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TimTam makes professional-grade therapy aid products for professional athletes, trainers, and therapists. Their patent-pending equipment and attachments will add another layer to your fitness regime or unlock the holistic benefits of massage therapy. Athletes push barriers with their training and their bodies. Whereas we will perceive the advantages of massage, the standard hand methods aren’t as effective as of today’s technology. TimTam massager has created trendy, powerful tools to help with all areas of recovery.

TimTam PowerMassager Pro

The TimTam Power Massager professional is that the top of the line Power massager that breakthrough in modern recovery. It’s a lot of power than our v1 and v1.5 massagers, quieter operation, and longer life battery. Also, several new options to assist offer you the simplest results possible. Key options embrace Ultra-quiet; 10 DB operation at its lowest speed 5 pre-programmed settings tailored to a range of our most well-liked uses; as well as a warm Up, Recovery, Neck specifically designed to combat pain in these areas. 3-speed settings; 1000, 2000, and 2800 strokes per minute muscle temperature sensing element to determine the optimum muscle temperature for performance.

TimTam Handheld Percussion Deep Tissue Power Massager Pro
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TimTam Power-Massager Features

Designed in consultation with leading physiotherapists, coaches, and skilled athletes, by the exploitation of the PowerMassager professional, you can:

  • 3 Deep Tissue Speed: Featuring 3-speed choices; (1000/2,000/2,800 strokes per minute), the pro is ideal for everything from a lightweight tune-up to a deep tissue massage.
  • 4 Additional Programs: Programs embrace tune-up, Recovery, Neck, and Lumbar, all designed for quick and effective recovery.
  • Automatic Heated Tips: The Pro comes with a heated tip, which will automatically heat up to 99.5°F for best massage temperatures.
  • 175-Degree Articulation: The Pro articulates a full 175 degrees, creating those arduous to succeed in spots easy to massage.
  • One-Touch Trigger: Using the electronic one-touch trigger, the professional delivers a deeper and more practical massage than the other device.

As the world’s 1st sensible massage designed to assist in soothing and recovery of aching muscles that that includes unbelievable options; like onboard heat, a muscle temperature sensing element, super quiet application, and a one-touch trigger.

TimTam Power-Massager Pro Accessories

  • Vibrating Ball Tip: The newest accessory on the power massager professional is that the enclosed moving ball tip. Modeled after and designed to supply a similar advantage because the Polish light-weight, the moving ball tip adds a new dimension of powerful vibration to your message. These vibrations facilitate relieving aching muscles, stimulate blood flow, and reach deep into your muscles. Activate the power massager pro with the one-touch electronic trigger, and go to town on muscles with the advantages of percussive massage and vibrations all directly.
  • Onboard Heated Tip: As the sensible feature that helps you stop injury, onboard heated tip and temperature sensing element make modern recovery doable. Not solely will the heated tip heat automatically supply soothing heat to tired and aching muscles; from that, you’ll need to succeed in 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit to succeed in optimum recovery.
  • Cold Tip: As an excellent complement to your heated tip, the cold tip is that the attachment is designed to assist numb sore and aching muscles. Suggested 24-hours or more post-workout, the cold tip helps cut back inflammation whereas increasing blood flow to muscle groups with microtrauma in would like of repair. The cold tip provides cool, refreshing pressure to your muscles that facilitate soothe the burn once an extended workout. Experience up to 2800 strokes per minute (depending on your mode of choice) that deliver a cooling sensation to your aching muscles for customized pain relief like never before.
  • Trigger Point Tip: You can realize a myofascial pressure point whereas exploiting the pro by skimming over muscle groups with light-weight, even pressure on all-time low-frequency mode. After you hit a knot – very similar to you’d once massaging by hand – you’ll feel a small amount of payoff or pressure. That’s wherever the knot is and precisely wherever the trigger point tip comes in handy. The trigger point tip, conically formed and created with aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum, permits a definite message to targeted trigger points. This exactitude produces myofascial release, relieving pain, and soreness associated with knots in your muscles.
  • Warm-up Tip : The Pro is nice for try your Warm-up with a new Warm-up mode, and also the Warm-up tip makes that even easier than before. The Warm-up Tip is ideal for providing a firm, effective massage to muscle groups before an exercise to get the blood flowing and muscles heat and activated for performance.

Recovery Blade : They design the recovery blade to create the foremost out of the ability and a stroke length of the pro on massive and targeted muscle groups with machined aluminum and a beveled edge for effective, snug application on all four application sides. simply screw the recovery blade onto your pro with a nut, washer, and wrench for the final word soothing and stretching massage.

Where to Use TimTam Power-Massager Pro

When exploiting the pro for recovery, it’s vital to understand the precise locations that the pro will facilitate. attempt these four locations for optimum performance:

  • Myofascial trigger points, additionally referred to as knots, are tough areas below the skin caused by either repetitive motion or a sedentary lifestyle that may cause serious pain and discomfort. The pro will facilitate break down these knots and lead to relief.
  • Aching muscles once an exercise may end up from DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness. It will apply the proto those aching muscle groups to hurry up your recovery and gain you back to training sooner.
  • Muscle groups that require a warmup are commonplace to use the pro as an approach to recovery employed by athletes who exert heavily on specific muscles – like runners or pitchers – and wish to prevent injury caused by powerful repetitive motion.
  • Achey and stiff muscle may result from tight connective tissue and fascia. facilitate relaxation of these tissues with a massage from the pro; Therefore, connective tissue can be restored to its elastic, free-moving state.

The All-New Power Massager

The All-New Power massager is intended to be our quietest, most powerful massager yet. Reaching 2500 strokes per minute and 20% quieter than before, you may get the foremost out of your recovery with the All-New. in addition, the All-New is provided with a one-touch trigger and anti-microbial plastics for an easier, a lot of healthful recovery than ever before.

The All-New Power Massager
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They design our Power Massagers with compatibility in mind. This implies that replacement batteries – whether you have a v1.5, All-New, or pro – can work between all models. All the guidelines compatible along with your v1.5 are compatible along with your All-New that adds value and longevity to every product you get from TimTam.

All-New Power Massager Feature

  • The new battery has 2X the capability of the first.
  • Its quieter than its predecessor; it clocks in at 25dB. You instantly hear the distinction.
  • One-click and you’re prepared for recovery, making those hard to succeed in areas a bit easier to get to.
  • The PowerMassager™ boasts anti-microbial plastics preventing germs and cross-contamination between patients.

TimTam Power Massager V1.5 Deep Tissue Massage Gun

TimTam Power Massager V1.5 Deep Tissue Massage Gun
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This second-generation Sometime deep muscle massager offers superb power and a patent-pending threaded shaft that improves its sturdiness and overall performance. This heavy-duty percussion massager helps break down knots, increase blood flow, and release the hold on lactic acid. It’s additionally excellent for chronic pain.

This deep muscle stimulator’s effectively “heals” the affected area, serving to mitigate the pain messages that the area sends to the brain and changes however the body is experiencing that pressure and tension.

Fast & Effective Modern Recovery

  • Find a sore space and squeeze the trigger to let the ability massage do the work to instantly feel the results. Once you apply the holistic advantages of massage, you’ll be able to increase your range of motion and unlock new levels of performance more quickly.
  • The Power massager is compact and simple to require with you whenever you would like a bit of relief.
  • At simply 2.2lbs, cord-free and equipped a carrying case, the PowerMassager is ideal wherever you train.
  • Regular deep massage once it’s shown training to extend performance by 2-5%.

High-speed percussion reduces pain from inflamed muscles, permitting you to a figure harder than with static pressure.

Note : 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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