10 Best Women’s Duck Boots – Waterproof & Winter Boots

As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.” It is the dire need that led to the birth of duck boots, aka bean boots. A story is told of the renowned hunter, Mr. Leon Leonwood Bean, who came up with these shoes after a horrendous hunting trip. He was soaked and with freezing feet. Vowing never to suffer the same fate again, he extended his shoe rubber soles to cover the entire bottom reaching the ankle. He then sewed soft leather to cover the top part. Decades later, these shoes have remained relevant and become more common. Not only for outdoor activities but also as regular wear for downtown shopping, camping, and commuting.

Even though these shoes are very versatile and can adapt to different outfits, they are best for cold and wet climates. If you live or plan a visit to snowy regions, you better start shopping for the best women’s duck boots if you care about cold feet. They will help to keep your feet warm and dry in low winter temperatures. Whether for hiking, hunting, or camping, duck boots make a great addition to your packing list.

What Are Duck Boots Good For?

Duck boots are best for outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, biking, or even walking around. They help to keep the feet warm during extreme weather conditions such as rains and snow.

However, this doesn’t mean that they cannot be used for indoor activities. They blend well with different dress codes. Therefore, depending on what you do, you can opt for them to protect your feet.

10 Best Women’s Duck Boots

Having looked at the functionality and the capabilities of the duck boots, the hard part is choosing the best women boots. Many brands have been designed from that original Bean boot with more perfection and style. And because ladies love class and style, different tastes and standards have come up. In our top 10 best Women’s duck boots list, we endeavor to bring you tested and trustworthy brands and models. Purchasing any product from this list is a step towards freeing your feet from shackles of cold. Our favorites include;

1. SOREL – Women’s Caribou Waterproof Boot for Winter

The many features incorporated in this boot make it our number one choice.

Its best during winter as its sturdy design will help you weather the snow quickly.

SOREL - Women's Caribou Waterproof Boot for Winter

To start with, the shoe is 100% full-grain leather channelized with waterproof properties. This makes it highly effective and durable, capable of enduring extreme winter while protecting your feet.

The handcrafted rubber shell making the outsoles is capable of wicking away any form of liquid. Additionally, they have ingrained anti-slippery tread patterns to maintain your grip while on slippery ground. These boots have a 9mm washable and removable ThermoPlus lining to make them undisputable kings of the snow. This offers coziness and comfort even in as low as -400F temperatures.

The other features that add to this shoe’s trendy statement include the 9.5″ shaft, the faux fur, and the D-ring lacing style. These different colors add to the elegance and comfort, propelling them every woman’s envy.

  • It is made of waterproof leather that boosts its durability
  • The ThermoPlus lining help to add warmth and comfort
  • The ingrained tread pattern provides a massive grip against slipping
  • Best for rainy and cold winters
  • Doesn’t cover a wide range of foot widths
  • They are heavy and clunky

2. Sperry Women’s Saltwater Boots

The exterior materials are synthetic rubber and leather. Topped up with waterproof properties, this is a good choice during heavy rains. Its complete rubber outsole provides warmth and dryness. It also has tread patterns to offer a firm grip and keep away liquid elements.

Sperry Women's Saltwater Boots

Sperry Women’s Saltwater Boots are also available in various sizes. They can fit a wide variety of users. For people who are very mindful of colors, this Sperry shoe has it all. It comes in different contrasting monochromatic colors such as Black/gray, ivory/blush, black, green, etc.

To ensure easy and secure fitting, they have aside zipper closure. This is one of its strong points.

These waterproof duck boots also can keep your feet warm with the microfleece lining. However, it may not perform well under very low temperatures – The warming effect is only up to a certain extent. The insoles are also cushioned for maximum support and comfort. Talking of support, it has a 1-inch heel, which is the main support feature. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about sliding. The heel plus the shaft do an excellent job of keeping the user afloat.

  • It has a micro fleece lining for warming and comfort purposes
  • It is available in different sizes
  • Has a wide variety of unique colors
  • The 1″ heel and the shaft offer a massive grip.
  • Not very durable
  • Cannot provide warmth under extreme cold

3. POLAR Women’s Hiking Duck Winter Boots

For mild winter conditions, these affordable boots can help you sail through easily. Their faux fur lined interior provides comfort and warmth. The calendared rubber soles increase the grip preventing slipping while on wet grounds. Most users hail these boots’ sturdiness, preferring them for winter sports such as ice fishing and snowshoeing.

