iWALK2.0 – Hands-Free Crutch Reviews

The iWALK2.0 – Hands-Free Crutch is simple to use and offers greater mobility and eliminates pain associated with traditional crutches. It’s ergonomically a self-stabilizing and offers further safety and confidence. It options a quick-release buckle for additional safety and pushes button for easy height adjustment. You’ll change the crutch in thigh circumference and height to accommodate users’ desires. It comes with adjustable straps with comfy padding lines.

iWALK2.0 – Hands-Free Crutch is carefully designed multiple awards winning medical mobility devices that end the pain and inconvenience of typical crutches. Easy to learn, simple to use crutches and knee scooters are now obsolete.

The iWALK2.0 – Hands-Free Crutch is the best resolution for non-weight bearing lower leg injuries like a fibula fracture and ankle sprains. iWALK2.0 is easy to learn, economical to own, is painless and provides the best mobility. The iWalk2.0 is additionally well-cushioned for comfort, and you use the same upper leg muscles that you just usually would, thus there’s no unusual strain on any part like there’s with standard crutches. Its distinctive style permits you to carry out everyday tasks with additional confidence and fewer risk of additional injury.

These new-age hands-free crutches had an old-fashioned starting. Within the late 1990s, a Canadian farmer fell from his roof and broke his ankle joint. There’s no personal day off in farming; thus he propped his knee on a stool, thus he may continue working. He realized it might be nice if the stool may just move with him, thus he engineered the prototype of what would become the iWALK out of wood. The rest is mobility history.

Additional Advantages of iWALK2.0-Hands-Free Crutch

A lower leg injury or surgery will be so frustrating, particularly once you should now lead a non-weight-bearing life. However, can you walk on a sprained ankle while not causing additional damage? Enter iWalk2.0. The iWalk2.0 knee walker will be used after surgery to back your mobility instantly.

The unbelievable design of the iWalk2.0 permits you to get back to work more quickly and continue to lead a lively life. You’ll walk, work, dance, do yoga—pretty much anything you may do before your injury or surgery recovery.

By using the iWalk2.0, you’ll additionally maintain everyday chores like grocery shopping and laundry. You’ll carry a cup of coffee without spilling it all over yourself. You’ll still carry your young kids.

Typical injuries that are indicated for iWALK2.0 embody Achilles tendon rupture, sprained ankle, broken ankle, bunion, jones fracture, metatarsal fractures, broken foot, and all other lower leg, non-weight bearing injuries.

Basic Requirements for Using iWALK2.0-Hands-Free Crutch

iWALK2.0 needs average strength and balance. If you pass these two easy tests, then you have the physical capability to use the iWALK2.0:

  • May you walk up and down a flight of stairs at a traditional walking pace and while not using the handrail?
  • Can you balance on your good (uninjured) leg for at least thirty seconds?

If you cannot pass each test; the iWALK2.0 won’t work.

Sizing and Capacities

  • If you’re between 5’1” (155cm) and 6’2” (185.5cm), then there’s a 99 probability that iWALK can fit your needs. If you’re shorter or taller, you need to consult the leg length chart at left.
  • Maximum weight is 275 pounds (125 kg)
  • Maximum thigh circumference, measured at the top of the leg, is 28 inches (71cm)

User Safety to Using iWALK2.0-Hands-Free-Crutch

Consult with your Dr. before if you have any of the following conditions, or if you have any doubts concerning your ability to securely use the iWALK2.0.

  • Balance issues/vertigo
  • Poor circulation
  • Hip or knee replacements
  • Restricted flexibility or movement
  • Tibial tuberosity or Osgood Schlatter
  • Arthritis or other pain in legs, feet, hips or back
  • Chronic low back pain

Special Cases

If you’re aged iWALK2.0 may not be right for you. Physical capabilities vary from person to person, particularly as we age. If you self-assessment of your fitness and capabilities, then the necessities for using iWALK2.0 are an equivalent regardless of what your age.

  • Being considerably overweight can build it harder to adapt to the iWALK2.0, and most times, individuals with high body mass indexes cannot adapt to the iWALK2.0
  • Diabetic foot ulcers are typically accompanied by neuropathy and/or obesity. If either of those conditions is present, the ability to use the iWALK is unlikely.
  • When you cannot use your permanent prosthetic iWALK2.0 is a good daily living aid for below-knee amputees.

Please note that you just must have a minimum of four inches of residual limb behind the back of the knee.

iWALK2.0 – Hands-Free Crutch
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Pros and Cons of Forearm Crutches Compared to iWALK2.0:

Will this device work for lower leg injuries?

  • iWALK2.0: YES – iWALK2.0 is indicated for lower leg non-weight bearing injuries.
  • Forearm Crutches: YES – Forearm crutches for nearly all lower leg non-weight bearing injuries.

