Best Insoles for High Heels That Are Too Big

Have you noticed that you haven’t worn one of your favorite heels for many days since you bought it with great excitement? It’s because you bought the wrong fit as you immediately knew that the heels were too big for your feet. Now, it is very frustrating if you already planned to wear them at a very special party or occasion, but you got them too big to wear. But immediately it will not solve the problem as you are already ahead of the occasion. In these cases, manufacturers came with a brilliant idea that simply lets you wear the exact heels by adding insoles.

The important thing is a perfect fit, neither too loose nor too tight. Sometimes it is tough to get the combination of corrected size shoes with stylish and posh looks. Fortunately, heel insoles help let you fit any size and can alleviate every type of pain and discomfort such as soreness, blister, achy joint, and more that occurs from the wrong-fit heels. These insoles are designed specially to wear with all fancy pairs of high heels, boots, or sneakers. Apart from comfort, the insole provides some royal treatments like reducing fatigue, offering shock absorption, fixing alignment, and reducing discomfort, etc. So, keep reading to find out the best insoles for high heels that are too big.

How Do You Fix Shoes That Are Too Big?

Maybe you purchase stylish and good quality shoes, but the only drawback is that they are too big. On the bright side, we have found a few more involved methods for fixing too-big shoes. 

  • Find insole: Buying an extra insole can be the best solution to fix the sizing issue of your shoes. It helps to feel snugger with extra filling. Many insoles are made with gel or foam that gently absorb your pressure and helps to alleviate stress and pain. The perfect insole provides plenty of support and cushions and allows you to depend most of the time on your feet. These insoles are designed for an active lifestyle as they feature innovative technology to absorb the shock by reducing pressure while walking. 
  • Heel Liner: This type of insert can be placed around your heel area to protect your heel from a blister or painful heel conditions. They fill some space with cushions and ensure premium comfort. You can insert or remove as per your requirement. Heel liner is proved to be a good option to reduce friction or slipping. 
  • Toe insert: It is one kind of external insert that can be placed around too much roomy toe area. This insert is an effective way to face blister because blister always comes at a certain point and ruins your comfort. The toe insert is also comfortable and breathable for its high-quality mesh padding. Besides keeping toes safe and comfortable, it minimizes the chance of injury. 

Do Insoles Help if Shoes Are Too Big?

The worst thing happens when we spend the whole day with ill-fitting shoes. In that case, the only solution is to put insoles. Insoles are likely padding inserts that protect your feet with a lot of cushioning and premium support. It is a relatively affordable and comfortable option to deal with size issues. Here are some facts on insoles that help if shoes are too big. 

  • Plenty of cushions: With the cushion and support, it can relieve pain associated with some chronic foot disease and prevents blister and slipping. The ultra-soft gel pad is designed to push your feet upward and offer plenty of support and cushion. 
  • Perfect fit: Buying a certain shoe size is not possible all the time especially when you choose any fancy or fashionable high heels. Sometimes we have to sacrifice the size to get the fashionable and most favorite heels. For bigger size shoes, an insole is a great tool for its huge support. Insole ensures a perfect fit with comfort and allows you to wear your favorite shoes for a long period though they are in bigger sizes.
  • Warmth and breathing: Insoles play a great role to keep your feet dry and warmer. Its breathable fabric and cushioned foam are created with super thick technology. That type of extra layer absorbs moisture and keeps the feet warm and dry. Some insoles are made with genuine leather that also keeps your feet dry for all seasons. 
  • Prevent painful condition: It is already proven that the insole is highly effective to prevent blisters. Besides treating blisters, it helps to fight painful situations like achy toes, bunions, neuroma, plantar fasciitis, and other foot pains. Foam materials help to alleviate discomfort and irritations. It is better to use proper insoles than changing your high heels frequently. 
  • Improve alignment: Bigger shoes can hamper your posture with a lack of stability. Insoles are always helpful to correct posture by dealing with size issues. The additional support with a sturdy grip makes shoes provide perfect alignment. 
  • Increase the Durability: To get good-fit shoes we usually tend to change and buy new high heels frequently. But it is not a proper solution rather increases the durability of your shoes. Instead, you can wear your heels without reducing the durability which is by just adding insoles to the shoes. These specially designed insoles absorb most of the shocks creates when you hit the surfaces and helps to reduce any friction. As these insoles help to wear your shoes properly, they also help to adjust your steps creating a balanced and good shape. Which reduces the pressures and stresses on your shoes and helps to keep the structures stable for long period.

Features of Good Shoe Filler and Insole

A good quality insole should be your go-to option for oversized shoes. But finding the best insoles for high heels that are too big is not easy. You don’t need to exchange or leave your shoes unused anymore. Instead, the insole can be the easiest and quickest way to solve this problem. You may consider some factors before buying any shoe filter. 

