construction permits for targeted zonal compression with thermal regulation properties.

Best ankle brace for achilles tendonitis Support
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Three distinct compression zones that include: a stability zone with strategically placed injected silicone polymer to produce support for the ankle joint and therefore the advantage of increased proprioception, a compression zone that improves circulation and provides delicate support to the joint structure and encompassing muscle tissue, and a comfort zone that has lighter compression for enhanced match and higher range of motion. The Trizone ankle joint support could be a low profile performance product designed to extend ankle joint stability, plantar fascia support, and reduce swelling and inflammation whereas fitting well in any shoe while not compromising fit and performance.


  • Three zones of compression strategically placed around the ankle joint to deliver performance.
  • Silicone stripe injected immediately onto the sleeve adds medial/lateral support to strained tendons, sprained ligaments, and weak ankles.
  • All-natural carbonized Bamboo is thermal regulation and helps get rid of odors.
  • Comfortably fits altogether shoe varieties
  • Reflectivity for increased visibility in low light conditions

Recommended for mild ligament sprains, tendon strains, compression, plantar fasciitis, and proprioception.


  • Size based on ankle circumference (just higher than the ankle bone)
  • Small (7.5 – 8.5) Inches; (19 – 22) CM
  • Medium (8.5 – 9.5) Inches; (22 – 24) CM
  • Large (9.5 – 10.5) Inches; (24 – 27) CM
  • X-Large (10.5 – 11.5) Inches; (27 – 29) CM

2. DONJOY BIONIC Ankle Brace For Achilles Tendonitis

DonJoy Performance Bionic ankle brace options industry-leading support and protection in everyday sport and activity. a single strap, a stretch webbing closure system ensures the right acceptable unmatched comfort and controllable compression. The 60° shaped keep considerably decreasing the chance of rollover and ankle joint sprain. The anatomical style of the stay permits for this ankle brace to be worn well altogether shoes while not impeding performance.

DONJOY BIONIC ankle brace for achilles tendonitis
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  • Pre-shaped stabilizer to limit ankle joint roll and forestall ankle joint sprains
  • Stirrup style and sleeve construction for comfort
  • Single strap stretch webbing closure delivers an exactness match
  • Comfortably fits altogether shoes
  • Perforated synthetic rubber for breathability
  • Lycra panel adds comfort and reduces weight
  • Reflectivity for increased visibility in low light conditions
  • Recommended for mild-to-moderate ligament sprains and ankle instability.


Same as DonJoy Performance Trizone Ankle Support


DonJoy Performance Deluxe Knit ankle could be a closed-heel ankle sleeve that delivers targeted compression to the ankle. Designed with twin J stabilizers, the Deluxe Knit ankle provides medial/lateral support whereas the knit material permits for flexibility, ventilation, and luxury while not limiting ankle range of motion. Light-weight and low-profile, the Deluxe Knit ankle fits the right or left ankle joint.

donjoy ankle brace for achilles tendonitis
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  • Dual J-Buttress style delivers medial/lateral support
  • The closed-heel style provides targeted compression and ankle joint support• 4-way stretch knit material for breathability, resilience, and comfort
  • Anti-migration elastic bands facilitate keep the ankle sleeve in situ
  • Aegis® antimicrobial technology to resist odor, stains, and sprain
  • Reflectivity for increased visibility in low-light conditions
  • Fits right or left ankle

Recommended for mild ankle sprains and strains, inflammation/swelling, arthritis, soreness, tendonitis, overuse ankle injuries.

Measurement: Same as DonJoy Performance Trizone Ankle Support


The Aircast AirHeel™ Arch and Heel Support manage plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. Applying compression with each step, the Aircast AirHeel Arch and Heel Support helps cut back swelling and helps improve circulation. made of light-weight breathable material, the AirHeel brace is straightforward to use – simply slip it on sort of a sock and regulate the fit with one strap.