POLAR Women’s Hiking Duck Winter Boots

The 3 eyelets make lacing easy. They are available in different shades giving you options to choose your taste. For their price, they are durable enough to last the cost. You can wear socks to ensure proper fitting. This can as well help you increase the warmth.

  • You can wear them with socks
  • Can keep your feet warm and dry in snow
  • They are durable
  • They come in a variety of shades
  • Fully waterproof
  • You can get wet or cold in extreme weather conditions
  • Their height is not comfortable for everyone

4. Kamik Women’s Snow Mid-Calf Boot

These are one of the most versatile duck boots you can rely on almost in all seasons and weather: be it cold, wet, or rainy. Made of nubuck leather and textile, they are of top quality. Also, coming in four different colors, you are at liberty to choose your favorite color. The sizes are also varied from US 5 to 9. These sizes plus the different widths, make it fit for almost any foot type.

Kamik Women's Snow Mid-Calf Boot

The textile part offers sufficient breathability for the shoe.

The 9.25″ shaft supports the arch and the ankle plus perfecting the waterproof quality. It is not at the expense of comfort, though. The shoe is exceedingly light and comfortable.

There is also a molded EVA insole that kills bacteria to provide odor-free conditions.

  • It is very durable
  • The EVA antibacterial insole offers that extra medical help
  • Highly waterproof to keep your feet warm and dry
  • No big sizes
  • Some people dislike its long size

5. Sorel – Women’s Out ‘N About Plus Duck Boot

Are you looking for class and comfort in your daily routines? Women are Out ‘N About offers precisely that. These shoes are specially designed not only for wearing in the rain but also as casual wear. However, they do not perform so well on snow.

Sorel - Women's Out ‘N About Plus Duck Boot

Since they are a full-grain leather and rubber product, these boots are exceptional when protecting your feet against cold and wetness. You can also choose from a wide variety of colors ranging from Alpine Tundra, collegiate Navy, etc. There is also a considerable range of sizes from US 5 to 15.

The boots outsoles are made of handcrafted vulcanized rubber, which is very effective in wet traction. These properties help to wade off any form of liquid from reaching the soles. Inside, it has an EVA insole to increase comfort and warmth.

The heel height measures 4/5 inches equal to its platform. This uniformity increases their stability when walking on different terrains. There’s also a slight rise on the toe to offer freedom of moving. Besides, it’s easy to wear a shoe with laces that you can tighten if you wish. The wool on the foot entrance offers that extra warmth to your feet.

  • EVA foot bed offers great comfort
  • The woolen upper part provides extra warmth to the feet
  • They are extremely stylish
  • They are lightweight
  • Very stable, thus, can walk on a variety of terrains.
  • Doesn’t have arch support
  • Not good on snow surfaces

6. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Mid-Calf Winter Snow Boots

These feature-rich amazing boots will keep your feet warm and cozy during cold weather. Their upper part is highly water-resistant with seam-sealed technology.

DREAM PAIRS Women's Mid-Calf Winter Snow Boots

A shaft measuring 7.5″ from the arch provides support, and you can go through different surfaces. They are also easy fitting and true to size with a wide upper circumference.

They are very effective when walking in snow due to their powerful treads. It also features EVA insoles to keep your feet both warm and comfortable. Its dual buckles are also adjustable to offer a desirable grip.

  • You can wear them with socks
  • Very cozy and effective in keeping you warm
  • They have a dual adjustable buckle
  • They are well insulated with EVA insole for perfect dryness
  • Very stylish
  • They are very expensive
  • They are not completely waterproof.

7. Skechers Women’s Pond-Lil Puddles-Mid Quilted Lace Up Duck Boot 

These boots are built with waterproof synthetic rubber soles and nylon fabric on their upper part. This is done to ensure absolute protection from cold and water penetration. Therefore, if you want duck boots to offer you that extra comfort at a lower budget, this is it. Its fabric part is also treated to ensure no bacterial infection that can lead to foul odor.

Skechers Women's Pond-Lil Puddles-Mid Quilted Lace Up Duck Boot

Even if they don’t possess that elegant look, these shoes are awesome. They will keep your feet dry and warm better than most high-end models. The shaft measurement is about ankle-high from the arch, and this makes them very stable.

  • Very effective in warming your feet
  • Simple and lightweight
  • It is also affordable
  • Their upper part is treated
  • Not entirely waterproof
  • It is not durable

8. Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Slip Winter Boot

The faux fur at the shoe collar and the lining give incredible comfort and warmth. These shoes are not only stylish but also efficient in their functioning. Besides being lightweight, they are waterproof to give you a reason to love them more. A seam-sealed membrane offers the waterproof property a boast.

