10 Best Men’s Duck Boots – Waterproof & Winter Boots

A little history on the duck boot states that the person who came up with the name duck’s boots was known as L.L Bean back in 1911. He is also the man who invented the boots in the early 1900s. As a result, you might come across some people when referring to the duck’s boots as bean boots. So, if you ever hear that word, do not wonder what the person is talking about. The shoe is a darling to most outdoor workers because they are not only hardy but also water-resistant. They have a unique design too since they have an upper leather section and a lower section, which is made from rubber. For different reasons, you should wear clothes that will protect you well from the elements. The duck boots are very effective in protecting your feet from an extreme cold caused by snow, especially during the winter.

Now that you know about the history of the boot, let us take a closer look at the top 10 duck boots in the market. You will also get to know about the advantages of the boots, factors to consider while selecting the best duck shoes and we shall also answer some questions that you might have about the shoes.

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Advantages Of Duck’s Boots

They are always in fashion

The duck boots have never gone out of fashion since the first pair was made in 1911. If anything, they have continued to grow in popularity. Thanks to their versatility, more people prefer to wear these shoes at work or as casual wear. The great thing with the shoes is that you will also look stylish, even during the winter.

Offers versatility

Another great advantage is that the boots are very versatile. It is possible to wear the shoe with a khaki, jeans, denim, or even shorts and still look stunning. Additionally, you do not have to worry about your large or small feet- the boots come in various sizes.

Protects your feet completely

The main purpose of any shoe is to protect your feet. Any worth its salt should offer maximum protection to your feet. On this front, the duck boots score very highly since they protect your feet from snow, rain, mud, and ice. Thus, when you are wearing these boots, you can step out in confidence no matter the terrain.

Thanks to the rubber material which constitutes the lower part of the boots, your feet cannot get wet since the boots are waterproof. They also offer a great grip which means you can walk on slippery ground without the fear of falling on your face.


Another great advantage of the boots is durability. The shoe is made from leather and rubber- a combination which makes the shoe to be very durable. It does not matter if you use the boots day in day out, the boots will serve you well for a very long time.

10 Best Men’s Duck Boots

1. Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Avenue Duck Boot Chukka Boot

The first duck boot on our review is the Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Avenue Duck Boot Chukka Boot. The pump is perfect if you plan on going anywhere during the winter. It’s perfect for rain and snow. To make sure that your feet remain as dry as possible, the shoes are made from water-resistant leather. The leather is also stain-resistant which means that water and stains will not damage it. The result- the shoe lasts long. They are also very easy to clean as all you need is a wipe off.

Sperry Top-Sider Men's Avenue Duck Boot Chukka Boot

To make sure that not even a drop of water permeates, the shoe is seam-sealed which further ensures that your feet stay dry and warm even in wet conditions. Since the boots are to be worn mostly during the winter, warmth is of utmost importance. To ensure that you are as warm as possible, the boots have an insulated thermal lining which adds to the warmth of the boots.

To make sure that you do not fall on your feet on wet and slippery surfaces, the pumps have outer soles that offer great traction. The runner heel and the outsole patterns offer a very firm grip.

To add comfort, the boot has a 7inch shaft which provides great ankle support. The shaft also makes the shoe very stable which is exactly what you need especially when walking on snow or mud. The boots also have memory foam inner soles which provide the required cushioning.

To make sure that you can wear the waders with a number of outfits, the Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Avenue Duck Boot Chukka Boot comes in a variety of color combinations. You can choose the black/amaretto or the tan/brown combination. They also come in a wide variety of sizes from US size to US number 18.

  • Lightweight
  • They have thermal linings which makes sure your feet remain warm
  • They have a wide range of sizes
  • Extremely comfortable
  • The boots are water proof
  • They are aesthetically appealing
  • They are not as wide
  • They have limited surface contact area with the ground

2. LaCrosse Men’s Uplander II 10-Inch Snow Boot

Many people know more about LaCross sport. What they might not realize is that it is also the name of a Footwear Company which makes high-quality premium footwear. The company is not new to the boot industry has started to make boots in the late 19th century!

LaCrosse Men's Uplander II 10-Inch Snow Boot

Due to this immense experience, it is safe to say that the company has a vast wealth of experience and knowledge regarding boot making. To prove this notion, the company manufactures a high-quality duck book aptly known as the Uplander. The shoe encompasses the company’s structural integrity and design.

The Uplander Is made of 100% leather shaft. The shaft is 10inches tall which offers protection against snow and water. It has a loop that makes it very easy to wear the boot. It comes with a rubber sole which is very robust to offer great traction. The boot is also waterproof thus you do not have to worry about getting your feet wet as you wade through the ice or mud.