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It equips the AirHeel™ brace with two interconnected aircells placed below the foot arch and in back of the achilles tendon. Once you take a step, the primary air chamber (under the arch) begins to collapse so reducing the strain to the plantar fascia underneath the arch. It forces air into the chamber close the achilles tendon that then inflates. The inflated Achilles chamber applies compression to the achilles tendon to shorten the lever arm, so reducing strain on the tendon.


  • Aircell Technology delivers compression with each step to assist minimize swelling and improve circulation.
  • Lightweight and breathable materials deliver comfort.
  • Universal fit will wear on the right or left foot.
  • Two removable stabilizers prove additional ankle joint support.
  • Created with latex-free, compression material with air cells encased in waterproof nylon and adhered beside a hook and loop fasteners.
  • Comfortably fits in shoes and might be worn in all activities.
  • Designed to guard and support plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.

Best for all activities.

Recommended for plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitisSize Chart

  • Size       Men’s Shoe Size     Women’s Shoe Size
  • Small           Up to 7                    Up to 8.5
  • Medium      7.5 – 11                     9 – 12.5
  • Large          11.5+                       13+

5. DonJoy Walkabout Walking Boot

The Walkabout Tall Walker is a simple-piece injection-molded walker that is intended to be sturdy and comfy however economical. The lowest profile rocker bottom within the DonJoy line permits for a normal walk. Ideal for acute ankle joint sprains, soft tissue injuries, stress fractures of the lower leg and ankle joint. Provides comfy stability for acute ankle sprains, soft tissue injuries of the lower leg, stress fractures of the lower leg and ankle, and stable fractures of the ankle joint.

DonJoy Walkabout Walking Boot ankle brace for achilles tendonitis
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  • Lightweight
  • Rocker bottom is that the lowest of all DonJoy walkers
  • Integrated straps
  • Economical
  • Breathable fiber liner
  • Washable liner

6. TRILOK™ Ankle  Brace  for Achilles  Tendonitis

As you progress your foot from plantar-flexion to dorsiflexion, you lengthen the Achilles and put a strain on that. With the TriLok, you’ll be able to limit the amount of plantar-flexion you permit in your foot to require the strain off of the achilles tendon. The TriLok’s FootLok straps absorb the impact and permit your tendon time to endure the inflammation of achilles inflammation.

The TriLok eases plantar fasciitis pain by lifting the arch and supporting the plantar fascia. The FootLok strap wraps around the mid-foot and permits you the ability to deliver adjustable support, by a pull up on the plantar fascia. It’s going to conjointly use the TriLok as a light-weight, night splint to carry the foot in dorsiflexion whereas you sleep.

TRILOK™ ankle brace for achilles tendonitis
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Plantar fasciitis, PTTD, peroneal tendonitis, ankle joint sprains, and rolled ankles are caused by weakened or torn tendons. They make the Trilok from three main elements that mimic your body’s natural tendons to secure your ankle joint and permit a secure range of motion. These straps encourage healthy arch posture and forestall inversion and eversion.

The point-to-lined compression sleeve could be a comfy way to scale back swelling within the foot and ankle joint after an injury. Compression additionally improves recovery time, increasing blood flow to bring nutrients to the site of the injury. Compression enhances your body’s circulatory processes. Blood flow is multiplied and it removes unwanted fluid a lot of efficiently owing to the external pressure provided by compression.

They make the Trilok from soft Hypo-Allergenic materials that are breathable and low profile, instead of large, suffocating canvas braces. The Trilok permits for active mobility, however, restricts harmful movements, creating it excellent for sports and regaining mobility.