Columbia Women's Ice Maiden II Slip Winter Boot

For purposes of excellent traction, these boots have a non-marking rubber outsole. Basically, this shoe is a combination of function and style. Look no further if you need a versatile and elegant shoe.

  • Uses seam-sealed membrane technology
  • It is lightweight
  • Very comfortable and stylish
  • They can be used on different terrains
  • Works perfectly even at extremely low temperatures
  • They are difficult to wear
  • Not available for large foot sized people

9. Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden Shorty Winter Boot, Waterproof Leather

This is a warm and waterproof winter gear. Being mid-height, you can virtually go anywhere under whatever environmental conditions. The boots have a foam midsole that provides extreme comfort. You can, therefore, don them for days without complaining. On the outside, the Omni-grip non-marking traction provides a massive grip to keep you grounded even on slippery surfaces.

Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden Shorty Winter Boot, Waterproof Leather

Just like their counterpart, these boots use the seam-sealed membrane technology for guaranteed waterproof. They have the comfort features that include soft faux fur collar, insulation, and reinforced lacing aglets. You can also reliably use them even on snow to and keep you safe and warm; their rating puts them at -25F/-32C for cold.

  • Completely waterproof
  • They are all-terrain duck boots
  • Work perfectly even under extreme cold weather
  • They are also comfortable
  • Have very powerful treads
  • They are too small sized
  • Too expensive

10. Skechers Women’s Hampshire Ridge-Mid Quilted Lace Up Duck Boot 

These duck boots are an epitome of comfort, warmth, and style. The upper part is a combination of a rubber shell, nylon fabric, and the synthetic waterproof materials. These ensure that your feet remain warm and dry during cold weather. However, they may not be too effective under shallow temperatures. The upper part features 3M Scotchgard to increase their durability.

Skechers Women's Hampshire Ridge-Mid Quilted Lace Up Duck Boot

Additionally, they have warm tech memory foam meant to offer day-long comfort. There are cushioned midsoles as well that increase the over comfort level.

For increased stability, these boots have ankle-high shaft from the arch. This offers excellent support to the ankle and prevents it from possible injuries. To ensure that the boots are easy to wear, they are 10.5 inches wide. You can also adjust this circumference depending on your foot size.

  • Very comfortable with the use of memory foam cushion
  • They come in various foot widths
  • The infused synthetic materials increase the waterproof property
  • They are durable
  • The traction treads flatten after some time
  • The low heels fall short in providing stability

How To Wear Duck Boots

Bean boots blend so well with different looks and styles. They are also very comfortable and adaptable to various environments. When you are shopping downtown or in the office on a rainy day, duck boots will look gorgeous. These shoes show their full capability when exposed to rough terrains and extreme weather conditions such as snow, wet and cold environments.

Basically, duck boots are a kind of casual wear. You can wear them with jeans and a sweater to depict that American heritage fashion. To enhance it, leave the top part somewhat open, and laces loosened up. However, this style is not applicable during cold weather or for the snowy environment.

They also work best with semi-formal dressing. For example, you can wear them with semi-formal skirts, pants, and sweaters. Such a combination would be classy, especially when attending a function.

How to Choose Best Duck Boots

With various brands and models of women’s duck boots in the market, choosing the best can be an uphill task. To help you with the shopping, we have compiled a comprehensive list of factors you should consider before deciding. These include;


The materials used in the manufacture of duck boots play a crucial role in their durability. Primarily, these shoes are made of leather and rubber. However, sometimes, the leather parts can be cloned with various fabrics to fit certain functionalities.

The pure leather boots are the best and last longer. However, they may not be very comfortable. Examples of materials that you can find mixed with leather include nylon, textile, and plastic. So, choose your shoe material well, depending on what exactly you need and your budget.


Make sure you choose a well-fitting shoe depending on your foot width and length. Improper shoe size will either lead to blisters or unnecessary bulkiness. Fitting is a matter of the level of comfort you’ll experience with your shoe.

If you are a fan of socks, it’s important also to consider their space. You can purchase bigger boots so that they’ll have that extra space for socks without being too tight.


The long boots offer additional protection and warmth to your leg. However,  this may be inconveniencing whenever making frequent rounds and turns on your daily routines. So, you’ll need to consider duck boots with proper height as per your intended use.


Even though all duck boots are waterproof, some are known to get porous at extreme conditions. That’s why it is crucial to ensure its indeed waterproof, especially when you’ll subject them to extremities. This way, you’ll be sure to keep your feet dry and warm throughout the day.


