5 Best Hinged Ankle Brace Reviews

Various forms of braces, including hinged and non-hinged models, are used to provide external support for the ankle. Hinged ankle braces supposedly give you almost free dorsiflexion and plantar flexion of the foot in the sagittal plane. The study suggests that hinged braces provide effective stabilization against inversion and internal and external rotation and rapidly induced inversion on the tilting platform. Hinged ankle braces have a cuff shell design that allows greater support contrasted to a stirrup brace. The design adds a shell of protection and sometimes carries additional soft materials to produce a more secure fit around the ankle joint.

We recommend these ankle braces for stabilizing the ankle after graduating from using a walking boot or help the healing process after chronic ankle injuries, Syndesmotic sprains, High ankle sprains, and Grade 2 and 3 ankle sprains.

Whether your ankle has been injured or you’re seeking to prevent an injury, the hinged ankle braces provide the most effective support and stabilize your ankle joint.

Top 5 Hinged Ankle Brace

Product NamePicturePrice
FitPrp Adjustable Stirrup Ankle Splint Brace FitPro Adjustable Stirrup Ankle Splint Brace Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
Shock Doctor 847 Ankle Stabilizer with Flexible Support Stays Shock Doctor 847 Ankle Stabilizer with Flexible Support Stays Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
Ossur Rebound Hinged Ankle Brace Ossur Rebound Hinged Ankle Brace Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
ASO Flex Hinge Ankle Brace ASO Flex Hinge Ankle Brace Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
MCDAVID Ankle X Ankle Brace MCDAVID Ankle X Ankle Brace Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon

Features of a Hinged Ankle Brace

The stirrup for bad ankles has an anatomically designed footplate that is particular to the right or left foot to maximize user comfort and ankle joint stability. The footplate is contoured to the shape of your foot, thus supporting the arch. The neutral arch position additionally encourages speedy healing of the soft tissues in your ankle or foot.

Bilateral hinges provide control of the midtarsal, and subtalar joints, whereas still giving free and easy up / down movement (dorsiflexion and plantar flexion); thus, you’ll be able to continue running and taking part in your favorite sports, like volleyball, basketball, football, cheerleading, soccer, and more, while not restriction. Cross-check more ankle stirrups and hinged ankle braces.

The skinny plastic shell offers the most support and protection, withstanding the impacts and demands of competitive play; thus, you’ll be able to play without concern of ankle inversion (supination) and eversion (pronation) sprains or re-injury.

Designed while not excess weight and bulk, permitting the low-profile brace to suit most laced or tennis shoes. Its open-heel style improves the fit, serving to stop pinching and discomfort usually related to closed-heel ankle joint braces and lace-up ankle guards.

Premium-grade synthetic rubber cushioning provides a more leisurely fit and improved sturdiness than the foam pads found in other hard braces. The medical-grade Velcro straps are ten times stronger than standard, retail-grade Velcro for a secure fit and all-day support.

Best Hinged Ankle Brace

1. FitPrp Adjustable Stirrup Ankle Splint Brace

The Adjustable Stirrup ankle Splint Brace provides stability and support to weak or injured ankles. A soft, adjustable foot segment connects the shells. Unique memory foam pads give compression, a customized fit, and most comfort. Polypropylene outer shells are anatomically contoured to suit right or left. FitPro is a fashionable brand backed by over 40 years of participation in designing and producing bracing solutions for retail and health professionals.

If you have a severe higher ankle sprain and this brace takes care of stability, whereas the ankle heals. The memory foam is especially comfy, and the height of the plastic braces is nice. Fit Pro gives support while not the bulky weight of an ortho boot and favors small movements that aid in mobility and healing.

FitPro Adjustable Stirrup Ankle Splint Brace
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FitPrp Adjustable Stirrup Ankle Splint Brace Features

  • A soft, adjustable foot piece connects the shells for comfort.
  • Unique memory foam pads give uniform compression, a customized fit, and most comfort
  • Polypropylene outer shells are anatomically contoured to suit right or left
  • Use for sub-acute ankle sprains and chronic ankle instabilities
  • Height 8. 75″

2. Shock Doctor 847 Ankle Stabilizer with Flexible Support Stays

The 847 ankle Stabilizers are easy-to-use support with nice comfort. Focusing relentlessly on innovation and technology, athletes trust its products, from youth to amateur to professional, across a growing variety of sports. Designed with convenience and protection in mind, this low profile support currently integrates flexible, bilateral stays to reinforce ankle support. Convenient Z-grip technology offers a speed-lace closure and an easy-grip pull when correctly positioning the support. Receive the utmost stability your joints deserve with the ankle Stabilizer with flexible Support Strap.

