How Much Does Microneedling Cost? Benefits & Side Effects

Microneedling is a skin treatment process. You can also say collagen induction therapy. In this process, Doctor put needles and makes many holes in the skin. Microneedling treatment is a new trend for skincare, proven for more effective than any other treatment. In this process, doctors use some devices like a derma pen, derma roller, etc. The process takes time around 30 minutes and is quite simple. It is totally safe, painless, and effective process, not a surgical treatment. The expert agrees about a few reactions but only exists for 24 hours. Anyone can try it at home by using a roller device also, but there is a fear of infection.

A professional dermatologist will properly maintain the procedure if you take their service. Microneedling generates new collagen and recovers various scars, dark spots, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. The primary reaction can happen like redness and irritation but for a few times. This new collagen will make your skin smoother, firmer, slicker and tighter. It is mostly used in face, considered for any skin type, for both males and females. It is not covered by insurance so you need concern about the cost of microneedling. For an ideal result, you need multiple sessions.

The treatment is used for the anti-aging procedure and is effective for the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks. Before starting your session, you have to must consult with a dermatologist.

Top 5 Microneedling Roller in 2023

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Derma Roller From Sdara Skincare Derma Roller Cosmetic Needling Instrument For Face Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
BeautyBio GloPRO MicroTip BeautyBio GloPRO MicroTip Attachment Heads Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
Derma Roller Microneedle 6 Piece Kit Derma Roller Microneedle 6 Piece Kit Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
Microneedle Derma Roller with Protective Kit Microneedle Derma Roller with Protective Kit Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon
BeautyBio GloPRO Microneedling Tool BeautyBio GloPRO Microneedling Tool Check-Review-Price-on-Amzon

How Much Does Microneedling Cost?

According to an estimate, it starts from $100 up to $700 per session, varies place and surface area of your skin. There is no insurance coverage for this treatment, you have to spend money on their own self. Your doctor will advise the payment plan and will customize the session for you.

You have to consider all the costs included plan. People need 3 to 6 sessions to get the desired result. If your surface area is big, then the amount will be also big. Although the number of sessions, it is very important how many sessions you are going to take. You have to concern also about Time, location, doctor and budget. It is a good idea to set a budget plan, either you have to change your mind. Don’t expect that you will get a result with one seating.

The price of microneedling treatments is dependent on many factors. The cost of microneedling varies on some issues. You need to consider the following issues before starting the process:

  • Time of Treatment
  • Location
  • Where you are going
  • How many follow up you should take
  • Your budget

Cost of Products

The cost of microneedling varies by location, professionals, overall surface area. You cannot deny the cost of using in a session of microneedling. If you take topical serum you need a budget of $240 per session. For radiofrequency, it will be more expensive. In some cases, doctor will use PRP injections then the cost around $750 per session. The total expected cost between $600 and $4,200 per session.

Cost-effective Method

  • If anyone wants to do it at a low cost then the home session will be the best way. Without assistance and medical help, you can do it at home. In this method, you can use some tools like derma roller. It costs $15 to $150, depends on brand and quality.
  • Many facilities or offers you can get like a doctor will give some discounts, membership enrollment, you can also purchase a package from the clinic.

Result of Microneedling

Microneedling is not like plastic surgery. The recovery time is very little. A few reactions you can notice like irritation and redness but it doesn’t exist longer. You will see the result in a couple of weeks; the result may vary depending on your skin tone, age, sensitivity, etc. By making new collagen the skin will be healthier and youthful. Your skin will appear firmer and smoother. The process is not unbearable, but sometimes uncomfortable. Microneedling can improve texture, fine lines, pores, acne, and acne scars by using thousands of needles to generate collagen.

Usually, multiple sessions required to get the desired goal. Expert says it takes three to six weeks to get your best result. After the final treatment, you will see significant improvements. This simple procedure gives results for skin tightening, skin lifting, shrinking of pores and overall rejuvenation. Maintenance treatments may be necessary to keep the progress. The face will be pinkish which persists for 24 hours. The thing is Miicroneedling treatment is safe, inexpensive, long-lasting, minimum healing time, comfortable and quick.