The climatic conditions under which your boots will be used should take center stage in your choice of the best shoe. Consider boots with ThermoPlus lining to keep your feet warm, especially in extreme weather.


Comfort is vital for any footwear. For absolute comfort, choose the duck boots with EVA insoles and insulated midsoles. These offer warmth to the feet even in low-temperature environs. You should also think of the arch support of your feet, which calls for understanding your exact foot size.


The fact that all outsoles are made of rubber calls for close assessment. You need to check on the quality of the rubber material used and the tread patterns. If you buy duck boots with poor quality outsoles, definitely their durability will be subject to doubt. Also, that could be an avenue to soak your feet on a wetland. Again, if the tread patterns are small, they’ll flatten with time. Thus, your shoes will lose grip.


The stability of your shoes is determined by the size of the heel and the shaft. You should ensure that the heels are not too high and easy to topple. This way, you’ll be able to walk on various surfaces, no matter the weather conditions.


No matter how quality your shoe is, the external design is of great essence. Starting with the color, ensure that your boots color best blend with your wardrobe and your taste. You can actually buy a low budget duck boots that will give you that executive look.

Therefore, pay close attention to the design and the overall look of the boots. Don’t just jump on to special features forgetting how you’ll look in them.


Duck boots are expensive, and you shouldn’t buy something that won’t last long. This makes the strength a worthy factor to consider. The vulcanized rubber boots are more enduring and, consequently, more durable. You can hold several trips on snow, wet and cold environments with your shoes remaining intact and effective.

Lacing system

You can find two lacing options with duck boots, which are both okay—the laces and the zippers, all of which seek to serve the same purpose. You can choose any depending on which one you are comfortable with. Other models actually come with both zipper and laces.


From that first LL Bean brand, many others have cropped up over the years. It’s important to choose the best brand based on features and efficiency. To understand various brands, you can read online reviews. These will offer you a vast glimpse of how their products work and their efficiency.

Always choose the brand with more positive reviews. That means the customers are satisfied with the functionality of the boots. Even though most people consider more established brands, there are new ones that also offer good deals. Therefore, it’s good to be open-minded when thinking of the brands to pick.

Your budget

Duck boots carry different price tags, and that’s why having a budget is crucial. This way, you’ll be able to pick your choice easily. More durable and comfortable boots cost more than their counterparts. Therefore, set a budget and select the best option with as many features as possible.

FAQ – Frequently Ask Questions

Why are they called duck boots?

Also known as Bean boots, these shoes are designed for wet and cold surfaces. About the duck bots tag, it was coined from the “duck hunting” exercise. Initially, Beans designed these boots with the idea of hunting in mind. Later, people would adopt them for their day to day use.

Who originally made duck boots?

Leon Leonwood Bean, the owner of L.L. Bean, is the inventor of duck boots. Therefore, his company was the first to make these shoes.

What kind of socks do you wear with duck boots?

The ankle and no-show socks are the best types of socks to wear with duck boots. They are more comfortable and versatile for different seasons.

Are duck boots good for walking?

It depends on the level of the walking ground. Duck boots are best when walking on a wet, cold, or snow ground. However, they may not be the best for a normal walk around in the home compounds. Also, the specific design of the shoe will determine its suitability.

Can you wear duck boots when it’s not raining?

Yes. Rainy conditions are not the only ones fit for duck boots. You can wear them during cold weather or when walking on an ice mountain.

Can you Wear Duck Boots with Formal Dress?

Many duck boot critics argue that it’s not to wear them with an official dress. Even though it so much right, you can pull a surprising look with them in certain circumstances. For example, duck boots can serve you so well, like when commuting to work.

The other convenient occasions when duck boots and official wear can serve well are for construction officers. If your work is in the office and occasional site visits, you may need to change to more protective and safe duck boots when going out. This means you can keep them as spare shoes for that moment when you would like to go out.

Final Recap

Duck boots are a good addition to your cold-weather gear. If you haven’t bought one yet, we’ve done a detailed analysis of various models. It will ease your selection work if you follow it properly.

Don’t wait until you catch a fever or cold due to cold feet experience. Even though they came more than a hundred years ago, these boots have remained relevant and popular. It means their efficiency in eliminating cold and boasting warmth is unquestionable.

If you are going for a camp or just about winter, remember to give your feet a decent time. Get yourself the best duck boot, and you won’t have to keep next to the foot warmers now and then.