Products concentrate on therapeutic benefits based on ‘compression’ oriented designs. These products provide light-weight support for minor pain, sprains, and strains permitting daily use for an extended period. Compression provides soft tissue support, joint alignment, therapeutic heat, and blood flow.

Shock Doctor 847 Ankle Stabilizer with Flexible Support Stays
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Performance Level 2: Moderate support for minor to moderate sprains, muscle strains, and unstable ankle joints for speed up recovery time.

Shock Doctor 847 Ankle Stabilizer Features

  • Low profile style with an elastic sleeve compression
  • Integrated versatile bilateral stays give extra support
  • Convenient Z-Grip speed-lace wrap adjustable closure system
  • Adjustable footbed wrap for proper anatomical fit
  • Convenient finger tabs provide a simple grip pull once fitting
  • N-Tex ventilated terry-lined synthetic rubber

3. Ossur Rebound Hinged Ankle Brace

The Rebound hinged ankle brace provides more stability than soft ankle supports and is excellent for transitioning out of a walker boot. Application is smooth and reduces plantar flexion, making it excellent for patients with a limited range of motion. The low-profile configuration is convenient and fits smoothly in most shoes.

Recommended it for ankle injury rehabilitation of grades I, II, III, and high ankle sprains and strains. Also advised for a transition from a walker boot or cast to daily activities or sports following an injury. Support for persistent instability following rehabilitation.

Ossur Rebound Hinged Ankle Brace
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Ossur Rebound Hinged Ankle Brace Features

  • Width adjustability produces a better fit as well as reduces inventory
  • Front closure structure aids the simple and secure application
  • Optional stability strap provides extra support while demanding less plantar flexion than comparable products

4. ASO Flex Hinge Ankle Brace

The ASO Flex Hinge cuff ankle brace combines the evidenced technology of the ASO’s patented strapping system with an articulated plastic shell for superior ankle joint stabilization. They build the inner cuff into the nylon boot to supply the best support level to resist injuries involving separation of the lower tibia from the fibula and syndesmosis ankle sprains (high ankle sprains). The hinge articulates beside the ankle joint anatomy to enhance comfort and patient compliance.

The ASO Flex-Hinge is coated with SkinLoc equipment for a soft, snug feeling. With Flex Hinges’s ankle brace options, figure-eight nylon stabilizing straps and elastic cuff work with the inner plastic shell to capture the heel bone and resist inversion or eversion motion. It fits left or right foot.

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ASO Flex Hinge ankle brace Features

  • Internal plastic shell functions with the lace-up style to produce a cuff around the shinbone and fibula.
  • Provides most inversion-eversion ankle joint security.
  • Articulates at the ankle and flexes to evolve to the anatomy of the ankle joint.
  • Figure-eight nylon stabilizing straps capture the heel bone to resist inversion & eversion motion.
  • SkinLoc liner for patient maximum comfort.
  • Fits left or right foot.
  • Sold separately.
  • US manufacturing for greater quality control standards.

The ASO Flex Hinge ankle brace is often used for: Helps to treat syndesmosis ankle sprains (high ankle sprains) and chronic ankle sprain histories.

For sizing, measure ankle circumference from the bottom of the heel to the dorsal ankle joint crease. You can also use shoe size for a guide.
Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and  XX-Large.

5. MCDAVID Ankle X Ankle Brace

The MCDAVID ankle X ankle brace is a professional quality hinged brace designed to treat all ankle injuries as well as high ankle sprains. Designed to cut back excessive inversion, eversion, and rotation that cause most ankle injuries, ankle X is additionally very comfy to wear.

The lightweight, semi-rigid brace options a pivot hinge for greater mobility and comfort. A revolutionary new ankle brace offers a high level of protection and luxury for athletes of all ages. Doesn’t prohibit flexibility. You’ll wear them for extended hours for maximum comfort and protection. Fits the left or right ankle joint and any style of shoe.

MCDAVID Ankle X Ankle Brace
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MCDAVID ankle X Ankle brace Features

  • Treats and assists in the prevention of ankle sprains, as well as high-ankle sprains
  • Adjustable latex-free synthetic rubber boot provides thermal/compression therapy for protection and recovery
  • The lightweight, semi-rigid brace options a pivot hinge for bigger flexibility and luxury.
  • Adjustable closure for a custom fit
  • Fits left or right ankle
  • The exclusive, patented style

Level 3 maximum protection

  • Moderate to major instabilities and pain
  • Contributes to the utmost level of support
  • Soft-tissue protection through compression
  • Promotes healing through therapeutic heat

Sizing (by shoe size):

  • Small / Medium: men’s 7 -10/Women 8 – 11
  • Large / X-Large: men’s 8 -11/Women 11 – 16