7. Ossur Formfit Pro Ankle Brace For Achilles Tendonitis

Ossur Formfit pro ankle could be a compressive ankle sleeve with a pair of integrated malleoli pads designed to be worn after gentle ankle injuries. The dynamic 3D MotionTech knit is substantiating and meets certified medical-grade compression necessities. evidenced superior to leading brands for moisture-wicking and breathability, your ankle joint stays cool throughout wear. CoolVent technology within the area in front of the ankle any enhances breathability and luxury.

ankle brace for achilles tendonitis
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  • MotionTech for compression and dynamic match with superior wetness wicking and breathability, protecting your ankle cool throughout wear
  • Certified medical grade compression (20-30 mmHg)
  • CoolVent technology within the area ahead of the ankle for added breathability and luxury
  • 2 integrated malleoli SmartPads for focused support and padding
  • Patented FoldLock system for simpler and safer application

8. Ossur Rebound Air Walker

The Ossur Rebound Air Walker is ideal for achilles tendonitis, tendon injuries, ankle joint injuries, fractures, and more. This brace provides wonderful stability and luxury for several injuries and conditions, and it offers a near-custom work with its special air inflatable technology. If you suffer from achilles tendonitis or have recently had surgery to repair the achilles, then the Rebound Air Walker will assist.

Ossur Rebound Air Walker ankle brace for achilles tendonitis
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The Ossur Rebound Air Walker is that the premier alternative for an achilles tendon boot. If you suffer from achilles inflammation or have recently had surgery to repair the achilles, then the rebound air walker from Ossur will assist with a special technology that helps promote repair of the tendon through immobilization. Ossur has enclosed a unified air bladder in this achilles brace that may be pumped up to a snug level. The bladder is within the tendons form and cradles it to carefully immobilize it, preventing additional injury.

It needs no shoes with this foot brace. It includes a rubber sole to permit you to walk around while not damaging or dirtying the brace, and that they create the brace from sturdy plastics that will not wear out quickly. This foot brace is additionally terribly comfy, with a foam inner that wicks wetness away from the foot to forestall soreness and wetness, whereas conjointly keeping the skin dry and cozy. you’ll be able to simply regulate the straps on the front of the brace control tightness for fast application and removal of the brace.


They designed this brace to be used outside and has an EVA material within the sole that gives glorious shock absorption to stop pain and injury whereas walking. They curve the sole to permit for a lot of natural movement whereas walking. This foot brace additionally includes a technology that Ossur calls Flex Edge, which can adjust to the foot anatomy of the individual carrying the achilles brace to assist stop pressure points and extra pain. The toe bumper is additionally totally trimmable and adjustable, providing a custom-fit while not all the measurements.

This walking brace comes in both a high top and a low high variant. The high prime goes up past the calf, whereas the low top reaches slightly below the calf. See the product pictures for a lot of information and make certain to pick your selection at checkout.

9. Ovation Medical Hybrid Night Splint

The absolutely purposeful and fully snug night splint. Designed for patient compliance, the Hybrid Night Splint treats  Achilles tendonitis,  plantar fasciitis,  drop foot orthosis and post static heel pain. It options an articulated hinge to permit for a full range of adjustable settings throughout rehab.

Ovation Medical Hybrid Night Splint ankle brace for achilles tendonitis
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  • Articulated hinge style permits for the complete range of adjustable settings
  • Keeps the foot secure
  • Adjustable tension strap
  • Provides unequaled perform
  • Extremely well cushiony for superior comfort

10. Muller The One® Ankle Brace For Achilles Tendonitis

The ONE® ankle brace is nice for rehabbing inversion ankle joint sprains and eversion ankle sprains off the court. The secure work helps support your ankle joint by slightly limiting awkward and irregular movements to encourage healing. The Premium ONE® ankle brace seems like having your ankle joint professionally taped by an athletic trainer. It is a reliable way to facilitate forestalls common ankle joint injuries once you are enjoying, together with ankle strains.

Muller The One® Ankle Brace Premium ankle brace for achilles tendonitis
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  • Speed Lacing System that quickly cinches boot for a comfortable, snug work
  • Adjust compression and tension around your ankle joint
  • Figure-eight strapping
  • Hugs your plantar fascia and arch for stability
  • Breathable cloth
  • Reduces wetness build-up between skin and brace that reduces slippage within your shoe
  • Forms a sturdy, bulk-free work that conjointly helps manage moisture

Hand washes in cold water with a gentle detergent. Don’t use bleach or fabric chemical. Rinse completely and air dry. Antimicrobial treatment helps shield the brace against odor, staining, and deterioration caused by the bacterium and microorganisms. The treatment doesn’t extend protection to the skin.

