6 Best Tea For Weight Loss And Bloating According to Nutritionists

Caused by several factors, bloating of the stomach is a very frustrating situation that leaves victims desperate to find solutions. More often than not, bloating is caused by a sluggish bowel or poor gut bacteria that leaves your stomach feeling gassy and bloated after meals. Heavyweight is another self-esteem-lowering factor that makes many feel desperate to lose weight. If you are a victim of these conditions, this page is here for you.

Among many remedies for weight loss and bloating, taking tea has proved its effectiveness on many. Although enjoyed as a beverage all over the world, tea comes with a number of benefits. Among many, it helps in weight loss and bloating problems. To achieve a perfect shape and cure bloating, We have analyzed and rounded up 6 best tea for weight loss and bloating in the market. Read through and know more about their benefits, how to prepare, pros and cons.

Top 6 Best Tea for Weight Loss and Bloating

1. Green tea

Green tea is an amazing beverage that is extracted after steaming camellia sinensis leaves. It is rich with antioxidants and other essential plant compounds that make it so healthy and beneficial to our bodies.

One of its greatest benefits is the ability to boost burning of fat thus helps in weight loss. It features a very effective beneficial compound known as caffeine. This is a stimulant that boost performance of exercise and aids in burning of fat.

Green tea for Weight Loss and Bloating

Green tea also features a very healthy antioxidant known as catechins. This helps to speed your body metabolism which breaks down excess fat even when resting.

Catechins antioxidants also contain anti-bloating properties.  It helps in soothing and improving the GI tract, which boosts digestion in the stomach. In return, it curbs bloating.

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You need: Water, green tea leaves, thermometer to control your water temperature and a sieve.

  • Boil your water to an average temperature. Avoid over boiling as it might add a bitter taste.
  • After, give it a couple of minutes to cool
  • Put it in a jug and add your green tea leaves
  • Give it 3 minutes or so and allow it to steep. This will give your water time to absorb the ingredients
  • Sieve out the tea leaves and the tea is ready to drink. Note that you should take like 3 cups of tea leaves in a day for optimal results.
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Boost digestion
  • Lowers the risk of diseases in the body
  • Due to caffeine compounds, it might cause lack of sleep
  • It contains tannins compounds that are most likely to cause nausea.

2. Oolong tea

This is another essential tea that helps in weight loss and curbs bloating. A number of substantial evidence exist to prove that this tea speeds up the process of metabolism which aids in breaking down of stored fat. Also, the tea has proven to enhance your body’s energy expenditure which promotes weight loss. Lastly, it contains Epigallo Catechins and caffeine compounds that work together to accelerate oxidation of fat. This helps in weight loss.

Oolong tea for Weight Loss and Bloating

In addition, the tea is effective in fighting bloating by increasing the level of PH in the digestive tract. This increases good bacteria that promotes a healthy digestion thus curbing bloating.


You need: water, measuring spoon, and a timer.

  • Boil water and give it time to cool
  • Measure 2 tea spoons of loose oolong tea and put in your mug.
  • Take your timer and give it appropriate time to steep
  • Aids weight loss management
  • Promotes a healthy heart and mind
  • Reduces insulin and blood sugar levels
  • Boosts digestion
  • Presence of caffeine can cause insomnia

3. Turmeric tea

Turmeric is a very common spice used in both food and drinks. Have you struggled with weight loss for long? Turmeric tea might be your perfect solution. The latter boasts of cur cumin compounds that suppresses proliferation of fat cells thus promotes weight loss.

Turmeric tea for Weight Loss and Bloating

Additionally, the tea boosts production of bile in the stomach. This is a digestive juice that facilitates better digestion thus relieving disorders like bloating and gassy stomach.


You need: water, measuring cup, measuring spoon, timer and grounded turmeric.

  • Measure like 3 or 4 cups of water and bring it to boil.
  • Measure 2 tea spoons of grounded turmeric and add it in your boiled water
  • Stir it well to mix
  • Give it like ten minutes to simmer
  • Sieve and cool it off to drink
  • It is a strong anti-inflammatory agent that fights cholesterol levels in the body thus decrease heart attack risks.
  • It has anti-cancer properties that curbs the growth of any cancer cells in the body
  • Helps in weight loss.
  • It’s a natural product with no harmful chemicals.
  • It’s not safe for pregnant mothers.

4. Pu-erh tea

This is a common beverage in China cultivated from the same plant that makes green tea.  However, this tea has detailed manufacturing process compared to green tea.

This tea contains strong anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agents that manages high cholesterol levels in the body. It also blocks production of excessive fat cells thus effective in weight loss.

