Is Purified Water The Same As Distilled Water ? Details Comparison

Drinking water is the most fundamental option for our living. No living creature can survive without water, even the botanies. As it comes from natural resources, there are lots of beneficial and harmful elements in the water. But for the health benefits and to keep our body well we don’t have options except for pure drinking water. So human beings have to purify the drinking water by extracting the harmful contents. In these processes of purifying the water to drink we have to separate and kill the harmful contents like bacteria, algae, chemical substances, parasites, and other many impurities. But the important part is to keep the useful minerals and nutrients preserved in the process. 

All these processes of water are called purification. But the different procedures of purification are named in different ways. Purified water and distilled water are two different contents produced maintaining different procedures to make water drinkable. Despite the drinkability, there are some differences between these two types of water. 

Distilled Water

The fact of distilled water is that it is processed through distillation. The procedure includes- boiling the water (H2O), collecting the steam, and then condensing to normal water. In this process, they extract the impurities to make the water harmless. Usually, water contains many inorganic and chemical contents that are harmful to drink. By boiling the water they turn the pure water into steam. By then the junks like metals and other inorganic substances are left behind for their higher melting points. Companies condense the steam into bottles for distribution. However, the distilled water you want to drink might not taste like other drinking water. It might taste flatter and flavorless.

  • For the cleanest water distilled water is the top one.
  • As long as you maintain a healthy and hygienic diet consider distilled water.
  • Distilled water should be a good option for severe medical issues such as HIV and various types of cancer.
  • If you live in a place where water is more polluted than distilled water can save you.
  • If you have a weaker immune system try to drink distilled water because it is free of some harmful contaminants (bacteria, pesticides)
  • It is completely free of impurities.
  • Distilled water doesn’t contain minerals (calcium, magnesium)
  • Natural minerals are necessary for health but where distilled water can fill the demand for electrolyte and natural minerals.
  • Drinking distilled water has a higher risk of heart diseases, preterm birth, and other health issues.
  • Not recommended for the people who have lack magnesium, electrolyte and calcium

Common uses of distilled water

Since distilled water is free of harmful contaminants, it is safe to drink. Drinking distilled water is proved to be beneficial. People are advised to drink it but not to depend on it for long. 

  • You can drink distilled water but not too often because it lacks some of the much-needed minerals.
  • Doctors suggest distilled water to patients who have higher risks of loss of immunity such as HIV and cancer. Because other processed water can be harmful to the impurities it contains.
  • People drink Distilled water because it doesn’t have chlorine in it so that it doesn’t taste and smell bad.
  • Distilled water is commonly used for car cooling systems.
  • Adding extra supplements, distilled water is widely used in aquariums. 
  • Another common use of distilled water is car cooling. It is widely used worldwide for cooling car engines. 
  • Researchers use distilled water in laboratory experiments. 
  • Drug manufacturer’s use distilled water. It’s also used in some medical devices. 

Purified Water

In some regions, tap water is unavailable or undrinkable. In those cases, purified water is reliable to drink. Purified water is processed water that is filtered to remove harmful impurities and contaminants. Since there are many harmful objects in the water some popular maintained procedures extract the objects to make the water drinkable. 

There are some proven methods to make water purified and drinkable-

  • Filtration: In this treatment, there are some filtration systems made from sand, gravel and charcoal. Water flows through these filters and the filters remove the bacteria, dust and other chemical and metallic objects. 
  • Coagulation: In this specific and complicated process, chemicals with positively charged added to water attract the negatively charged particles in the water that form larger particles. Then those harmful particles can be extracted easily. It is also called flocculation. 
  • Chlorination: Adding chlorine to the water is the most common and fundamental treatment to purify water. Chlorine kills the germs like bacteria and viruses and plays the most important role to make water harmless. 
  • Reverse Osmosis: In this technical process larger molecules get removed by using pressure. It is one of the miraculous processes of nature to purify water. In this RO process, pressure allows water to flow through semi-permeable membranes that work like filters to remove the large molecules and impurities from water. This system improves the water quality and makes it healthy to drink. 
  • Purified water is a healthy option for a balanced and healthy lifestyle
  • It contains all types of healthy minerals
  • This water is highly filtered to remove impurities
  • Eliminates chlorine which is linked to some type of cancers
  • Removes maximum harmful bacteria
  • This water also removes metallic substance and makes the water tasty
  • There is no chance of any type of heavy metals or other highly toxic materials
  • Sometimes purified water removes fluoride, which is a helpful mineral for good health.
  • Few chances of having certain contaminants
  • Most of the time, the Purification system or home purification system is not affordable.
  • Not possible in every situation or area