Will, does this device eliminate pain in my hands, arms, wrists, or underarms?

  • iWALK2.0: YES – Your hands and arms are free, rather like normal, thus it’s painless.
  • Forearm Crutches: NO – Your underarms will be spared; however, you’ll still feel it in your hands, wrists, and arms.

Will, it keeps my injury partially elevated?

  • iWALK2.0: YES – Elevation of the injured area is thought to speed healing, and iWALK2.0 provides partial elevation.
  • Forearm Crutches: NO – With forearm crutches, your foot is at ground level – there are not any elevation benefits.

Is this device hands-free?

  • iWALK2.0: YES – iWALK2.0 is 100% hands-free; thus you’ll come back to a normal, functional, independent mode.
  • Forearm Crutches: NO – it involves your hands in supporting your body weight.

Can do you use this device on the stairs?

  • iWALK2.0: YES – we don’t a grasp of a safer mobility device for stairs. Not solely are using your legs for balance and support, however, you furthermore might have full access to the handrail.
  • Forearm Crutches: YES –But you’ve got to be careful, as your hands aren’t free to use the -handrail.

Can you use this device on a different piece of ground (grass, gravel, concrete, carpet, etc.)?

  • iWALK2.0: YES – you’ll adapt to different surfaces and terrain in confidence.
  • Forearm Crutches: YES – provided that you have sensible strength and balance. Forearm Crutches on loose surfaces are often dangerous

Can this device be employed in tight spaces (kitchens, bathrooms, etc.)?

  • iWALK2.0: YES – iWALK2.0 will go wherever you are doing. It’s a temporary lower leg – you’ll go wherever you would like and do what you wish.
  • Forearm Crutches: YES – whereas you’ll navigate tight spaces, you continue to can’t do something that involves hands or arms.

Is this device easy to transport?

  • iWALK2.0: YES – iWALK2.0 is a light-weight (4.2 lbs) and compact and simply fits onto a seat. Disassembled (2 minutes without tools), it’s regarding the size of a shoebox.
  • Forearm Crutches: NO – whereas forearm crutches are better than knee scooters, they’re still awkwardly long for transportation and handling.

Will this device permits me to continue my daily activities?

  • iWALK2.0: YES – You won’t be running any marathons, but iWALK2.0 allows you to just do concerning everything you want to do in your daily routine.
  • Forearm Crutches: NO – Forearm crutches are limiting and you may want to facilitate for most common daily activities.

Does this device increase patient compliance?

  • iWALK2.0: YES – as a result of you’ll do all of your daily tasks on the iWALK2.0, there’s no have to be compelled to be non-compliant.
  • Forearm Crutches: NO – Forearm crutches have significant limitations that -leaves users very little choice however to “cheat” (non-compliance).

Will, does this device reduce atrophy in my injured leg?

  • iWALK2.0: YES – All the muscles of your upper leg are used as traditional when walking on the iWALK2.0. Therefore, it considerably reduces muscle atrophy.
  • Forearm Crutches: NO – Your injured limb is hanging, unused. Muscle atrophy begins straight off and continues throughout your rehabilitation period.

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Warranty of iWALK2.0 – Hands-Free Crutch

This warranty covers the original buyer from any defect in material and workmanship for one year from purchase, subject to the exclusions elaborated below. They limit warranty to the original buyer and products should be purchased through an authorized dealer of iWALKFree, Inc.

If they find your product to be defective, the manufacturer could repair or replace, at their discretion, any defective components at no cost to you. The client is also chargeable for shipping costs of replacement components.

Warranty Limitations

They limit warranty to the original buyer for the time limit specified on top of and aren’t transferable. The purchase should be made through an authorized dealer. It should provide proof of purchase to get warranty coverage. The manufacturer won’t pay for loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of your merchandise or damages of any nature, howsoever caused by iWALKFree inc. products, their failure to work, or the other incidental or consequential damages. They will not allow exclusion or limitations of incidental or consequential damages in some areas.

Warranty Exclusions

This warranty doesn’t cover defects resulting from accidents, damage whereas in transit, alterations, unauthorized repair, failure to follow instructions, misuse, normal wear and tear, long-run use (continual usage for over eighteen weeks), negligence, fire, flood, and Acts of God. Wear parts, like foam padding, are specifically excluded.

This warranty is that the just one they provide and is rather than all other warranties or conditions, specific or implied, statutory or otherwise, as well as however not limited to the implied warranties or conditions of merchantable quality or fitness for a selected purpose. It sets forth all our responsibilities relating to our products. This warranty provides you specific legal rights and you will also have other rights that vary from province to province, or state to state.