10 Best Knee High Compression Socks As Per User Reviews

Compression socks offer graduated compression to solve some specific leg and foot problems such as varicose veins, swelling, muscle fatigue, and others. Many people are convinced of wearing compression socks because they help them to get relief from leg and foot pain or discomfort. Especially knee-high Compression socks help runners to reach the proper physical standards.

Generally, knee-high compression can be used to increase blood circulation levels by graduated compression, and the level of compression range starts from 8 to 15 mmHg up to 40 mmHg. It can help to hold the knee in a firmer position and reduce the risks of leg sprain. They provide enough support for your leg and feet and improve athletic performance. Those are designed for a full range of motion so that you can move very fast and get the highest performance.

Benefits of Wearing Knee High Compression Socks

Basically, Knee-high compression socks promote your blood circulation and reduce pain and swelling but the other benefits of knee-high compression socks are described below.

Pain relief: The medical-grade compression helps to reduce pain, swelling, and discomfort of leg and feet. You can get relief from severe pain of varicose veins, plantar fasciitis, and others.

Reduce Swelling: Swollen leg is associated with edema, varicose veins, plantar fasciitis, and other medical conditions. Knee-high compression socks increase blood circulation and decrease swelling.

Professional Use: anyone can use traditional socks but these compression socks are quite different from traditional socks. They are specially designed for nurses, athletes, traveler, doctor, gym, maternity, pregnancy, and who are suffering from other medical conditions.

Improve Blood circulation: High-quality squeezing materials improve blood circulation so that you can relief from all types of leg pain and discomfort and allow you to move faster and ensure high performance.

Fast Recovery: If you are recovering from any surgery or operation than wearing knee-high compression socks can help you to get a fast recovery process. You can engage with regular activities after some days.

Knee High Compression Socks For Men’s & Women’s

We have some selection of knee-high compression socks for Men and Women, those can help you to find out the right pairs of socks with compression. Read the details below to know about them.

1. Knee High Compression Socks for Women & Men – 15-20 mmHg

You will get instant pain relief and fast recovery for swollen and tired legs by these medical-grade compression socks, those are designed for the nurse, traveler, doctor, athletes, pregnant woman, and others who have certain leg and feet issues. Graduated compression (15-20 mmHg) can support the large area on the ball of the foot and up the calf so that you will get free movement with proper blood circulation and relief from all types of leg pain.

Knee High Compression Socks for Women & Men - 15-20 mmHg

Increasing circulation allows you to work harder so that athletes can be benefitted to get tired free and pain-free run without any straining at lower leg. Those prevent shin splint and help for effective recovery aid for swollen and painful legs.

Those are also helpful for other medical conditions such as varicose veins, plantar fasciitis, swelling, and more and effective to prevent blood clots so that it can be a good option for pregnancy.

  • 15-20 mmHg graduated compression
  • Instant Pain relief
  • Comfortable, soft and non-irritating
  • Universal fit, durable
  • Prevent blood clot and fast recovery
  • Less pressure
  • Very tight

2. CompressionZ Compression Socks 20-30 mmHG for Men & Women

Get instant pain relief with this compression socks, they provide true graduated compression of 20-30 mmHg to boost circulation and you can comfort at your home or office. This stocking is also helpful for reducing swelling and effective to get relief from varicose veins, plantar fasciitis, edema, sore muscle, and more.

CompressionZ Compression Socks 20-30 mmHG for Men & Women

Those socks are perfect for athletes, nurses, maternity, pregnancy, travel, office, gym, and when you need any compression. Sometimes those can extremely help you at any outdoor events such as cycling, training, and sports, Athletes love it for its highly comfortable support so that they can ensure high performance.

You can get a good day with a good mood with this comfortable compression because those are made of high-quality breathable materials. That will allow you to wear the whole day comfortably and tall knee-high length provides full coverage.

  • Graduated medical-grade compression of 20-30 mmHg
  • Great for outdoor events
  • Reduce pain and swelling
  • Effective for increasing circulation
  • High length with close toe for full coverage
  • Excellent support
  • Toe seems is annoying
  • Hard to get on

3. 6 Pairs Compression Socks for Men and Women by Double Couple

You may hear about the name of Double Couple, they are recommended by doctors, trainers, and therapists. Lightweight and breathable fabric make your every moment comfortable and allow for regardless of activity. These socks are carefully designed to provide super comfort, relief, and more mobility.

6 Pairs Compression Socks for Men and Women by Double Couple

The cushioned heel and toe provide optimal support. The high-quality knee-high compression socks enhance blood circulation, relieve varicose veins, and protect your overall feet from any pain, swelling, or discomfort. They ensure faster restore and recovery and keep your feet dry and comfortable all the time.

You can use it every day at night and day both because they ensure premium comfort and different from other traditional socks. They come with seamless cushioning, wide and thick toe side, that prevent sprained ankle. The long fit from toe to leg energize your skin with comfortable, breathable, and quick-drying fabric. They can reduce muscle soreness, reduce muscle vibration and you will feel immediate comfort.

