10 Best Wax Warmer For Hair Removal – Home Waxing Kit

Whether you are a beautician or just like removing your body hair at home, waxing will give you the best results. Other than its cost efficiency, it leaves a long-lasting smoothening effect on the skin. That said, wax melting becomes a critical step and that’s where the need for a good wax warmer comes in. You’ll need a good electric wax warmer that will not only melt your wax faster but evenly at appropriate temperatures to avoid accidental burns.

The search can be hectic in an already flooded market. To get a good wax warmer, you’ll need to carefully consider the various brands and models weighing them against your budget. A good wax warmer should be safe to use, lightweight, and cost-effective. You don’t need a device that will completely freeze you financially after buying; whether you need it for commercial or personal use at home.

We have analyzed several wax warmers and compiled a list of the best models in the market today. We’ve also developed an elaborate purchase guide that will help you with your search for the best model. If you equip yourself fully with the information on this guide, you can be sure to get the best wax warmer that will guarantee you great success.

Are Wax Warmers Worthy?

Yes, wax warmers are worth every penny they cost. First of all because of the safety and convenience they offer. Compared to all other forms of wax melting, wax warmers are the safest. They have a lid and don’t use any flames that can lead to the fire break out like stoves or pans. Also, they have a plethora of safety features that ensure the safety f the users. These are not present on the other methods thus boosting their popularity in the beauty therapy market.

Another advantage of wax warmers is that they are eco-friendly. They don’t emit any soot that can have negative effects on users. Therefore, even people with respiratory complications like asthma and bronchitis can comfortably use them.

10 Best Wax Warmer

1. Yeelen Waxing Kit Wax Warmer

No better wax warmer could take this position considering the versatility of Yeelen waxing kit. With this kit, you can create your own customized salon at home. It comes with a user manual to make it easy even for complete beginners. Additionally, it has everything you need to start an instant waxing process at home. It features components for bikini, facial, arm waxing, and does so with high efficiency.

Yeelen Waxing Kit Wax Warmer

Talk of incredible features including adjustable heat settings. This composite kit has 75 wattage that you can adjust from 160F to 240. The circular heating part can be set to fast and even wax melting. You can also use it with up to four different types of wax beans to eliminate 98% of the hair on different body parts.

This kit delivers high results for up to six months of hairless smooth skin. If you are looking for a high-performance wax warmer, this is worth your investment. It is painless and doesn’t irritate the skin. Therefore, even people with soft irritable skins can use this kit without getting irritated. It is your go for kit for home beautician exercise. You can work on your skin at home without hurry or worrying about paying a dime.

  • It is versatile capable of melting four different types of wax beans
  • Comes with a user detailed user manual on how to use it
  • It doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Produces high results that lasts months
  • It comes with all components you need
  • Has heat regulating adjustment knobs
  • Doesn’t spread evenly
  • Works best for only face and armpits but not bigger body parts like legs and arms

2. Regalico Wax Warmer

Regalico wax warmer features hard wax from natural ingredients that are gentle to use. The wax is also non-irritant to the skin meaning even if you are allergic you can use it. If you get this wax warmer you can save on pre wax spray as it is not a requirement. Made of ABS heat resistant material, Regalico is very durable and can last for years.

Regalico Wax Warmer

The premium wax beans on this warmer also last longer and you can use it on any body part. You don’t have to keep spending your cash on new wax or salon. You can use and reuse the wax until it loses fragrance thus saving a lot.

The thermostat control knob is another important feature of this wax warmer. It allows you to regulate the unit temperature to your desired levels for the best results.

  • It’s a product of natural ingredients
  • Skin friendly with minimal discomfort
  • Comes with a wide range of user accessories
  • It is covered by a 90 days protection
  • Features a thermostat control knob
  • It is expensive
  • Produces some bad odor
  • May hurt to some extend

3. Paraffin Bath Ejiubas Quick Heating Paraffin Wax Warmer

If you have a dry skin problem, this wax warmer can be a good solution. It not only eliminates your hair but will also smoothen your skin. With an impressively compact design and colors, the manufacturers made it so adorable. For people with arthritis also, this unit helps to relieve pain on the feet and improve their mobility.