  • Moisture-wicking technology: Your insole should absorb moisture from the inside of shoes to make your feet dry and odorless. There is a high chance of sweating while walking or running in your job. And sometimes they get smelly. To wear completely odor-free and dry high heels, a moisture-wicking insole can play a good role. 
  • Insole Placement: If you purchase a full-length insole then removing the previous insole is tough. At that time placing a new insole is hard to manage. In that case, choose a thin insole that allows you to wear comfortably with your existing high heels. If you purchase around ¾ the size of your existing one then place this on the top. Insert pieces are comfortable to use and easy to apply. Those are suitable for all types of shoes. Choosing an insert depends on the specification of your shoes. 
  • Materials: Materials of your insole are one of the key factors. Look for materials that provide you comfort and support. Usually, the insole is made with foam, gel, or leather. Gel materials work well as shock absorbers. On the other hand, foam materials are the best for cushioning and support. For breathability and pressure relief you can trust leather materials. Choose the materials that are washable so that you can use them repeatedly. 
  • Thickness: Some insoles are too bulky to use. They can make your shoes snugger and you will feel uncomfortable instead of comfortable. The too bulky or excessive thickness will be uncomfortable to wear and make your feet sweaty and wet. 
  • Easy to use: Choose adhesive back when you think to use any piece of filter or inserts. A strong adhesive back can ensure safety and ease to use. You just need to peel off and press firmly and stick them on shoes. If it is made with durable glue then it wouldn’t come off. 
  • Supportive: Better quality insoles always come with plenty of support which stimulates the arch muscle and keeps your feet active. Supportive insoles distribute the pressure across the base of the foot and keep your arch area comfortable and pressure-free. 

Best Insoles for High Heels That Are Too Big

If you are worried to fix your high heel with the best quality insoles and want to make your stylish shoe wearable then today is your lucky day. Because in this article, we will introduce some of the best insoles for high heels that are too big. 

1. MATIE FIX STORE heel pads

If you are looking for something different that comes with tons of comfort then our first pick can be your right choice. The MATIE Fix heel pads and inserts are the perfect options for those too big heels. You will love suede materials because they are extremely breathable and cushiony. The soft and long-lasting materials keep your shoes comfortable, breathable, and dry for all days.


The unique design with lightweight and breathable materials will provide your shoes the high protection and safety. They ensure a perfect fit with many types of shoes, including casual, leather, loafer, high heel, and others. They prevent blisters and keep your feet from sweat. Anyone easily can use them; there has a self-adhesive back, just peel off the cover and stick them on shoes.

The durable, super glue never comes off. The multiple features such as 4D design, anti-slip, and shock absorption give you gentle waves and allow you to walk or run around all day. Excellent refund policy along with wonderful customer service will certainly provide you satisfaction. 

  • Breathable suede materials
  • Cushiony and comfortable
  • Self-adhesive back; easy to use
  • Versatile shoes
  • 30 days refund policy with great customer service
  • Less durable
  • Less thick pad

2. Space Lion premium leather cushion insert

Our other excellent pick is Space Lion’s premium leather heel grip. It keeps your heels from slipping and prevents blisters with soft padding and a strong adhesive grip. Two soft cowhide pads are suitable for canvas, leather, high heel, loafer, and others. Softy pad with strong self-adhesive prevents abrasion and help you to wear your uncomfortable shoes around all days.

Space Lion premium leather cushion insert

Furthermore, they are super easy to use, you just need to place the adhesive side and press firmly. You can put them on and off without any hassle. They will provide premium protection from rubbing or slipping. The pad gives a great grip on wet surfaces. Cushiony, odor-free, and breathable materials not only ensure more comfort but also provide additional grip.

Get the perfect fit with any type of shoe because Space Lion cushioned insert gives you special attention. You will be happy to know that they are washable and allow you to use them repeatedly. Moreover, they will reduce pressure with shock absorber technology.

  • Cushioned inserts; comfortable
  • High-quality softy cowhide leather materials
  • Strong self-adhesive; super protecting
  • Prevent abrasion; secure and safe
  • 30 day 100% money back guaranty
  • Applicable for various shoes
  • Not applicable for sneaker
  • Come of while running

3. Makryn heel grip liner

Makryn is one of the most supportive and comfortable inserts for uncomfortable heels. They are super cushiony and ensure breathability and comfort. The microfiber fiber materials are paired with brushed air fabric and make the shoes super responsive for any type of conditions. Three-layer of mixed materials with double side glue ensure high-quality grip and security. You can wear shoes for a long time without any hassle.

Makryn heel grip liner

Those are also effective for preventing and reducing foot pain because they are designed as orthotic style. Two layers of glue with stable fiber provide not only super high viscosity but also durability. It supports your heel from the blister, rubbing, and slipping. Anti-bacterial soft leather provides protection and keeps away any type of odor. By alleviating pressure, it ensures enough heel and arch support. Another advantage is that is hand washable, and reusable, and you can use it repeatedly without any worry. This magical insert is what you want, the perfect fit with comfort. It is suitable for children and adults and doesn’t matter whether is men and women. 