  • Compression therapy innovation
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable, breathable, and quick-drying fabric
  • Thicker ankle fabric area
  • Seamless Cushioning toe
  • A little bit tight
  • Way to small

4. Copper Compression Socks for Men & Women

It can be a great purchase if you buy copper compression socks. They have huge customer satisfaction so you can buy with 100% confidence. Those are perfectly designed for who use their leg extensively such as joggers, athletes, nurse, traveler, pregnant, and others. It can be a great gift choice for your family and friends.

Copper Compression Socks for Men & Women

If you stand up for a long time than these compression socks can help you a lot because they are made of high quality and durable materials which ensure to provide the highest performance. Those are designed based on your taste, age, sex, and lifestyle so you can get benefit from them. The remarkable fabrics are super comfortable in all weather and keep your skin dry in hot temperatures.

These products come with copper-infused, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabrics so that they can warm up you in winter cooler on extremely hot temperatures. They eliminate odor and allow you to wear for a long time. They enhance blood circulation and support your leg and reduce all types of pain, soreness, and fatigue. You can get relief from varicose veins, plantar fasciitis, and other pain and discomfort related to other leg problems.

  • Provide mild squeezing and enhance blood circulation
  • 15-2o mmHg compression with natural property
  • Copper-infused, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabrics
  • Relieve pain and discomfort
  • Three pack of compression socks based on age, sex, lifestyle
  • Too small
  • Thin materials; not cozy

5. Copper Compression Socks Women & Men by BLUEENJOY

Those socks are universally suitable for any type of work for yourself and your family. They come with different fabrics and colors, and available at a very affordable price in comparison. There are 3 or 6 pairs of compression socks that deliver 360-degree stretch for flexibility and allow you to wear all day at your work.

Copper Compression Socks Women & Men by BLUEENJOY

You will get high-quality compression with comfortable wide to band. Your feet and leg will remain cool and dry the whole day because they are made of high-quality moisture-wicking materials that are combined with copper ions. They are super soft and comfortable and allow for more mobility. They provide premium support, increase circulation, reduce sore muscle, prevent swelling, and relive all types of leg pain.

The ideal compression relieves your pain and allows you to heal by electricity from copper and fibers because those socks are absolutely copper infused. By providing mild squeezing action they enhance blood flow, energize the leg, and keep you active, comfortable, and healthy all day long.

  • Copper-infused compression socks
  • Keep you active, comfortable, and healthy
  • Providing mild squeezing action
  • Reduce sore muscle, prevent swelling and relieve pain
  • Perfect fit and value pack
  • Super soft and flexible
  • Way too large
  • Dark color

6. SB SOX Compression Socks (20-30mmHg) for Men & Women

These compression socks are designed to provide perfect compression of (20-30mmHg). Those socks come with a wide range of calf circumference, four different sizes, and a smooth fit. This graduated compression technology is effective to increase blood circulation, better oxygen circulation, reduce lactic acid, and all over muscle recovery of ankle, feet, and leg.

SB SOX Compression Socks (20-30mmHg) for Men & Women

The medical-grade graduated compression is also recommended by a doctor, therapist, and trainer. The cushioned heel and toe keep you comfortable and provide support. These compression socks provide support, comfort, relief from pain, increase mobility because they are designed with lightweight, durable and breathable materials.

Anyone who are athletes, runner, nurse, traveler, hiking, tennis player, and others who stand or sit a long time can be beneficial with the functional compression socks. It can be a great investment for yourself, family, and friends. The anti-odor, moisture-wicking, and the anti-static fabric is perfect for longer use and keep your feet comfortable and dry.

  • Premium construction and comfort
  • Medical grade graduated compression (20-30 mmHg)
  • Provide support, comfort, and relief
  • Lightweight, anti-odor, moisture-wicking fabrics
  • Best fit with four different sizes
  • Incorrect size
  • Excess fabric in the toe box

7. Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks for Men & Women

You will thank Physix for these durable, high quality, comfortable, double-stitched socks.  The remarkable design is perfect for cycling, hiking, tennis, athletes, running, or any type of hard work. You will get immediate comfort and relief with quality stitch and high-quality breathable materials. The socks promote blood circulation and great relief from the pain of varicose veins and plantar fasciitis.

Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks for Men & Women

They are very easy to get on and off and perfect for everyday use in day or night both. They prevent blood clots so it is effective for the recovery process. You can get instant comfort and support at your heel and toe area with comfortable materials. You can use it in extremely hot weather and perfect for extreme races and long run.

The fashionable look attracts you with a variety of colors, and the durable construction provides long time use. They help to reduce fatigue and swelling in your lower leg.

  • Durable; Quality Lycra fabric
  • Comfortable, breathable, and double-stitched construction
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Relief from leg pain and soreness
  • Stylish and variety of colors
  • A huge hole
  • Too large
  • Bit expensive

8. CHARMKING Compression Socks for Women & Men

If you like colorful and comfortable socks than these socks are perfect for you, they come with some color combination and they keep your feet stay with optimal compression. Those are easy to get on and comfortable with high-quality stitch. They allow you to move fast and quicker without spending too much energy.