Paraffin Bath Ejiubas Quick Heating Paraffin Wax Warmer

It also provides a large space where you can dip in your elbows, hands, and feet and pool out. The temperature range of between 1400F to 1700F is good enough plus you can set them as per your needs. The high temperatures also allow you to melt the paraffin wax evenly and within a short time. The clear protective lid also offers an easy way to check on the heating process.

Another advantage of this unit is that it doesn’t require industrial chemicals to clean. Actually, an attempt to do so is a recipe to destroy it. All you need are natural solvents and a wiper. Warm it a little bit, then wipe off everything when you keep the unit switched off.

  • Has a transparent lid that allows you to monitor the melting process
  • Doubles up as a perfect hair remover and skin smoothening product
  • Comes with adjustable heat settings
  • Melts the wax within a short period
  • Carries some medical value in terms of relieving pains
  • It is pricey to acquire
  • The paraffin fumes are irritating
  • You may have to purchase extra wax to add

4. Salon Sundry Portable Electric Hot Wax Warmer

Salon Sundry is one of the most versatile wax warmers you’ll find in the market today. It has a transparent lid to allow monitoring of the wax meltdown process. That’s an incredible feature since you don’t have to open the lid to see the melting process. The other function of this lid is to protect the melting wax from contamination. If left open, it easy for contaminants to enter that can easily change the expected results negatively.

Salon Sundry Portable Electric Hot Wax Warmer

The power of 75wattage allows you to heat your wax evenly and within the range that you want. This is made possible by the adjustable thermostat control knob. The good thing with this warmer is that you can use it for a wide variety of uses; from removing body hair to medical therapeutic waxing procedures to ease pains. The compact design makes it a good outdoor model if you’re a mobile person, this warmer won’t disappoint you. It is highly portable and you can take it virtually anywhere you are going.

The cleaning process for Salon Sundry is also very easy. It comes with a removable metallic pot liner that you can remove and clean very easily. If you are looking for a warmer that won’t give you headache from the types of waxes, cleaning, management, etc. It is a user-friendly model that you can do almost everything with.

  • It removes all types of body hairs
  • The presence of a removable metallic pot liner makes it easy to clean
  • Has adjustable thermostat for temperature regulation
  • Very fast in heating
  • You can easily monitor the wax meltdown through the transparent lid
  • The temperature control knob is flimsy
  • Not very durable

5. K-Salon Wax Warmer, 18 in 1 Hair Removal at Home

If you are operating on a budget, a K-salon wax warmer can be a good choice. It is a skin-friendly model that allows you to use natural formulas to remove unwanted hair. You have the advantage to choose your most convenient heating method since the model has many.

K-Salon Wax Warmer, 18 in 1 Hair Removal at Home

Another important aspect of this unit is its gentle way of removing the hair from the root. This means a lasting effect on the skin which can endure for several weeks. It also features an incredibly elegant external look. If you want something beautiful to gift your loved one, you can settle for this one. Equipped with adjustable heat modes between high and medium, you can set the temperatures as per your needs. The temperatures are also high ensuring that the unit takes the shortest time to melt the wax.

Additionally, the K-salon wax warmer is multipurpose. You can use it to melt different forms of wax from beads, soft/hard wax, paraffin, etc. so, with this unit, you don’t need any other whether you are using your unit for large scale or personal use.

  • Has multiple and adjustable heating options
  • It is elegantly designed
  • Very affordable
  • It is multipurpose capable of melting different forms of wax
  • Has long lasting effect on the skin as it removes hair at the root
  • Features different heating methods
  • Takes long to melt wax completely
  • The temperature control knob is slightly tight

6. 2020 Upgraded BFull Mini Wax Warmer

If you are a busy person and would prefer quick waxing, this is your warmer. This unit will sort you whether you want to remove hair from armpits, legs, arms, or bikini. As you can see, it’s an upgrade to the previous models. The manufacturer has added a temperature adjusting feature to allow temperature regulation for better results and accuracy. Also, there is an auto switch-off feature to protect the user when the maximum temperature is achieved.

