10 Best Waterproof Bed Sheet Reviews And Buying Guide

Bedwetting sheet works as protector When you have a child aged between two years to five years, and you need badly to protect your mattress from urine or other body fluids. Wet and dump bed makes a toxic sleep environment because it contains bacteria, mold, and other fungi. To reduce this problem, using a waterproof bed sheet is the most common way. Moreover, your bed won’t be wet and damaged by your baby’s urine or falling water when you will choose bed wetting sheets. Besides, these bedwetting sheets are not only for the child but also for adult people, especially for those who are suffering from a urinary infection, diabetes, and disability. These sheets are the most essential product for people who can not have the ability to use the washroom.

In the present day, waterproof bed sheets are common and easily be found, and they do the job to keep the mattress dry and safe. The materials of bedwetting sheets are mainly made from rubber or plastic, which are waterproof and safe from being damaged or getting affected by bacteria. Today we will discuss some waterproof bed sheets and you will be able to know how they can help to protect your mattress or bed.

10 BestWaterproof Bed Sheet

Elder people or babies who pee on the bed, for them bedwetting sheets are essential materials in the home. You will surely want to invest your money and effort in at best bed wetting sheets, that can ease your tension and protect your child or your elder people from getting wet. Here some of the best bed sheets reviews are given for helping you to choose.

1. Gorilla Grip Slip -Resistant Waterproof Bed Sheet

These comfortable bedwetting sheets provide you 4-layer of protection. They are made with soft cotton, smooth, leak-proof inner layers which can absorb up to 8-cup of liquid and protect your mattress from being damaged by wetting or changed frequently. It does not move and stay in its place. It also has a zipper closure, that makes your mattress dust-free. If you want to lock your mattress from dust, liquid, and others liquid then Gorilla Grip is always come first to you.

Gorilla Grip Slip -Resistant Leak Proof Mattress - Waterproof Bed Sheet

It is not only comfortable and cushiony but also good for your skin or health. Gorilla grip is tested for harmful chemicals. And get certified by lab test that they are free from any harmful chemical that is not good for your skin like, BPA, lead cadmium, alcohol. Whenever you buy from Gorilla grip, you can be assured that you are buying the best thing for your home.

these waterproof bed sheets are machine washable and you can wash them up to 300 wash, so you can be sure that you are investing in the right thing. It also provides a 10-year warranty and is also useable for hospital beds.

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Absorb 8-cup liquid
  • Long-last; 10-year warranty
  • Stays in place
  • Machine washable
  • Smell stays on
  • Bit expensive

2. Premium Quality Waterproof Bed Sheet by Nobles Health Care 

Nobles bedwetting sheets are all about comfort. They are made with 80% cotton and 20% polyester that made the bed sheets smooth, cushiony, comfortable, and non-slip. You need not worry about your child’s sleeping, it can give your child noiseless, comfortable, soothe, and deep sleep. The extra-long coverage can provide you to fix your bed perfectly, it does not move while you are moving in your sleep.

Premium Quality Bed Pad by Nobles Health Care - Waterproof Bed Sheet

The materials of the bedsheets are not harmful to your skin, it is free from BPA and lead, so, you won’t have any rashes on your skin, and can buy for your baby without any worry. The waterproof bedsheets give extra protection from any accident and leak. The ultra-soft layer ensures premium comfort. 

You can wash it in your machine and dry it at a lower heat many times, and reuse it for a longer period. it features a soft quilted top layer with nonslip technology and reduces bunching and slipping. 

  • Extra-long coverage
  • Comfortable materials; 80% cotton and 20% polyester
  • Not get any smell
  • Absorb 5-cup of liquid
  • Easily washable
  • Safe; BPA free
  • Bit expensive
  • Upper surface is quite rough

3. Saddle Style Absorbent Waterproof Bed Sheet by Dry Defender

Dry Defender is quite a well-known name for your bedwetting problems. if you want comfort and sound sleep for your child or adult parents you should go for Dry Defender. It becomes a great choice for you, and you will realize it after using it.

Saddle Style Absorbent Waterproof Bed Sheet

It is leak-proof and it can easily absorb 6-cup of liquid and make your mattress clean, wet-free, stain-free, dust-free. This waterproof sheet is made with plastic vinyl which can make it waterproof. It has an extra-large width that can fix it with your bed perfectly. So whenever you move during sleep it does not move, and your mattress will be safe from being wet. It is made from soft fabric, so you feel comfortable whenever you sleep on it.

