Adidas Vs. Nike Sizing – Which One Should You Prefer?

Whenever we think about buying activewear and sportswear, the brands that always come to our minds first are Adidas and Nike. It is difficult to say who will win the battle of Adidas vs. Nike. Sometimes you might be confused while choosing Adidas vs. Nike sizing; which one should you prefer? Both the brands are famous for manufacturing casual and sports shoes.

Both Adidas and Nike are now at the forefront of the footwear industry for offering premium quality, style, innovation, and versatilities in shoes.

Globally both of them are equally juggernauts, but in the USA, Nike has the edge. Today we will discuss Adidas vs. Nike sizing.

Sizing is a vital consideration in terms of buying footwear. This article will inform you about Adidas and Nike’s general fitting tips, designs, and sizing. So keep reading to get a snug and comfy fit shoe from Adidas or Nike.

Adidas Vs Nike Sizing

For most USA people, Nike and Adidas are the trustable brands to choose footwear and sportswear. But it will become tricky and problematic to choose between one of them if you don’t know the accurate sizing of them.

Both Adidas and Nike sizing are indistinguishable. So it would be foolish to think that two brands have the exact duplicate fit as the other. Here we help you to understand the difference between Adidas and Nike sizing. Have a look!

Size chart of Adidas and Nike

Both the brands have their shoe sizing chart. As a German-based company, Adidas has a sizing chart for UK, EU, and JP adult people. On the other hand, Nike only has a sizing chart based on USA adults. This is why you should know how the shoes are measured before checking the size.

Because UK, JP EU, and the US measurement standards for shoes are entirely different. Therefore, check the labels written on shoes properly before buying your preferred one. However, you will get a size chart available on reputable websites of both brands.

The actual size

Besides the size chart, you also need to know about the accurate size of Adidas and Nike. The size of Adidas and Nike shoes are entirely different from each other. So, if you already use Nike check the size properly if you switch your choice Nike to Adidas.

Nike shoes are pretty small compared to Adidas. The difference between the shoe sizes is around 5 millimeters or less. Adidas is globally famous for offering true-size products. So, here Nike misses the point in terms of proper size.

Now you must be thinking that a few millimeters is not a big issue. But it is actually. People who are engaged with sports and athletes are bound to wear perfect shoes. So they need a snug fit and comfortable shoe to protect their feet from injuries and pain.

Also, those who are suffering from orthotics need a well-fit shoe. Otherwise, these few millimeters will cost heavily. So, yes a few millimeters is a big issue in the case of buying footwear.

Width size

As we already mentioned, Nike shoes are a half size smaller than Adidas, the width of Nike shoes is also narrow. Therefore, always buy Nike shoes that are a little bigger.

And if you want a shoe as per your foot’s accurate size, then go for Adidas. Otherwise, Nike shoes will probably become a little sharp at your feet.

Wider-width shoes are more comfortable and relaxing. Adidas shoes are more comfortable and wider than Nike. It’s because manufacturers of Adidas shoes believe in offering more room for users to move and accommodate.

On the other hand, Nike Company is more into designs and versatility. But if you are a big fan of Nike, buy a few wide-width Nike shoes, including Nike Air Zoom Pegasus, Nike Air Vomero, and Nike Air Zoom Structure.

Brand-specific features

Recently Nike launched their mobile app to benefit their customers. With the help of this app, users can calculate their shoe size while relaxing at home. All you have to do is upload or send a photo of your feet.

But Adidas is not far behind. They are also offering some comfortable and exclusive features with their footwear. Although, Ultra boost models of Adidas are not suitable for wide feet people. To buy the Ultra Boost model, you need to buy one size larger of your feet.

Furthermore. There are a few features of Adidas that might get bigger on women’s feet, including Cloud foam. So if you want to buy this, try one size smaller than your actual size. Make sure to check the brand-specific features of Nike and Adidas.

Check all models and features of both brands before making any decision. To buy your preferred brand of shoe, always check your nearby store and try them manually. Ask for help from their experienced salesmen. They will help you to get a snug fit shoe according to your size.

At last, it’s up to you to decide which one is better between Adidas and Nike. If you check the sizing properly, then both the brands are incredible to choose from. But it’s always best to avoid sizing issues to prevent injuries and foot pain.

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Tips to Measure the Accurate Size of the Shoes

Accuracy and comfort play a crucial role in purchasing footwear. So far, we have learned about Nike and Adidas Sizing. Now here we detailed some tips for you to measure the accurate size of your shoes.

Take help

Always take others’ help to draw the accurate size of your shoe. Then, another person can take your foot sizing more precisely. To get optimal fit shoes, a person should consider this suggestion.

Always check the socks space

Before buying any shoe, check if it has enough room for your socks, it will be wise to wear the socks while drawing the size of your foot. If you follow this tip, you will know if it is comfortable enough or not.

Try the shoe before buying 

We often feel pain after wearing a new shoe while doing regular activities. If possible, do some indoor activities while trying the shoes for purchase. If you don’t check them properly, you will start to feel some pain in your feet after using them for some time.

Frequently Asked questions

Does Adidas run bigger or smaller than Nike?

Yes, Nike runs smaller than Adidas. Adidas has more running capacity than Nike, and the distance is around 1 to 5 millimeters. So, don’t just go with the size conversion in terms of selecting the shoes. Check a company-specific size chart before buying your preferred one.

Do Adidas and Nike fit the same?

No, they don’t make it with the same fitting size. However, some models have identical dimensions. But still, there will be a slight difference in their sizing and fitting. It will best if you prefer one brand that will fit according to your size.

Which is more comfortable, Adidas or Nike?

Well, Nike is more renowned for offering maximum comfort. All the latest models of Nike shoes are made with premium quality to ensure supreme comfort. On the other hand, Adidas shoe manufacturer gives more concentration to make it sophisticated and trendy.

Adidas or Nike, which is better?

Both Adidas and Nike have a prominent place in the footwear industry. These two rivals are prevalent in manufacturing multiple designs of athletic and casual shoes.

So, it’s pretty impossible to pick one best name between them. You can only answer the question after wearing the accurate size according to your need.

Which Shoes Size Fit Wide Feet?

Adidas offers shoes with wide feet. People with wide feet should go with Adidas. But it is not a valid reason to stop using Nike.

Although, Nike designs are not suitable for wide feet people. But they offer a few versatile shoes for wide feet people, such as Nike Air Zoom Pegasus, the Nike Air Zoom Structure, and Nike Zoom Vomero.

Final Thought

Adidas vs. Nike sizing now you have to decide which one should you prefer? Both the brand’s footwear are equally comfortable and durable. Only by your judging can you find the perfect fit for yourself.

Now time to answer the most common question. Are these worthy of your investment? Trust me, both brands are trustworthy and famous for offering comfortable footwear.

However, you can never perform better if your shoe isn’t the perfect fit for you. Uncomfortable and unfit shoes can create a negative impact on an athlete’s performance. Always make sure to pick the perfect fit for your feet. We hope our articles are informative enough to choose the perfect footwear between Nike and Adidas. So don’t make any more mistakes while purchasing a shoe. Only use your hard-earned money to buy only good products like Adidas and Nike.