2020 Upgraded BFull Mini Wax Warmer

Within ten minutes, you can have your wax ready for use. The other advantage is its portability. You can carry this warmer with you anywhere because it’s too small in size. It can also melt different types of waxes, so you don’t need cash for extra models for different waxes.

  • Reaches high temperatures for faster melting
  • It is highly portable
  • Features adjustable temperature settings
  • It can melt all types of waxes
  • Can be used to remove hair from all parts of the body
  • Comes with applying strips
  • The accompanying applying sticks are too big for use in small parts like eyes
  • The wax quality is too low

7. Kolua Digital Wax Warmer

Kolua Digital waxing kit deserves a top 10 position owing to most of its incredible features. First of all, this kit comes with more than ten accessories that you would otherwise pay for. You get a complete ready to use package when you buy this warmer. It comes with hard wax beads, post-wax oil, and an easy to understand user guide.

Kolua Digital Wax Warmer

The LED display is another magnificent feature of this device. Through this display, you can accurately monitor the heating process adjusting them when necessary. It also has a transparent lid through which you can also see the melting wax.

Another advantage is the kit’s ability to support a wide variety of waxes. You can use it to melt the wax to remove hair from different parts of the body. You can save lots of money by using this kit as it will come with several waxes for long time use.

  • The kit is accompanied by several accessories
  • It is painless and doesn’t require use of applying strips
  • Covered by 100% money refund guarantee
  • Gives more accurate temperature reading through the LED display
  • Takes too long to melt wax
  • Produces burning plastic smell

8. Lifestance Waxing Kit Wax Warmer

The Lifestance waxing kit is a collection of a 500ml warmer, pre-wax spray and after waxing treatment oil. In addition, there are wooden spatulas used for waxing on different hairy parts of the body’s face, legs, etc. The durable wax warmer is made of ABS heat resistant materials capable of withstanding intense heating.

Lifestance Waxing Kit Wax Warmer

The strong grip of Lifestance wax warmer is incredible thus you get awesome results. The hair is removed from the root point, leaving smooth skin behind, and the process is painless.

It is also easy and safe to use this kit because it has a temperature adjusting knob. Therefore, it is easy to regulate the heating process as you want. You don’t have to be afraid also because the ingredients used to manufacture the waxes are so gentle. You can get the best results from this awesome accessory rich waxing kit.

  • It is durable and highly heat resistant
  • Has temperature adjustment knob
  • Comes with several accessories
  • The ingredients used are gentle on the skin
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • The control knob is made of low-quality materials
  • The accompanying wax is of low quality

9. Femiro Wax Warmer

This wax warmer features natural ingredients in its wax beads and cream. The fact that they are naturally sourced, they are gentle to the skin and nonirritant. It also has a wide variety of flavors that you can use on your hair. Other than the tough ABS heat resistant warmer, the kit also includes applicator sticks for waxing. You can use this warmer on different parts without any negative effects.

Femiro Wax Warmer

The warmer is compact in nature such that you can travel with it easily. In terms of temperature management, the warmer has an adjustable knob. You can therefore set the temperatures as per your preferences. Also, you can melt different forms of wax hard, soft, and canned wax.

  • Made of durable ABS heat resistant material
  • Has an adjustable temperature feature
  • Features natural gentle ingredients
  • Highly portable
  • Too expensive
  • May not work well on people with fine hair

10. GiGi Multi-Purpose Hair Removal Wax Warmer Kit

GiGi is a global reputable manufacturer of electric wax warmer. That’s one of the things that have propelled this unit to our top echelon. Incredible features also are another upper hand it has over other units. For example, it has an adjustable thermostat to regulate the wax melting temperatures. Also, it has an indicator light to help you maintain the appropriate heat level.

GiGi Multi-Purpose Hair Removal Wax Warmer Kit

Additionally, this is a multipurpose wax warmer. You can use it re remove hair on different body parts. This means you can use the warmer to heat different forms of wax, which is a plus.

The unit also boasts of a great capacity. It can accommodate between 8 to 14-ounce wax which is a good figure, especially for personal use. You can also monitor the melting process through the transparent lid of the unit. This is one of the safety properties as it is hard for your wax to overheat.