It is easily washable in your machine up to 200-times and you can use it for a longer period, which can reduce your cost and help you economically. Extra-large coverage can give you protection from being wet as well as it does not shrink after washing it.

  • Extra width with extra wings
  • Affordable price
  • Absorb 6-cup of liquid
  • Easily placed
  • Long-lasting; 200-times wasahble
  • Comfortable; soft fabric
  • Not so much breathable
  • Some sizing issue

4. Premium Quality Waterproof Bed Sheet by Epica Store

Epica is one of the top brands among waterproof bedsheets companies. The high-quality waterproof barrier can protect your mattress from being damaged by getting wet or by any stain, or any stink. You can rely on Epica because they understand your problems and needs and they assure you of comfortable sleep at night.

Premium Quality Waterproof Bed Sheet by Epica Store

Its 3-layer protection can assure you a sound and deep sleep. It is made with polyester-backed vinyl, not plastic, that makes your sleep more noiseless and comfortable. Extra-long stings just stay in their place. You can use it for single and double beds, and it won’t shrink when you are moving in your sleep and even after washing the bedsheets, whereas others are shrinking easily.

This is made with heavyweight material that can absorb liquid well and hold it for a longer time. You can easily apply it to your bed and easily can remove it. And wash it many times, so you can use it many times and need not buy bedsheets frequently.

  • Durable and reusable
  • High-quality waterproof matarials
  • Reasonable price
  • Great in size
  • Absorb liquid well
  • Easy to apply
  • Return policy is not satisfied
  • Bit slippy

5. Goodnites Disposable Waterproof Bed Sheet

Goodnight has become a popular bedwetting sheet nowadays because of its higher absorbent power. They believe in your comforts. They assure you that you can invest in the right place. Its material and design make it quite different from other brands and reached the first position.

Goodnites Disposable Waterproof Bed Sheet

These pads are made with polypropylene, soft material that can give you comfortable sleep, and its micro pocket technology allow it to absorb a good amount of liquid and protect your mattress from being damaged by wetting or strain or stink. It is perfect for your queen size bed. An extra strip can fix it with your bed perfectly and it won’t move during your sleep.

It won’t make noise, and you won’t sweat while sleeping on these waterproof bedsheets, and it is also not harmful to your skin. You will get 36 sheets per packet, so you can easily use it for your twin-size bed. It is disposable and you can’t use it repeatedly but you can afford it at a lower price and don’t need to reuse one bedsheet for a long time.

  • Easy to place
  • Easily washable
  • Absorb liquid well
  • Eco friendly; comfortable
  • Reasonable price
  • 36 sheets per packet; twin-size bed
  • They do stay in place
  • Bit uncomfortable

6. Reusable Commercial Quality Ultra Waterproof Bed Sheet by Royal Heritage Home

Royal Heritage is relatively well known in both the online and offline marketplace. The manufacturer wants to make your sleep more comfortable with bedwetting sheets. This is a wonderful product and exactly what you need.

Reusable Commercial Quality Ultra Waterproof Bed Sheet  by Royal Heritage Home

These waterproof bedsheets can absorb and lock liquid well for a longer time. It can absorb up to 10-cup of liquid, which is more than an adult’s bladder. It provides your mattress and bed protection from being damaged by wetting. Its materials are certified by lab tests that it does not contain any harmful chemicals which can harm your health like lead, cadmium, mercury, and all phthalates. You can sleep peacefully.

You can find multi sizes of bed sheets so you can choose them freely. Its extra coverage gives protection to your mattress. These bedsheets are washable and you can wash it up to 300-times. You can also use bleach while washing these bedsheets and it does not harm its materials.

  • Easy to wash; 300-times washable
  • Easily placeable
  • Absorb 10-cup of liquid
  • Extra coverage
  • No harmful chemical
  • It holds stink
  • Makes you sweat

7. Priva High Quality Ultra Waterproof Bed Sheet

Priva waterproof sheets are made with 4-layer protection that can absorb up to 6-cups of any type of liquid, locked the liquid for a long time, and can dry your bed and mattress for a long period. It is also made with an inner layer that can create a barrier between your mattress and liquid.