Pu-erh tea

The tea is also effective in improving metabolism and promote good bacteria in the stomach for better digestion. Improved digestion curbs bloating and burns down excessive pounds of fat.

The tea also boasts of caffeine, a strong antioxidant property that helps to cleanse toxins from the body and aid in burning of fat.


  • Boil your fresh water, add pu-erh sachet in your boiled water and give it 5 minutes to steep, remove your sachets and enjoy your drink.
  • Has a number of healthy benefits
  • It involves a natural, chemical-free extract
  • It goes through a natural fermentation process to add taste and flavors.
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Boost digestion and fight bloating.
  • Has an additional process that takes time to prepare

5. Lemon- Ginger tea

This tea is a mixer of lemon and ginger and does magic in weight loss and bloating. Lemon is an antioxidant and packed with other nutrients like zinc, magnesium, potassium and vitamin C. These are so vital in removing toxins and excess fat from your body.

Also, lemon helps to boost digestion and keep your tummy from constipation and other woes like bloating. Not to forget, lemon is very low in calorie and boasts of pectin fibers that are so hard to digest hence makes you feel full with no appetite. This is a very effective remedy to weight loss.

Lemon- Ginger tea for Weight Loss and Bloating

Ginger Is also packed with very powerful ingredients that helps you lose weight within a short duration. It is proved to boost digestion and reduce water retention hence effective in both weight loss and bloating. Ginger is also a thermo-genic property that strengthens metabolism thus a potent burner of fat.


  • ­Bring fresh water to boil, add cut lemon and small slices of fresh ginger, give few minutes to steep, sieve out you tea into a mug and enjoy your drink.
  • It is pure and natural
  • Easy to prepare with easily accessible ingredients
  • Effective in weight loss and bloating
  • Has other health benefits like reducing risk of diseases, improves immunity and fight nausea.
  • Lemon can cause stomach acid

6. Black tea

Lastly, this tea won’t disappoint you if considered in your weight loss journey. A number of studies conducted on this tea and proved to be so effective when it comes to reducing waist circumference and the body weight in general. How?

Black tea

According to European Journal of Nutrition, a study published explained that black tea helps to decrease bad gut bacterial and boost good gut bacteria that improves digestion. This fights excess fat as well as bloating and constipation problems.

Also, caffeine present in this tea strengthens metabolism and encourages lipolysis which is the breakdown of excess stored fat.


  • Boil water, pour it on your black tea leaves either in a bowl or jug, leave the tea leaf to infuse and remove it. Give it few minutes to cool off and serve to drink.
  • Fight cholesterol levels in the body
  • Strengthen metabolism
  • Fight bloating, constipation and other stomach upset
  • Too much intake of caffeine cause headache, anxiety and lack of sleep.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How man cups of tea for weight loss and bloating should you take in a day?

This entirely depends with the type of tea. Some tea are more concentrated than others. Therefore, they have different intake recommendation. For instance, green tea is recommended 3-4 cups in a day while other teas like turmeric, and pu-erh tea should be taken one or two cups in a day.

What are important factors to consider when buying tea for weight loss and bloating?

Although some tea for weight loss come packed with several health benefits, it’s important to note that different tea consist of different ingredients. Therefore, it is important to avoid tea that have problematic ingredients. That means, you should consider the specific tea’s ingredients and avoid in case you are allergic to them. For instance, some tea contain diuretics that can cause diarrhea and dehydration in your body. Therefore, it’s upon you to avoid them.

Is it bad to drink green tea during bedtime?

Although no harmful effects of drinking black tea at night, it is not recommended to drink it at bedtime. This is because it contains caffeine that might interfere with your sleep. Therefore, it is recommended to take it early evening at least 3 hours before bedtime.

Is green tea and pu-erh tea the same?

No. Although derived from the same plant, green tea and pu-erh are different. Green tea is pure and does not go through any oxidation process thus keeps the leaf’s original green color and flavor. On the other hand, pu-erh tea is naturally fermented to obtain a different color and flavor. This tea is normally black or brown in color.

Who should not take tea for weight loss?

As mentioned above, it’s not advised to take tea for weigh loss if the ingredients present are allergic to you. Also, pregnant mothers are not advised to consume these types of tea. For instance, tea made of caffeine is most likely to cause low birth weight, premature birth or miscarriages among other problems.

Final Say

While most people are fighting weight loss and bloating issues, there are a number of remedies that are being released in the market. Some of these remedies are not legit while others are made of harmful chemicals. In this page, i have given you a list of 6 natural and legit ways to consider. Get yourself one of these teas and enjoy their benefits. All the best!