If you have sensitive skin and any serious infection then this process is not appropriate for you. For the production of collagen, microneedling helps to rejuvenate skin. You will feel glowing and looking fresh and also enhancing the texture, acne scars.

Is Microneedling is Safe

Microneedling has become a popular procedure among both men and women. It really doesn’t hurt. It’s safe and effective, but it’s not recommended for people who have a high infection, pregnant women, and severe skin disease. Microneedling is safe for all colors of skin and all types of skin.

There is very little chance to get infected if you have acne or sensitive skin then a heavy chance to come infection early. It is the best way to consult with your professional; he/she will check your major issues like skin infection or pigmentation. He will minimize the risk. The good thing is there is no long time side effect for this process. You will feel irritated for a short time. People say it is a totally safe and effective procedure.

Microneedling Treatment Procedure

When you will start your session must need to consult with a dermatologist. Doctor will check your previous history, if you have serious skin disease or any complication which can conflict with the treatment then he will make a decision you are allowed to take the treatment or not.

Before starting your process you need to take some pretreatment procedure. Professional will make a decision, he will make a plan for you and discuss with you how many sessions you are taking. The procedure starts with bunches of needles, those will be used for making a tiny hole on your skin; the doctor will use those pen tool across your area. Before needling, he will apply a topical numbing cream to make the procedure comfortable. Usually, it takes around 20-30 minutes. In this procedure, microneedling breaks down old tissue and generate new collagen. You will get a glow also using the corrective serum.

Another popular microneedling device, known as a derma roller, used in this process. It is also a cost-effective and easy process. The most common treatment areas are face, neck, chest, hand and sometimes in the body. Until you get the desired result you have to complete your session.

After Microneedling

Your skin will become more sensitive after treatment. Maintenance after treatments can effective to keep skin and you will get the best version of your skin. Many of us feel scary they think the glowing skin will not reaming too long, and skin will fade within a few days. But it is totally wrong, if you maintain post-treatment and complete your session according to the plan then nothing bad will happen. But you have to strict with some issues like sunlight which will give the worst feedback to you. You have to avoid sunlight for a few days and need to use sunscreen, direct sun exposure will be spoiled your skin.

You are not allowed to swim for 72 hours. You are not allowed for a workout or any kind of exercise for 72 hours. When you touch your treated are then make sure your hand is clean if not then high chance gets infection. You have to take proper cleaning routine must use gentle cleanser and Moisturizer but you are not allowed to use any products for 48 hours. The very first step will be using a gentle cleanser and applying moisturizer, then the most crucial part using the serum.

Makeup should be avoided for 24 hours must. There are so many serums after treatment, you have to choose any of them and continue properly. Need extra care for your skin after treatment; it plays a vital role to grow collagen. You are not allowed to use Clarisonic.

Microneedling At Home

The price is high and out of reach for many people who want to take microneedling services professionally. You need to take multiple sessions and also the follow-up session. You can try this procedure at home and it will be cost-effective for you. You can use a derma roller with needles. If you decide to take this service at home then you have to know the details of microneedling. That time safety will be your number one concern. You can do it with a roller device, named derma roller.

The total process is quite simple; just move the tool across your skin. You can use any serum for the right correction. Serum is very powerful to prevent the aging process. It will also give you a youthful glow. Moisturizers and serums are very important if the session is taking at home. Make sure the quality of those products and clean your needles after using them.

At-home devices are difficult to clean, but cleaning devices properly give you safety either there is a higher risk of infection. Expert says Microneedling works well if you do it at home properly. Many people already set this process as a nigh routine.

Benefits of Microneedling

Collagen starts degrade naturally after the age of thirty. Collagen is an essential protein it helps the skin for looking youthful. The main purpose of treatment is generating new collagen. It helps to generate new collagen, so that collagen prevents signs of aging and Stretch Marks, you look younger. The biggest benefit of micro-needling is it enhances skin texture.

