How To Get Yellow Stains Out Of White Shoes At Home

Many people like to wear white shoes as they are obsessed with them. And many of them also wear it as a compulsory uniform of their campus or workplaces. It is true that these white shoe lovers commonly face some problems with debris while wearing them. The most common one is called yellow stains. You might also have faced this issue with your white sneakers that have turned into freaky yellow while you wear them outdoors or keep them stored on the rack for a few days. Even after washing, the yellow strain turns more solid. You will find yourself busy and frustrated if you don’t know how to get yellow stains out of white shoes?

Here in these write-ups, we aim to give you some proven solutions to yellow stains and make the beginning of your day comfortable. These DIY (Do it yourself) tips will help you and your family and friends to remove the yellow stains following some interesting tricks. 

Why Does White Shoes Turn Yellow After Washing?

The most known and common reason behind the yellow stains is not knowing the proper usage of bleaching chemicals. Generally, we use bleach to clean the debris and dirt off our white sneakers. But improper use of bleach brings more harm instead of cleaning your shoes. If you leave the bleach on the white surface too long or don’t wash it properly, you will find frustrating yellow stains on the surface even after washing them. Which is tough to remove if you don’t take the proper steps. Some soluble chemicals can get those yellow stains out of the white surface.

There are other theories behind the yellow stains even after washing. When you leave your shoes outside in the sun to make them dry after washing, some specific chemical substances come out of the shoes for oxidation that makes the shoe surface turn yellow. Hence, we can take some valuable steps to wash white shoes.

How Can I Whiten My Shoes At Home?

Due to persistent deposits, white shoes easily turn in yellow. Sometimes it is not possible to erase the stain completely. To remove all types of dirt follow the following methods.

1. Baking soda and detergent 

Baking soda is one of the known and most used stain removers. It reacts with the dirt layers of the shoe surface and loosens them to turn into stainless. But it is better to add detergent water to the baking soda and apply the paste to the surface. 

First, make a mixture of 1 tablespoon of baking soda, one teaspoon of detergent, and one tablespoon of water. Mix them to make a fine paste. Scrub this solution on the yellow surface using a toothbrush following a circular motion. Now wash with lukewarm water and remove all the substances of the paste. Then you need to let it dry immediately. But you should avoid the sun to reduce the possibility of staining again. Try to use an air-dry facility in a cool place.

2. Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide works as a cleaning agent like bleach. Bleach is a faster solution but could cause harm to your shoes if not maintained properly. On the other hand hydrogen peroxide helps to brighten the shoe surface removing the dirt safely. Since it’s a non-toxic or harmless chemical, you can apply it without hesitation. By following the procedures and applying the method properly hydrogen peroxide really removes the yellow stains effectively. 

  1. Make a solution of hydrogen peroxide mixing with water. 
  2. Take a cotton cloth and make it wet keeping in the liquid solution. You can also use a toothbrush.
  3. Rub over the yellow area circularly and repeat for several times.
  4. If it doesn’t work this way then keep the shoe applied with hydrogen peroxide for half an hour and let it dry. 
  5. It will remove the yellow layer from the shoe and make it white.

3. Magic Eraser

A magic eraser works really like its namesake. It works in materials like fabric and leather. This eraser can even remove the yellow stains effectively from plastic or rubber-made soles. You will find several eraser brands in the market and Mr. Clean’s magic eraser is one of the most popular. Manufacturers use melamine foam in the magic eraser that turns into foam when you rub it on the shoe surface. The foam has micro particles that remove the stains like sandpaper. All you need is to follow the proper steps to get rid of yellow stains from your shoes.

  1. Prepare warm water for the process. You can also make it soapy for better results. 
  2. Put the eraser in the water and make it wet. 
  3. Now rub the eraser gently on the yellow surface of your shoe until you see it turned into white.

Hopefully, you will see a faster solution effectively. But, remember that you should never keep your shoes in the sun to make them dry, instead of room temperature or an ambient dry place to let them dry.

4. Baking soda and vinegar

This method works wonders to remove stains and dirt from white shoes. Here you need to collect baking soda and vinegar to mix. To rub you need a soft cloth or a toothbrush. To make a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, use baking soda three times then vinegar. Mix them to make a paste. Before applying the paste to the shoe surface, first, remove the loose dirt from the shoes by brushing them. It will remove debris and mud primarily. Then take a toothbrush and dip it into the paste. Apply it on the yellow surface by scrubbing gently. Better apply it all over the surface of the shoes. Once you will see the clean and white surface underneath the paste. Now wipe off the surface using a paper towel or soft cloth. Thus you will be surprised to get white brightened shoes.

5. Micellar water

Women usually use Micellar water as a facial cleanser. But it is discovered that micelles can also remove dirt and oil from white surfaces specially made of leather. All you need to do is simply take a cotton cloth, sock it with micellar water and rub it over the stains. It is available in any beauty store or super shop or drugstore. 

6. Toothpaste

Toothpaste doesn’t work as a hard cleaning agent like bleach but it works as a covering agent. Non-gel white toothpaste works as a good yellow stain remover as it works for teeth. Remember not to use color toothpaste on the white shoes as it can make your shoes stained instead of removing them. Now apply some white toothpaste on the yellow surface using a toothbrush. Rub it over the surface generously and let it form a new layer of paste. Keep this condition for 15 to 20 minutes idle. Then wipe it with a soft towel and you will find your shoes turned into white. If there is still a yellow stain then do the rubbing process again or you can switch to another method.

7. Toilet paper and water

Another effective way is using white toilet paper. Before starting the process you need to clean the shoes with water. Wrap some toilet paper around the shoes and even you can apply more layers for better results. It will block the sunlight and help you to get the whitening effect. For the fluorescent agent, toilet paper is more powerful to increase whitening

Final Recap

We have mentioned different techniques for removing yellow stains from your white shows. You can apply either of them according to the stain level or availability of the materials required. But we have tried to mention the DIY procedures so that you can do it at home using substances we usually avail in our kitchen or storerooms. Our request is to take all the precautions as the chemicals are harmful if not applied properly. Better use hand gloves and masks. Maintain this procedure staying away from the children. And again, you should avoid the sun while drying the shoes after washing them with water. Finally, step into the road and walk (or work) with style and confidence.