  • It is a high-quality shoe which will last long
  • Offers great traction
  • Has a 10 inch all leather shaft
  • It has a looped heel to help in the wearing of the shoe
  • The long shaft might be a put off to some people

3. SOREL – Men’s Cheyanne II Waterproof Insulated Winter Boot

You should choose the best duck boot that you can depend upon to give you unmatched service especially during the winter. It is the SOREL – Men’s Cheyanne II Waterproof Insulated Winter Boot. As the boot is rightly named, it is insulated which means that it offers extra warmth even when you step outside when it is snowing or when there are light showers. Its shaft is made of leather which not only adds to the comfort of the boot, also adds to its warmth. To ensure that the pump remains positioned well in your foot, it has laces which are designed in a way which adds the aesthetic appeal of the shoe.

SOREL - Men's Cheyanne II Waterproof Insulated Winter Boot

The rubber outer soles are another great characteristic that sets the shoe apart. They have a great tread pattern which adds to the traction of the boots. The great traction means that you can walk on slippery ground with confidence. To add more comfort and warmth, the SOREL – Men’s Cheyanne II Waterproof Insulated Winter Boot has a removable soft inner sole. The sole also serves as a shock absorber to protect your feet especially when you walk on uneven terrain. To ensure that your feet remain as dry and as warm as possible, the boot has a seal seam. Thanks to the seal seam and the waterproofing properties and the insulation of the SOREL, you can step out in confidence.

  • Has an insulation material to keep you warm
  • Uses seal seam and is also waterproof which keeps your feet dry and comfortable
  • It is long lasting
  • It is authentically appealing
  • Has laces which ensures the boot stays into place
  • At times the stated sizes do not fit properly

4. ArcticShield Men’s Waterproof Insulated Durable Outdoor Work Rain Winter Snow Duck Bean Boots

The other great brand when it comes to duck boots is the ArcticShield Men’s Waterproof Insulated Durable Outdoor Work Rain Winter Snow Duck Bean Boots. To make sure that you do not trip and fall, the boot has an outer sole with very rugged patterns which ensure that the boot offers excellent traction.

ArcticShield Men’s Waterproof Insulated Durable Outdoor Work Rain Winter Snow Duck Bean Boots

For extra comfort, the ArcticShield Men’s Waterproof Insulated Durable Outdoor Work Rain Winter Snow Duck Bean Boots have an EVA insole which cushions your feet even when you walk on uneven ground. Additionally, the insole is removable. To help you get into the boots as easily and as first as possible, they have a zipper which makes wearing the shoe a breeze. Even with the zipper, the shoe is still waterproof.

To ensure that the boots remain warm even in harsh winter, the manufacturers have used RE-tain technology which is a multi-layer barrier. The barrier prevents the body heat from escaping by trapping it inside the boots. This ensures that you remain warm throughout. Although the shoe is warm, it is not all stuffy since it is breathable thanks to the extra room at the toe, allowing for air circulation.

  • Lightweight
  • They allow for air flow
  • They are very warm
  • Fit perfectly
  • The stated sizes might not fit some people.

5. LaCrosse Men’s Iceman 10″ Outdoor Boot

The shoe is rightly known as the Iceman because it provides excellent insulation even in very harsh climatic conditions. It is made with very modern technology which provides double insulation thus keeping you very warm. Its lower part is made from high-quality rubber which is also waterproof. The waterproof quality means that the shoe will not permeate any water thus ensuring that you remain warm and dry even when you walk on ice or in light showers.

LaCrosse Men's Iceman 10" Outdoor Boot

Despite these amazing features, the boot is extremely lightweight, weighing only 6.2 lbs. the lightweight makes the Iceman the ideal boot to step out during summer or while working in a muddy environment. Additionally, the treads on the outer sole of the boot are well crafted, which gives the shoe great traction.

  • Very lightweight
  • Extremely durable
  • Will keep you warm even in low temperatures
  • Offers great traction especially on ice
  • They are easy to clean
  • The long shaft offers more protection
  • Some people find it difficult o put the shoes on

6. Iron Age Men’s Ia9650 Compound Industrial and Construction Shoe

Another great duck boot is the Iron Age Men’s Ia9650 Compound Industrial and Construction Shoe. The boot is a combination of rubber in the lower parts and leather on the upper part. This combination makes the shoe extremely durable, and it can withstand various weather conditions and for a long time also. Therefore, when you get this shoe, you will not have to worry about going back to the shops any time soon.