Microneedling Before and After

It also gave a good vibe to darker skin. It helps to rejuvenate the skin. For acne, it reduces scarring and you notice a vast improvement in the appearance. It reduces oil production so that bleak heads and whiteheads don’t come to skin. It works for exfoliated skin. Nowadays skin doctors are suggesting microneedling for hyper-pigmentation. Who have fine lines, sun-damage, large pores, dull skin complexions; this procedure is truly more effective for them.

It is less expensive than any other laser and light treatments. The professionals acknowledge it works such magic for acne scarring. Medical science says benefits are endless. The procedure has no strong and long-term side effects. Some short term side effects happen but not major. For stimulating natural elastin you will get younger skin. There are great things that no downtime for this treatment.

After and Before Microneedling


  • Doctor will recommend the proper way, you may have to stop any medication to start the procedure.
  • You have to stop using products.
  • Topical anesthetic cream is applied to be comfortable.
  • Do not use Retinol for 3-5 days before the treatment.
  • The process is not recommended for the pregnant woman.
  • Who are already in therapy like laser treatment, the surgical process also not allowed to take mcroneedling.
  • Avoid the laser procedure for two weeks prior.

For Day of Treatment

  • Must need to clean your skin.
  • Inform the doctor about your medical history.
  • Need enough time schedule.

Post- Treatment

  • Do not use exfoliation for the first 48 hours.
  • Try to completely avoid the sun, direct sunlight will spoil the treatment process.
  • If you want to apply any products then need a consultation with a professional.
  • Need to take special care during this time.
  • Must need to Use a gentle cleanser
  • No sunscreen for 12 hours following treatment.
  • No exercising for the first 24 hours
  • Applying sunscreen with SPF.
  • Should not use any Clarisonic brush or cloth.

How Does Microneedling Work?

Microneedling is a totally invasive cosmetic procedure, involved using multiple tiny needles. It is normal to decrease collagen by age. Collagen is the essential protein to keep skin healthier and younger. It works by encouraging new collagen to your skin. In this procedure, Microneedling breaks down old tissue and makes new collagen and elastin so that you will get youthful and fresh-looking skin. This new collagen repairs all of the damaged skin. You need a proper plan for this session.

The doctor will set proper plans for you, will use some tools across your skin. He will use a topical anesthetic so that you can feel any. It is not a quick fix for getting a good result you need multiple sessions. Sometimes it takes several months to finish. You will experience minor redness and irritation for few times.

Microneedling Side Effects

The most common side effect is that you will feel irritation for sometimes. You may see redness on your skin and feeling primary discomfort. Medical says that it has no strong side effects. There is no chance to bleed. It will be a risk who has a bleeding disorder. It may occur in deeper treatment.

The professional will advise you to minimize the risk. There is zero to minimal pain. A professional will ensure the needles are sterile so that there is no chance of infection. Patient accepts that the procedure is tolerable and easy to recover. A few allergic reactions occur that may itch in that case the doctor will give you the best suggestion. It is not suggested for pregnant. If you think about hygiene than it is better in the clinic than at home.

Best Products to Use in Microneedling

Hyaluronic acid: hyaluronic acid plays a vital role in microneedling process, especially to store water content. It is a hydrating ingredient, must need to apply post microneedling. It deeply hydrates without clogging the pore.
Serum: you should take collagen enhancing serum. If you use the right use of serum then your skin will thank you. It will protect and clear your skin. All we need to use a serum before, during and after microneedling process. It will be good for all types of skin.

  • PRP: Microneedling with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a cosmetic treatment that used during this procedure. In this case, result will be might different. It comes with lots of benefits. The expert thinks that PRP with microneedling is the most effective way for anti-aging.
  • Devices: There are so many microneedling devices.
  • Derma Roller: Derma roller is a popular device in microneedling treatment.

Best 5 Microneedling Roller

Derma roller can help the skin to produce collagen and elastin. It is quite simple to use, there are five microneedling rollers described below.

