Difference Between Foot and Feet – Easy Explanation

Do you always find yourself confusing foot or feet? Chances are that you are not alone. You will note that most people normally confuse these terms from time to time. However, in as much as they might look the same, they are somehow worlds apart. It is no brainer that ‘foot’ is singular, while ‘feet’ is its plural form. Besides this, we know that one should discuss about foot when referring to one of his legs. On the other hand, when ‘feet’ is used, it refers to both legs. In this article, we shall go beyond these minor differences so that you can know the main differences between these words.

This is What Foot Means?

As we mentioned above, the word foot is normally used to reference the lower part of the leg. In fact, if you look up this word in The Oxford English dictionary, you will note that a foot is basically the lower extremity of the leg below the ankle. It is the part that you fit the shoe or helps a person to stand or walk. A good example where the word foot has been used includes;

He went to the bathroom and put his foot into the warm water.

Besides the above-mentioned meaning, the working foot is used in the measurement. Simply put, it normally refers to an imperial unit of measurement. In most cases, this unit of measurement is normally deemed to be less accurate compared to a meter, which is the standard unit of measurement when it comes to SI units. Despite this, it is still used widely in many parts of the world, including the US.

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What Does Feet Mean?

‘Feet’ on the other hand is the plural form of foot. In this case, it can be used where more than one foot is involved. A good example is in this sentence:

John and Mary put their feet in the water.

In the above sentence, John not only put his feet into the water but also Mary did the same. More than one foot was involved in this undertaking.

The word ‘feet’ is mostly used as the plural of the word ‘foot’. A good example is when you use it in an expression such as ’80-feet cable’,’30-feet hole’, and so on. On the other hand, the word ‘foot’ is used in the singular form such as in the expression ’70 dollars per square foot. Remember that is wrong to say ’70 dollars per square feet.

Apart from being the plural of the noun foot, you will note that feet is also used in measurement as well. In actual sense, it is a non-SI unit for measuring lengths specified in the imperial and the US customary units of measurement. It is imperative to note that it is normally used to measure distance, length, and even height. One ‘feet’ normally measures 12 inches or 0.3048 meters in length. Good examples where you can use this word as a form of measurement include;

  • Peter is 6 feet tall.
  • His house measures 6 feet in length and 12 feet in width.

In simple terms, you can use the word, ‘feet’ whenever you are taking measurements. This way, the dimension of what you are talking about will be easily be understood.

Other Differences Between Foot and Feet

When Used as Adjectives

Besides the above-mentioned differences, the word feet and foot differ whenever they are used as part of an adjective. For instance, you might have heard people use words such as;

  • Large-footed
  • Bare-footed

All these words are used to describe something and most are normally used as an adjective. Whenever you include such words in a sentence, you make the reader picture well what you are talking about. The same adjectives can be used in expressions such as a large-footed animal, large-footed man, etc. Whenever they are used, the reader is able to relate well with the subject in discussion.

On the other hand, ‘feet’ is used where there are words between the noun and the adjective. A good example is; ‘The robber was 6 feet tall’. Here, you will note that the word ‘feet’ is used between the noun ‘6’ and the adjective ‘tall’. Another good example is;

She was a 9 feet demon. Here, ‘9-feet’ is used to describe the noun, namely the demon.

Hyphenated Forms

The word foot is mostly used in hyphenated forms. A good example is;

She landed me a 10-foot pole.

Instead of writing the word 10 foot, we have included a hyphen to form a compound adjective ’10-foot’ in front of the noun,’ pole.’ Therefore, it would not be right to say that;

She landed me a 10-foot pole.

However, when using the word feet, you can choose to insert a hyphen or not. For example, you are correct when you say that;

I am 5 feet tall

I am 5-feet tall

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned words differ whenever they are used as a noun, unit of measurement, and as adjectives. Therefore, you should note these differences so that you avoid using them interchangeably. If you use them correctly, you will be understood well and thereby pass the correct message.