Priva High Quality Ultra Waterproof Bed Sheet

The sheet is made with high-quality Canadian Vintex vinyl that gives you extra comfort and it does not harm your skin. The bedsheets have been tested and got certified from third party lab that it does not contain harmful chemicals like lead, cadmium, mercury, and all phthalates. The bedwetting sheet has a large width that covers your whole bed or mattress and it does not flip or move. You can easily lie on it and have a good sleep.

You can rely on Priva whenever it comes to bedwetting problems. you can easily wash it in a machine using bleaches and can reuse it even after 300-washes. It is very lightweight where other bedsheets are heavy.

  • Easy to wash
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easily placed
  • 6-cups of absortion
  • 4-layer protection
  • High-quality Canadian Vintex vinyl
  • Too much thin
  • Hold stink

8. SafeRest Full Size Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Bed Sheet

SafeRest is known for its premium soft cotton terry fabric component, which allows you to make your sleep deep and comfortable. These soft cotton terry, noiseless, breathable bedsheets have the capacity to absorb liquid well and provide you dry and cool bed.

SafeRest Full Size Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Bed Sheet Protector

It is made for a large size bed, so it can fit every size of the bed and you can fit excess parts under your mattress and it won’t be move during your sleep. Waterproof, breathable, noiseless bedsheets give you protection against wetness, dust, allergy, Or Incontinence. You won’t feel that you have to change your mattress again and again. SafeRest got a certificate from Lab that it does not contain Vinyl, Phthalates, and PVC, which ensures you to use these bed sheets with no worries.

This is washable, and you can wash it at your machine with detergent which does not have any bleach. After washing bed sheets you have to dry them on lower heat. The washing method is also easy, and you can use it many times. It can provide you a 10-years warranty.

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easily placed
  • Easy to wash
  • Reasonable price
  • Soft cotton terry fabric component
  • So much thin
  • Makes you sweat

9. Linenspa Zippered Breathable Waterproof Bed Sheet

These particular bedwetting sheets are the most comfortable bedwetting sheets when you have to face the bedwetting problem from your child or parents who have suffered from incontinence or you have a pet at your home. These bedsheets have a zipper, that gives your mattress protection from dust, bed bugs that makes your mattress clean, polished, and fresh.

Linenspa Zippered Waterproof Bed Sheet Protector

The soft, breathable fabric gives you a more comfortable, sound sleep that can make your superior morning, and also the materials are safe for the child. The waterproof barrier protects your mattress from being damaged by wetness and its extra-large coverage keeps its place while you are sleeping and moving.

The breathable and waterproof barrier is effective on all 6 sides. These bedsheets are washable and you can reuse them. LinenSpa gives you a 10-years warranty. And you can also return your product and get back your money in 90-days if it can not fulfill your requirements.

  • 10-years warranty
  • Reasonable price
  • Large in size
  • Extra-large coverage
  • Breathable and waterproof
  • The layer hole is too big
  • Less durable

10. Waterproof Bed Sheet by TRU Lite Home

These bedwetting sheets can be your best company during you are a sufferer from incontinence or you have a child. It can keep your bed dry from bedwetting and as well as it can give your child or adult parents a restless, sound, comfortable sleep without any disturbance. Even you have a pet, you need not worry about wetting your beds or mattress.

Bed Wetting Sheet Protector  by TRU Lite Home

No more tension now, you wouldn’t find any stains and odors in the middle of the night. These bedwetting sheets are designed for single and double bed both. It is not so long but it stays in its place can have the capacity to absorb up to 8-cup of liquid to protect your bed from being wet.

The fabric of these bedsheets is anti-bacterial and so soft, so you can easily lie on it and can feel the comfort. It is noise-free, and it can’t make you sweat, so it is not harmful to your skin and you can afford a smooth sleep. It is washable and you can use it even after many washes.

  • Easy to wash
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Durable and breathable
  • Anti-bacterial soft materials
  • High capapcity of liquid
  • Small in size
  • Don’t stay in place

Key Features to Look Before Buying Waterproof Bed Sheet

Before buying bedwetting sheets you have to consider several things. There are many waterproof sheets are available that do not have good quality or those materials are not suited for your child’s skin or your skin, so it could be harmful to the users. Furthermore, you will surely want to invest in something that will feel great and will long last. Things that should be considered before buying bedwetting sheets are listed below. 

The material

If you are thinking to buy bedwetting sheets, you have to think about the materials they are made of. Basically, these waterproof bed sheets are made from high-quality plastic or rubber. Pick the materials that can easily be washed or cleaned after using bedwetting sheets. 