Derma Roller From Sdara Skincare

For glowing skin, it is best. This product is very popular nowadays for microneedling. The quality is highly affordable for people. You can buy it for only $30. In a professional microneedling session, the cost will be so high. According to the happy customer view, it is long-lasting and easy to use. No need to fear to use this product it is totally safe. You will get maximum quality and minimum discomfort. The process of this derma roller promotes a luminous, youthfully vibrant and healthy-looking complexion.

Derma Roller Cosmetic Needling Instrument For Face
  • Easy to use with the exact size of needles.
  • No pain when rolling over the skin.
  • It has a simple storehouse case with a disinfect basin.
  • The serum is of outstanding quality.
  • Easy to wash and sanitize.
  • Needles become tame after a few weeks of usage.

BeautyBio GloPRO MicroTip

The body of this product is wider it is allowed to use other parts of the body. It works to rejuvenate to the skin. You can use it in underarms and above the knee, buttocks, back of thighs. It is stainless steel with surgical quality. You can use separate parts for spot treatment. For a good result, you have to use it at least three times a week. Using a day will be both night and day at a convenient time.

BeautyBio GloPRO MicroTip Attachment Heads
  • Having increased absorption capacity
  • Open pores and generate collagen and elastin.
  • Eliminates acne scars and fine lines.
  • Simple to use, safe and painless.
  • No result within a short time.

Derma Roller Microneedle 6-Piece Kit

This toolset includes titanium microneedles with 4 replaceable roller heads (1 attached + 3 additional). The roller head gives better hygiene by offering sanitized replaceable roller heads in each kit. It contains 4 replacement rollers heads. You are going get extra Microneedling facilitates exfoliation which can improve the skin of the appearance with the luminous look and smoother feel. It is Safe and professional quality treatment with convenience and comfort at home.

Derma Roller Microneedle 6 Piece Kit
  • Simple to use and having extra rollers.
  • The heads are rich in quality that enhances skin texture.
  • Having 600 titanium fine needles.
  • A nice handle and a depot case.
  • It can conveniently sterilize the roller.
  • It gets time to promote skin texture.

Microneedle Derma Roller with Protective Kit

The DLux Premium Stainless Steel Derma Roller for face is a safe and non-invasive beauty tool formed to make your skin look younger and fresher. Its sharp 0.25mm needles do not pass through the living layers of the skin, making this tool safe to benefit by beginners and experienced users. It is formed for home and personal use. Daily uses with your favorite Vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid or moisturizer, your skin will fresher glow and feel healthy. The DLux Stainless Steel Derma Roller also supports skin exfoliation and gives your skin a smoother look.

Microneedle Derma Roller with Protective Kit
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Quality serum offers less sensitivity and irritation.
  • Very useful to get rid of old stretch marks.
  • Easy to wash and sanitize.
  • The better result after long use.

BeautyBio GloPRO Microneedling Tool

For new users of the derma roller, then it will be best. You will love this set for features. You need to get started with 6kits for applying your surface area. It is designed for every type of skin. MicroTip needles are .3 mm. Price starts from $199. The rejuvenation process starts immediately by restoring volume. Your skin will appear pink. It is not painful and easy to use. The battery is installed for beginning use.

BeautyBio GloPRO Microneedling Tool
  • Having increased absorption capacity.
  • It can eliminate acne scars and fine lines.
  • Open pores and can engender collagen and elastin.
  • Simple to use, safe and painless.
  • Pricey

Final Verdict

There are thousands of treatments for anti-aging. Among those, microneedling is the most popular treatment. It is also known as collagen induction therapy. It works to speed up collagen and elastin. Microneedling is performing well in various countries. It is a comfortable procedure with low risk and minimal recovery. The cost of microneedling is the main factor in this treatment. It is is not a quick fix until your desired satisfaction level you have to take multiple microneedling session by a professional. If you chose a high skilled professional, then the cost will increase.

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