  • You can monitor meltdown through the transparent lid
  • Has a good wax capacity
  • Comes from a reputable manufacturer
  • Has an adjustable temperature control knob
  • Contains an aluminum container
  • It is hard to operate
  • Has a flimsy lid

Factors to Consider Before Buying A Wax Warmer

Random picking of wax warmers cannot guarantee you the best model in the market. You need to perform a thorough inspection of various product features weighing them against your needs. It is the only way to get a quality unit that will serve you to satisfaction. We will explain a few things you shouldn’t ignore when shopping for a wax warmer:


Different wax warmers come in different capacities. You should check the capacity of the warmer before buying depending on where you want to use it. For personal use, you can purchase a low capacity unit because after all you only need to melt your wax only. However, if you want a warmer for large-scale use, like in a salon you have to go for the higher capacity models. These will enable you to melt enough wax to serve your customers without complaints.


To make full use of your wax warmer, go for a model that can melt different types of waxes regardless of their stickiness or softness. Otherwise, you may be forced to go back to the market again if your warmer doesn’t with a wide variety of waxes.

Heating Speed

The heating feature is one of the most critical aspects of a wax warmer. Inspect whether the warmer has temperature regulators and what’s the maximum temperature can you set. The temperature regulators allow you to adjust the temperatures of the warmer as per the need to avoid overheating. Also, a good wax warm should be able to reach high-temperature levels to ensure the shortest heating time. This is especially critical if you want to use your warmer for commercial purposes.

Ease of Use

A good wax warmer should be easy to use. Consider models with temperature control knobs, a display, and an ON/OFF button. You should avoid complicated models that will be hard to operate even for absolute beginners.


Different wax warmers have varied prices that are why you need a budget to guide you. The more advanced model you need the more cash you’ll have to pay. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot get good features even on a budget. All you need to do is carry out thorough research and comparison to get the best. There are many warmers with awesome features that you can get at a low cost.


Think of your safety when using the wax warmer. The user manual should contain safety instructions to avoid accidents. Additionally, the warmer should have safety features like temperature modes to avoid accidents due to overheating. A safe model also should be able to incorporate safety ingredients without compromising the end results.


Purchase a lightweight wax warmer that will be easy to transport from one place to another and convenient to use. There’s no need of buying two warmers at home and at your spa or salon. An easily portable model should allow you to carry it home or to your shop whenever you want. A lightweight device will also allow you to use it conveniently as per the instructions.


To enjoy full value for your money, ensure you get a sturdy wax warmer that will last for years. This way, you won’t have to spend cash on repair or replacing your warmer. This means a good choice of the materials used to manufacture the warmer; both outside and the various parts of the device.

How to Remove Hair with Wax

Waxing is a method of hair removal is one of the best methods of hair elimination. Even dermatologists endorse it and opine that there are no negative effects of waxing if used appropriately. However, there are major precautions you should take. If using Brazilian wax for example, you should not do it at home but rather leave it for professionals. Their use tends to be more complicated. Also, you shouldn’t wax your skin if it is sensitive. That means if you have suffered a sunburn or taken isotretinoin within six months, you should avoid waxing your body. If you pass the above criteria then you can start shopping for your wax warmer to enjoy that fine smooth skin you’ve always desired. Once you have acquired your wax warmer, follow the steps below to remove that unwanted hair from your body;

Ensure Optimal Hair Length

First things first, ensure that the hair you intend to get rid off is of good length. You need a considerably medium hair to uproot fully from the root with wax. The hair should be at least ¼ to ½ inch long.  In case your hair is above this range, try reducing it with scissors. It makes it less painful and easy to remove. Additionally, it helps to minimize the amount of waxing you need to do and also less messy.

Prepare Your Skin

By preparation, we mean you avoid skincare products that can otherwise tamper with the structure of your skin. For example, you should avoid over the counter products with retinol ingredient. Such creams can cause the softening of your skin which can lead to your skin pulling out together with the hair when uprooting. This should happen at least five days prior to your planned waxing day.

Cleaning and Drying 

Before waxing, you need to thoroughly clean the area you want to wax. Use the regular soap that won’t have any artificial effects on the skin. Washing is necessary because it helps you to remove the dead cells as well as any dirt that could be on the skin for even distribution of wax.