Iron Age Men's Ia9650 Compound Industrial and Construction Shoe

To make sure that you can step outside with confidence, the shoe is waterproof, both the rubber and leather parts. It also has seam-seal technology which means that water will not permeate into the shoe. To ensure that your feet stay dry and comfortable, the shoe has a nylon mesh lining. This nylon mesh lining traps the warm air and prevents it from escaping.

To make sure that you are as comfortable as possible at your workplace, the boot has an EVA Cushion insole. The insole is extremely comfortable and acts as a shock absorber so that your feet remain unperturbed as you walk on uneven surfaces. To protect your feet, the shoe has a steel toe which means you do not have to worry even if you knock your toe on any object as you walk or in your workplace.

  • It is made with a combination of rubber and leather
  • Has a rubber sole which offers great traction
  • It is waterproof
  • Has a nylon mesh lining which keeps the feet warm
  • Has a steel toe
  • Offers great traction thanks to its Sure Grip Rubber Outsole.
  • They are on the heavier side

7. Propet Men’s Blizzard Mid Zip Boot

The Propet Men’s Blizzard Mid Zip Boot is another excellent choice when it comes to duck boots. The boot has a 7-inch shaft which not only adds to the shoe’s warmth, but also offers excellent support. Its upper leather is waterproof which means that the shoe can withstand very harsh climatic conditions.

Propet Men's Blizzard Mid Zip Boot

Wearing boots especially those with a long shaft, can be a tricky and lengthy affair. However, this is not a problem that you will face with Propet duck boots since they have a zip. The mid zipper makes it extremely easy to wear and remove the boot. Also, do not fret about the zipper thinking that it will as it does in no way allow water to get into the boot.

To make sure that your feet remain warm as possible, even in freezing conditions, the booth has thin insulation. The insulation is extremely lightweight and does not allow water to permeate into the shoe. The insulation also traps the warm air and keeps it inside. To add comfort and warmth, the shoe has an insole that uses foils backing to insulate the feet.

  • Both water and stain resistant
  • Has a seven-foot shaft
  • Very warm
  • It is lightweight
  • Has a zipper for easier wearing and removing of the boots
  • Has a heat retaining insole
  • They are narrow therefore not appropriate for people with wide feet.

8. London Fog Mens Ashford Waterproof and Insulated Duck Boot

You should not have to worry about snow when you step out with the London Fog Men’s Ashford Waterproof and Insulated Duck Boot because they have a 200gms thin insulate insulation, which will keep your feet warm. To make sure that your feet remain dry and warm, the shoe has an exterior which is also waterproof. Its upper part is made from water and stain-resistant leather. Its lower part is made from water-resistant rubber.

London Fog Mens Ashford Waterproof and Insulated Duck Boot

To ensure that you do not trip and fall, the boots have outer soles which offer great traction thanks to their unique treads. The color of the leather part is another feature which makes the shoes stand out. The black or brown color means that you can wear the shoes with different attires and still look stunning. To help you get into the shoe, they have a pull-up tab. A

Additionally, the shoe fits properly since it has laces which help it to fit securely into place.

  • They are well insulated
  • Offer great traction
  • They are aesthetically appealing
  • They are lightweight
  • Has laces which makes it snug properly
  • Not as durable

9. Kamik Men’s Yukon 5

Another great choice when it comes to duck boots for men is the Kamik Men’s Yukon 5. The pump is not only stylish but also very comfortable. You can rest assured of the quality of the boots since Kamik has been in operation since 1989. The Canadian shoemaker is known for its quality, and the Yukon 5 is not a disappointment by any means.

Kamik Men's Yukon 5

The boot is very versatile as it will protect you from the snow, cold and rain. To make sure that the shoe provides both comfort and protection, it has an 8-inch shaft. The shaft is not only waterproof; it is also insulated and extremely durable. Another outstanding feature of the Yukon 5 is its outstanding outsole which offers excellent traction.

To ensure that your feet remain dry, the shoe has a lining which licks the sweat away from your feet. The shoe also has a back pull which makes it very easy to wear the shoe.

  • Its outsoles offer great traction
  • Have a lining which leaks sweat from your feet
  • They are stylish
  • The shoe is extremely durable
  • Has a long shaft which provides protection and comfort
  • Do not have removable insoles

10.  Baffin Men’s Moose Rubber Boot

To conclude our review of the top 10 duck boos is the Baffin Men’s Moose Rubber Boot. The company has been in operation for more than two and a half decades where they have been making both insulated and un-insulated shoes.

Baffin Men's Moose Rubber Boot

To make sure that you are as comfortable as possible in cold temperatures, the Baffin Men’s Moose Rubber Boots combine a foam-based inner boot system and a leading molding technology which make the boot as comfortable as possible. As a result, o this combination, the shoe is not only comfortable but also fits better and warm.