Common uses of purified water

Purified water is the most used drinking water. Thus it is called public drinking water. The common uses of purified water are-

  • Purified water is household drinking water. As it is fresh and healthy, It improves you and your family’s health condition. 
  • For making baby’s food, purified water is widely used. Parents have to keep the infant’s formula free of bacterial substances like E.coli, giardia, etc. That is why properly purified water is the first choice for household infant formula. 
  • To prepare food purified water is a must. People wash vegetables and other foods with purified water and use them while cooking. The chlorine and other substances of purified water help to remove harmful elements while washing vegetables. 
  • Both in the restaurant and home, people use purified water to prepare tea and coffee or smoothies. 
  • Another common use of purified water is the fish tank. Since there are nutrients and minerals, purified water is being used widely to improve fish health. 

Purified vs. Filtered Water

To understand the difference between purified and filtered water we must understand the level of purity of both types. We have already mentioned the details of purified water above. Now the filtered water. Filtered water is drinkable but less purified. Purified water is maintained through all the purification procedures to make it clean to harmless. On the other hand, filtered water may have fewer harmful substances in it but can’t guarantee purity as much as purified water.

What Water is Better Purified or Distilled?

As we know both distilled and purified water is safe to drink. But interestingly distilled water is purified water. Distillation is one of the types of water purification. But to define purified water we mean some specific processes of purification which are wholly different from distillation. Between the two of them, distilled water is the cleanest water because of the process of cleansing. Despite that, distilled water is not to drink too often for most people. In that case, purified water is referred to as clean and healthier water to drink. This contradiction stands because distilled water doesn’t have many nutrients, minerals, and taste. These are all absent because the treatment during distillation removes all those helpful minerals. 

Purified water has many variations according to the treatment process. Despite that purified water usually has most of the useful substances. For these reasons people usually prefer purified water rather than drinking water. 

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Is it safe to drink distilled water every day?

It is not harmful to your body but keep in mind that you are not getting any minerals. So, drinking distilled water every day is not a good idea. Drinking distilled water is not perfect for some health conditions. Additionally, you may feel nutrient deficiency for lack of minerals. 

What is the healthiest water?

Purified water and distilled water both are healthy options to drink. For healthy minerals, purified water is rich in a significant amount of natural ingredients. And for the cleanest water, you can trust distilled water but it doesn’t contain any minerals.

Is it possible to prepare distilled water at home?

No, it is quite impossible to make distilled water at home. Because the process of distilled water is more complex and is a fully industrial process. While preparing distilled water needs lots of time, lots of energy, and lots of industrial steps. 

What type of water should I drink?

Everyone should drink the safest and cleanest water. We should opt for as many minerals and nutrients in the water. But as we know the types of water depend on the region you live in. Some regions provide more mineral water, some regions provide processed water and it is also polluted or contaminated water in some regions. So wherever you are you have to make sure the purity level of the water you drink. 

Final Recap

Either it is purified water or distilled water both are safe and healthy. The choice of drinking the type of water depends on you. You should be conscious while choosing water and need to choose which have more health beneficial prospects. Clean and safe water is mandatory and purified water is relatively safe to our body and comes with some potential minerals. On the other hand, distilled water is the cleanest option to drink. We have found that purified water and distilled water are not the same, they are different. 

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