After washing, wipe the part properly to ensure it is completely dry. At this stage, if waxing brings headache to you, you can take over the counter pain killers like ibuprofen. These will help to minimize the pain some people endure during waxing.

Warm the Wax

Now, this is where our wax warmer comes in. Read the instructions carefully on how to use the warmer and follow them to the latter. Monitor the process until the wax is ready for applying. Different wax warmers will have different features that allow you to monitor the melting process. Some come with transparent covers that let you keep an eye on the wax. Also, depending on the temperature control features, you can set the time you want the melting to take. To test whether the wax is ready, apply a small quantity on your wrist. The wax should just be warm and not too hot to burn you.

Applying the Wax

Start waxing from a central point of the part with the unwanted hair and spread it to the other areas. To get the best results, move the waxing strip or applicator in the direction of the hair growth. Apply the wax until the whole hair has been covered, then cover it with a piece of cloth preferably made of cotton. Press the cloth firmly against the wax and leave it in place for about three seconds.

Removing the Hair

After compressing the cloth, the waxed hair is attached to the cloth. Therefore, pulling the cloth will be pulling off the hair itself. With one hand, hold down your skin taut and in a single quick motion pull the cloth in the opposite direction of the hair growth. If you can’t work on the area freely, you can ask for assistance from a friend or a relative. The quick pulling helps to evade more paint that you would otherwise experience by pulling a few hairs at a time.

Skin Soothing

After you have removed the cloth together with the hair, it’s time to heal your smooth, clean skin. You can use the cold packs to make your skin numb or use oil-free moisturizers that won’t clog the pores. For about two days, you should avoid a warm bath and rough clothing that can cause soreness. If after two days your skin hasn’t returned to normalcy, make a point to see a certified dermatologist. But as long as you follow these instructions properly, waxing is the most effective and safest method to remove your unwanted body hair.

How to Clean a Wax Warmer

The process of cleaning a wax warmer needs careful attention and you should remove the residue when the warmer is still hot. However, it shouldn’t be too hot to burn you. Therefore, first switch on the warmer and allow it to run for a few minutes until the wax melts then switch it off. This method works when removing the hard-waxy residue.

To clean the warmer itself after emptying the wax contents, you should use the natural oil solvents. Soak a piece of cloth or paper towel in oil to dissolve the wax then wipe the sticky parts. To get better results, ensure that the warmer is warm to some extent but switched off. This method will keep your warmer in top condition ensuring long durability.

To sterilize your warmer after cleaning, in most cases if you are using it for commercial purposes, you’ll need to have sterilizing equipment. If you are using at home, chances are you don’t have access to sterilizing equipment. In that case, you can use a natural sterilizer- boiling water. However, don’t wholly immerse your warmer in boiling water it can destroy it. You are only supposed to sterilize the removable part and not the entire unit.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a wax burn in the wax Melter?

The duration of melt wax will last in the warmer depends on several factors. One is the quality of the wax and the warmer temperature parameters. Higher quality waxes cube can last as long as 10 hours and the entire bar for even 80 hours. However, if the warmer is too hot then it can take less. Basically, you should expect a single cube to last anywhere between 6 to 10 hours.

What temperature should wax be for hair removal? 

The ideal temperature for application is 30-40°C (86-104°F).

Is it advisable to add essential oils in the wax warmer during melting?

Yes. However, you should check whether your model allows the addition of oil as there some that do not. Some indicate that they are only for melting and the addition of essential oils can discolor them.

Does the wax warmer have any disadvantages?

Yes. The wax contains lots of toxins in form of fragrances. For example, some wax bars have paraffin elements that will produce toxic and irritating perfumes when burnt.


A wax warmer will give the best results than all other methods of wax melting. Of course, you shouldn’t be worried of investing especially when taking care of your skin. On the other hand, if you are searching for a commercial warmer, you want a unit that will satisfy your customers.

In the list above, we have given you some of the top models in the market currently. You can pick any from that list, and you won’t regret it. The purchase guide provided will help you pick the warmer that best aligns with your needs. Therefore, the ball is now in your coat to choose the best deal depending on where and how you want to use your unit.