  • Micro fiver materials with brushed air fabrics
  • Cushiony and comfort
  • Three layers of mixed materials; extra soft
  • Double-sided glue
  • Super high viscosity and durability
  • 30 days refund policy
  • Adhesive can chrome off
  • Do not cut the size

4. Makryn leather heel grip inserts

Have you ever bought the wrong pair of shoes and suffered a lot of pain? If yes, then you should try using the Makryn heel insert. It can fit into any high heels. These insoles are made with high-quality materials comprised of cowhide and latex. The durable self-adhesive tape doesn’t come with extra heaviness and hardness.

Makryn leather heel grip inserts

Thicker specification prevents blisters or any type of pain and also protects your feet from slipping and rubbing. They are designed properly to support pronation. They provide long-time safety with a high-quality grip. It makes you feel comfortable in every step while walking or running. Get pain free experience and super comfortable fit with Makryn inserts.

They are truly helpful, especially when you badly need to retain the shape of your feet. The cowhide grips are available in black to help shoes fit better and let’s walk comfortably even on wet surfaces.

  • Softy cowhide pads
  • Strong self-adhesive
  • Prevents abrasion-perfect fit
  • 30 days refund policy
  • Suitable for all
  • Thicker specification
  • Doesn’t work for boots
  • A bit difficult to place

5. Comfysole filter inserts 

These specially designed insoles can be perfect for you if you are suffering from high heels that are too big. They are adjustable for both men’s and women’s shoes and applicable to any type of design. The foamy and cushioned materials keep your feet comfortable and make gentle waves that help from bouncing back. Those breathable materials keep your feet free from sweat. That means you can walk around for a long day without any sore muscles.

Comfysole filter inserts 

The excellent support provides resistance from slipping and helps to grip immediately. Fortunately, they come with the most demanding facility of cleaning every day. The materials are made washable and allow you to use them repeatedly. Do not worry if you have sensitive toes. Because those soft and shaped inserts provide you the most comfortable fit with ultralight and discreet formula.

No more bunion or swelling will affect you after using these insoles. t fills the emptiness like a pillow and allows you to fit your wide feet. It is your long-awaited solution. 

  • For men and women shoes
  • Various types of shoes
  • Prevent slippage
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Washable and reusable
  • Great for petite feet
  • Low-quality stitching
  • Move around

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you wear shoes that are too big?

Bigger-sized shoes bring adversity to every step you walk. It doesn’t matter whether you walk on a plane surface, you will feel uncomfortable ranging from fall to injuries just because of the shoes with the bigger size. Oversize shoes always tend to rub the feet. With these shoes, you will experience painful blood blisters under the toes that create friction. The loose fit creates interference and instability in your walking. It then contributes to bunions, hammertoes, and other foot issues. You will experience dysfunction while walking and too much room inside the heels will make you slip. It is a common phrase from the podiatrists that “lose fit, lose balance.”

Do memory foam insoles make shoes smaller?

Memory foam insoles don’t make the shoes smaller. But in a way, they fill the extra room inside the shoes. They make the shoes smaller from the inside but they never make the shoes look smaller. One of the reasons people use memory foam insoles is if they find shoes bigger than their feet. These insoles fill out the extra rooms inside the heels and make them adjust to the feet properly. So in that way, you can turn the space inside the shoes from bigger to smaller and walk with style just like other perfect fit shoes.

Is it OK to wear a half-size bigger shoe?

Sometimes half-size bigger shoes are suggested to buy for specific reasons. Because we need to wear shoes with extra room inside to let the feet move freely with mobility. But it is OK with sneakers to wear half-size bigger. These sneakers allow the feet with proper circulation and help in the long-standing and walking. People who have swelling or want to alleviate pain from creates from swelling can wear half-size bigger sneakers. But it is always advised to wear perfect-fit shoes especially when it is high heels. If the heels are bigger then try the best insoles for high heels that are too big.

How can I make my heels smaller without insoles?

Inevitably, we don’t get the correct size heels when we order them from online marketplaces. Either the heels are bigger than feet or too small to fit. YouBut we recommend wearing insoles with heels for all the physical benefits and longer wear. can follow several tricks and tips at your home to make your heels smaller even without adding insoles. One of the common tricks people use is by applying a blow dryer to shrink the heels. Another way is to use shoe fillers to fill out the extra spaces inside the heels. People also use elastic bands, ball of foot cushions, cotton balls, heel liners, and other ways to make the heels smaller.

Final Recap

There is no reason to stop wearing your favorite high heels because of the bigger size. Though it’s risky and awkward to wear it in front of hundreds of people you admire, you can add the best insoles for high heels that are too big and solve the issue. This trick will save you money from buying new high heels and lets you wear your favorite heels. Usually, those inserts are made with cushiony, soft, and breathable materials to absorb ball-of-foot pressure. Turn your unwanted and least comfortable pair of high heels into the most stylish footwear with just good quality insoles. 

So, next time you order a new pair of high heels confidently because good quality insoles are available to ensure a good fit.