You have to consider the bed size. It is an important factor before buying bed sheets. You know that your bed is twin, single, or king in size but you don’t know the exact size of your bed, how long is it, what is the length or width of your bed. Even the thickness of your mattress should be measured. So at first, you have to measure your bed size before buying.

Machine washable

 It is not necessary for every person but a machine-washable bed sheet can help you to avoid hand washing. It can be easy for you. Machine-washable sheets are easily washed in the laundry with the right detergent. And you need not worry about washing and you can save your time avoiding hassle. 

Antibacterial properties

Before buying you have to check on the antibacterial properties of protective sheets you will use, it’s necessary. There are harmful bacteria that can make a shelter in your bed. For this, you have to pay more attention to all things that can restrain bacteria. As well as it is free from allergy, you have to give a thought about these things.

Free from Noises

 National Sleep Foundation emphasizes that people should use that type of bedding that is comfortable and doesn’t produce any type of noise that can interrupt their sound sleep. So you have to choose those bedwetting sheets that do not produce noise or sound at night.

Right store

 If you are an online buyer you have to think about many things like colors, styles, patterns, and prices. You can easily find out different bedsheets and buy the best one that fits your demands. But you have to find out the best and reputable sellers that manufacture and sell the best quality bedwetting sheets. So you have to consider and find the best quality bed sheets.

Return policy

 You won’t know whether you will feel comfortable or not get any problem before using the bedsheets. If any company or brand provides a return policy, it would be better for you. Some company, especially who sells through online pages provides the option of returning things for any specific reason. So before buying you should also consider these things.


 Rubber sheets are made of rubber, and rubber is good quality material. It does not damage easily after many years of use. You won’t need to replace your rubber bedsheets frequently even a year.

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What are Rubber Sheets for Bed Wetting?

Rubber sheets are used for protecting your mattress from being wet and bacteria. These are usually made from rubber and their primary purpose is to make the mattress or bed waterproof and comfortable. These are very helpful for bedwetting problems. If you have a child or a pet you are always worrying about bedwetting and you have to wash more clothes and bedsheets. It can make you tired and irritate you to wash so many clothes and bedsheets. In the case of elder people who are sick, they can also wet a bed or mattress. Rubber sheets are made of high-quality rubber materials and they are effective, inexpensive, and lightweight mattress protection. You will find vinyl covers, polyurethane covers, anchor band mattress pads, and more as rubber sheets. All of them are waterproof and durable. 

A rubber sheet for bedwetting can be the best solution against all types of bedwetting. They can protect your bed from any type of wetting, and you need not wash many clothes or bedsheets, which can make you irritate. You can easily clean your rubber sheets from the cleaner or machine, whenever it will be wet or dirty. If your bedsheets are not getting wet, your mattress can long-last, and you won’t find any stink also.

Rubber Sheet Alternatives for Bed Wetting

Yes, you can use rubber sheets as alternatives for bedwetting. Rubber sheets provide you with great help for bedwetting and solve your maximum problems. these can help you from protecting your mattress from water, oil, acids, and others liquid. Here are some of the reasons given why you have rubber bedsheets. 

Mattress barrier

Rubber sheets will create a barrier for any type of liquid. And protect your mattress from being wet and damaged by liquids. Liquids can’t be reached on your mattress, and you can clean it easily. Your mattress will be safe and dry. 

No more changing

You will get sound sleep because of these rubber bedsheets. If you use regular bedsheets, you have to change them in the middle of your sleep and put it also in the laundry. But if you use rubber bedsheets, you need not worry about changing the sheets and can have a good sleep.


If you concerned about your baby’s sleeping cycle, then a rubber sheet assures you about the baby’s comfort during sleeping. This product can deal with bedwetting. The soft waterproof rubber sheet makes it comfortable and allows one to get sleep properly. 

Waterproof Bed Sheet – What’s Safe And What to Avoid?

If you want to protect your bed or mattress from urine or being wet you need a waterproof mattress protector. In wet mattresses bacteria, fungi, insects can easily make shelter which can be a headache for you and your family.

The best solution for you is getting a waterproof mattress protector, these are mainly made from rubber or plastic. But all the plastic is not good for your comfort or health. In most mattresses, you will find these things; 1) Vinyl/PVC, 2) PEVA/EVA, and 3) Polyurethane.