The soles of the shoe also offer a tight grip, low weight warmth and adequate protection. They are also aesthetically appealing

  • Very comfortable
  • Offers great grip
  • They are very warm
  • Lightweight
  • Sizing might be an issue in some instances.

How To Choose Best Duck Boots

Before you settle on a duck boot, there are a few factors that you should consider. These factors will help you determine which boot will suit you well.


The normal material for duck boots is leather upper and rubber lower or bottom. In some cases, the shoe has a combination of upper leather and other material for the lower part to serve a certain purpose. For example, a combination of leather and nylon will make the shoes sturdier and also provide more warmth.

The leather can be combined with rubber to make the shoe more durable. When the leather is combined with a plastic lower part, the shoe becomes cheaper and is highly flexible.


Fit is also very important when choosing a duck boot. The size of the shoes must be able to accommodate the width and length of your feet. You must make sure that you do not very tight boots; otherwise, you will be uncomfortable, and you might even develop blisters as a result. Getting boots which are very loose is not also recommended since they will be uncomfortable. When going for a duck boot, choose one that is half a size bigger so as to accommodate the thick socks.


One of the greatest features of duck boats is their waterproof ability. However, to make sure that your feet remain dry and warm all through, go for boots with seam-seal technology.


The insulation of the duct shoe will determine how warm the shoe will keep your feet. There are various insulation materials all with differing insulation properties. Therefore, if you want foot that you will be wearing in very harsh conditions, go for one with the best insulation properties.


Climate is closely related to the insulation of the boot. As earlier stated, if you are working in places that experience very low temperatures, go for boots with a good insulation material. Boots with Thermopolis lining are good choice for a harsh climate.


You want to be as comfortable as possible when wearing your duck boots. As such, choose boots which offer comfort. The comfort of the shoes is determined by the insole. Boots with EVA insoles and insulted midsoles are the best option.


The outsoles are very important when it comes to duck shoes because they offer grip. Boots with thin treads will lose their traction pretty fast as the treads flatten. Therefore, go for boots with high quality rubber and toes with deep treads.


Heel height and shaft measurements determine the level of support the boot will offer. Boots with the appropriate heel height and shaft height will offer perfect support.


Just because they are boots, they should not look ugly. You should select aesthetically appealing boots which will complement your looks. You should realize that some boots come in more than one color or design which gives you more flexibility in your choice.


You do not want to go back to the stores every now and then for a pair of boots. Therefore, ensure that you get durable shoes that will serve you for a long period thus saving you trips to the stores and also cash.


The brand of the shoe is also an important consideration. Some brands have been in the market for a longtime and as such have established themselves as industry leaders. Therefore, go for a well-established brand as they usually have high quality shoes since they want to protect their name and reputation.

Your budget

You should not break the bank just to get a duck boot. If you do not have enough cash, buy the pair of boots you can afford. Alternatively, if you have a certain brand in mind, save up the cash to make the purchasing process easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are they called duck boots?

The name duck boots came about since the boots were worn mostly by duck hunters. They were waterproof and were ideal for keeping the feet warm and dry even as the hunter walked in ponds, sand and other water bodies while hunting ducks.

Who originally made duck boots?

The original maker of dick boots was called Leon wood Bean or L.L Bean in the early 1900s. According to history, he made the shoes after he came back home from, a hunting trip with his feet all wet and cold.

What kind of socks do you wear with duck boots?

Some duck boos are basically worn during the winter or rainy seasons; you should wear them with thick woolen socks which will help to keep your feet swarm. Apart from the warmth, the socks add to the comfort of the boots.

Are duck boots good for walking?

Yes, duck boots are excellent for walking specially on snow during the winter. Since the boots have rubber soles, they offer great traction which is important since it prevents you from slipping on the ice as you walk.

Can you wear duck boots when it’s not raining?

Yes, some of the duck boots are a fashion statement in themselves. You can therefore comfortably wear them in a social gathering or just to stroll around.

Final Recap

Duck boots allow you to step out in confidence during rainy and cold weather thanks to their warmth, comfort, and traction. If your feet get wet and cold, then your whole body becomes cold as a result since the body temperature drops. As a result, you might catch a fever or other more series ailments like pneumonia. As such, it is important to buy the right kind of duck boots.

There are a few factors that you should consider before settling for a boot. Upon the list is the comfort, grip and warmth the shoe offers. You should also select a boot that will last log and fits you well.

We are sure that you are now informed about duck boots and what you should look for while making a purchasing decision.

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