11. Muller ATF® Three Ankle Brace For Achilles Tendonitis

If an ankle brace is simple to put and pop out, you’re more probably to wear it when you’re alleged to. That’s the brilliance behind the ATF® 3 ankle brace. Not solely can it facilitate stop you from rolling your ankle; However, it additionally created it lighter, less bulky, softer, and easier to get on and off. Inversion sprains account for roughly 85% of all ankle sprains.

Muller ATF® Three ankle brace for achilles tendonitis
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ATF® 3 ankle brace options a patented internal strapping system that self-adjusts to support your Anterior Talofibular Ligament. This technique helps defend against ‘rolling the ankle’ while not limiting jumping, speed or agility.


  • Patented Auto-adjusts Internal strapping to assist stop you from rolling your ankle
  • Firm support, whereas permitting a full range of movement
  • The ventilated cloth helps manage heat and wetness.
  • Comfort Mesh
  • Hand washes in cold water with a gentle detergent. Don’t use bleach or cloth chemical. Rinse completely and air dry.

12. Muller OmniForce® Ankle Brace For Achilles Tendonitis

The specialized manufacturing methodology of flat knit targets compression areas, whereas still allowing the product to stretch and maintain a seamless compression. The built-in gel buttress supports the ankle joint. The light-weight support facilitates to support of the joint which might help improve performance and everyday activities.

Muller OmniForce® Aankle brace for achilles tendonitis
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The distinctive style, very snug materials, and contoured fit to create the sleeve comfy to wear for extended play. Available in XS, S, M, XL, XXL and XXXL sizes.

13. Muller Stirrup Ankle Brace For Achilles Tendonitis

Stirrup Ankle Brace provides rigid securing support for moderate-to-severe ankle injuries, weak or arthritic ankles and for post-cast treatment. The inflation tube fits left or right. Flexible edges integrate into a shoe for a better fit.

Muller Stirrup ankle brace for achilles tendonitis
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Easy on, easy off with simple wraparound straps and one size fits most.

14. Muller The One® Brace

This light-weight, low-profile brace offers all the advantages of taping in a more convenient adjustable soft strap brace. This brace is Neoprene and latex-free. Designed to be very light-weight and low-profile, The One® is comfy to wear in shoes or cleats throughout the competition. Providing all the standard benefits of taping, however, with all the adjustable flexibility of a soft strap brace, The One® protects against inversion and eversion ankle joint sprains. Top elastic finishing straps lock down all the straps and provide a clean finish.

Muller The One® ankle brace for achilles tendonitis
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Cushioned, breathable tongue keeps this brace very comfy. The One® fits right or left feet and comes in black and white. Available in XS, S, M, XL, XXL and XXXL sizes. Hand washes in cold water with a light detergent. Don’t use bleach or cloth chemical. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.

15. Muller ADJUST-TO-FIT® Ankle Stabilizer

ADJUST-TO-FIT® ankle joint Stabilizer has two light-weight plastic sides for optimum support. Merely pull the tabs and have total control over the amount of compression that you just need. The Mueller ADJUST-TO-FIT® ankle joint Stabilizer helps give support and protection to weak, stiff, or harmed ankles. The internal adjustment system provides targeted support to the ankle joint.

Muller ADJUST-TO-FIT® ankle brace for achilles tendonitis
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This ankle stabilizer is a light-weight, breathable materials for enhanced comfort and all-day wear. The Mueller ADJUST-TO-FIT® is designed to suit the left or right ankle joint. Not created with natural rubber latex or synthetic rubber with odor-resistant and antimicrobial.

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