Vinyl/PVC: Vinyl can be harmful to you in two ways: PVC is acknowledged as a human carcinogen. And the second way is the plasticizers, which are used to soothe the hard PVC for use. You know these are harmful to our health and can harm us in many ways but still, you use them. Phthalates may cause your health risk, they are linked to kidney and liver damage, cancer, asthma, early onset of puberty. In the US many of these are banned, but even though many manufacturers produce them bringing some differentiation but they are not good for your health.

PEVA/EVA: PEVA (Polyethylene vinyl acetate) or EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) are less harmful than PVC but you need to be aware before buying it. 

Polyurethane: It can be comparatively safe than PVC or PEVA or EVA. It will be formulated by adding chemicals. Though it will safe you should research it, if it’s off-gassing plastic, it would be better for you.

Some other things you should consider:

  • Got certificate for safety
  • Non-allergic
  • BPA and Latex free
  • Environment friendly
  • Machine washable
  • No chemical used that harmful
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Waterproof membrane in center

How to Use a Bed Pad?

A pad that is usually lied on your mattress provides a layer of comfort, especially when your mattress is uncomfortable or strung. For sound and comfortable sleep, you need a bed pad. These are usually made from plastic or polyurethane. When you buy the bed pad consider many things if it is safe for you or not, or is easily washable, non-slip.

Bed pads can be placed on the top of your sheets, directly under the user’s body. Secondly, you can use a bed pad under your sheets for fitting and extra protection. Your bed pad can move at night, in that case, you can use bed pads that have wings, or a fitting bed pad.

How Do You Wash A Bed Pad?

Like your bedsheets, you need to wash your bed pad also. Manufacturing companies are suggesting that you should wash your bed pad at least every two or three months. And always read the instruction on the care label. If you are not sure about how to clean the bed pad, you have to follow the care label, their instructions are given on how to wash your bed pads. Most of the bed pads can be washed in a machine with the right detergent, but if the machine washing is not mentioning then you should go for air dry. Moreover, there are some tips for washing your bed pads:

Cotton mattress pad

 Cotton mattress pads usually need to wash it every two or three months according to your uses. In general machine wash or cool wash are advised, if machine wash is not advised then go for air drying.

Vinyl-backed mattress pad

 For a vinyl-backed mattress pad, you have to consider some things, such as never using bleach on those pads. If machine dry is advised, dry on low heat, high heat can damage your bed pads. And if air dry is advised to hang the pads on the outside on a clothesline. Before putting on bed pads on the mattress be sure it is fully dry.

Foam mattress pad

The instruction should be followed from the label, foam mattress pad can be torn after washing in machines. For foam mattress pad spot cleaning is the best solution. Spot cleaning refers, laundering both sides of the pad by using enzyme-based cleaner or vinegar or lemon juice. To avoid strain you have to apply the vinegar or enzyme-based cleaner with some water for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then clean it with clothes. Make sure it will be dry before using it. 

Egg crate mattress topper

To wash the egg crate mattress you have to vacuum both sides of the pad. If machine wash is advised give it to the known laundry that can wash your pads carefully because it can be torn if it can not be washed carefully. If machine wash is not advised go for spot cleaning, and let it dry at a free surface where it can dry easily.

Down mattress pad

For machine wash, you are advised to use a front-loading washer, because they are made to handle this type of cleaning. Before washing your bed pad, you have to see each side of the pads if it’s wet or not. After washing it dry it on low heat.

Is A Bed Pad Safe To Use With Children?

A disposable or washable bed pad can be a solution for your children aged two years or older but for your baby but for less than two years baby it is not safe. You can protect your child from getting wet. And as well as they can give your child comfortable sleep if your mattress is not comfortable. But before buying these pads you have to consider some things. If it is safe for your children or not, if it is washable or not, or it should not be slippy or is it allergic. If it is slippy, your child can be slip on it and can befall from the bed. Before choosing the bed pads you should give thought to these things.


Bedwetting sheets are the best solution for protecting your bed or mattresses from being damaged. Child or adults or sick people, bed wetting sheets are needed for every person who can wet the bed. It’s normal to pee on the bed for children, and but for adults, it’s mandatory when they aren’t able to go to the toilet. And many of you getting problems with this, so you can use these waterproof bedsheets. Bedwetting sheets can long last your mattress and you won’t suffer from the bad smell as well. You need not worry about your child, or sick loved one’s health. Hope this research can help you find out the best bedwetting sheets for you.