CHARMKING Compression Socks for Women & Men

The targeted compression provides a super level of support and comfort so that you can wear a long time for any hard work such as cycling, hiking, playing tennis, workout, running, or others. The unique design with colorful version make your walk or run more attractive. These knee-high compression socks are made of high-quality materials.

The durable and flexible materials deliver 360% stretch breathable high performance and keep you dry in hot temperatures. This nice-looking socks can be a great gift for our family and friends, especially who are joggers, athletes, player or anyone who run or stand for a long time.

  • Nice color combination
  • Optimal comfort
  • High-quality stitch and easy to get on
  • Money-back guaranty
  • High-quality comfortable materials; deliver 360-degree stretch
  • A bit painful after long use
  • Not for sweaty feet

9. JOBST Relief Knee High 20-30 mmHg Compression Socks

These unisex socks are appropriate for use both men and women. 3-D knit structure with air covered spandex yarn gives you a soft, cozy, and comfortable feel for all-day wear. You will love the design of close toe, a roomy toe, and reinforced heel. They are super durable with 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex and they are safe with Latex-free materials.

JOBST Relief Knee High 20-30 mmHg Compression Socks

Those are the perfect choices for athletics and who are in a fitness lifestyle. It can be a great gift for you or your favorite persons who stand or run for long hours. The comfortable materials ensure flexibility and durability and high-quality fabric keep your feet dry. By wearing these socks you can get more support with less energy and allow you to move faster with targeted compression.

Those are perfect for whole day use day-night both with optimal comfort. The physician recommended gradient compression relieve pain and give you all-day comfort.

  • Unisex socks
  • 3-D nit structure
  • Air covered spandex
  • Close toe; a roomy toe
  • Reinforced heel
  • Comfortable and latex-free
  • Can be difficult to put on and take off
  • Too small

10. Daily_Use 3 Pairs Medical & Athletic Compression Socks for Men

ZFiSt is renowned for faster recovery, the compression in the ankle area reduce cramping, fatigue, swelling, muscle recovery varicose veins, and more. They increase blood circulation and oxygen flow by providing the strongest compression of 20 – 30 mmHg. These socks also help to reduce lactic acid and muscle fatigue during exercise or heavy hard work.

Daily_Use 3 Pairs Medical & Athletic Compression Socks for Men

Those are appropriate for runners, joggers, player, traveler, trainer, gym workouts, and who extremely use their legs. In the ankle area, it will promote more blood circulation so it can reduce muscle fatigue and other medical conditions. You will find some surprising differences in these socks from others.

20-30mmHg Medical grade compression socks reduce calf pain and help for faster recovery. The highest support in the ankle reduce blood stasis and swelling and also reduce plantar fasciitis, blisters, blood pulling, and heel cup issues.

  • Reduce cramping, fatigue, swelling, and all types of pain
  • Increase blood circulation and oxygen flow
  • Reduce lactic acid and muscle fatigue
  • 20-30mmHg Medical grade compression
  • Comfortable and durable
  • High-quality materials
  • They are too thin
  • Incorrect sizes

What to Consider Before Buying Compression Socks

To get maximum benefits from knee-high compression socks you should consider some important factors. Here are some factors below.


Compression socks are found in many sizes, so incorrect size can be annoying. Before selecting the size you need to measure your leg. You will find small, medium, and large in the maximum brands. Consider that one that matches your accurate size. Read the label carefully where you will find the size instruction. Some socks are stretchy enough to cover your knee.


The materials should be comfortable, easy to wear, and durable. Lightweight and transparent materials allow you to wear a long time. They should provide enough support to your leg to reduce pain and swelling. Sports materials such as high tech blend, cotton, or wool are stronger than others. They ensure the highest durability and effectiveness of post-surgery recovery. The breathable, anti-odor, moisture-wicking materials keep you dry even if you work for the whole day.

Level of Compression

Doctors suggest choosing the right amount of compression which is effective for reducing pain and swelling. You can take advice from a doctor. They will prescribe what level of pressure you need. The compression socks with a true compression level are appropriate to improve your certain health issues. Many of us buy a mild compression level of 15-20mmHg. But for extreme pain such as varicose veins, plantar fasciitis you should buy 20-30mmHg and for serious issues such as severe edema, severe varicose veins we should take high compression of 20-30mmHg. Choose medical-grade compression socks to get the right amount of compression.


Pay attention to the brands because renowned brands make high-quality compression socks. There are many brands that provide true quality compression, but sometimes you can get false compression also. Consider the brand that ensures high-quality materials and true medical-grade compression. Get help from our list, we have tried to introduce with some potential brand.


There are many types of compression socks in the market. Knee-high compression socks are inexpensive and available. The price range starts from 10$, if you are looking for high-quality materials and true compression then the average price will be 30$-200$. Most of the brands are affordable and come with a moderate price range. Those socks can be used regularly so it should a good investment.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do compression socks have to be knee-high?

There are different types of socks with different length, you will find most of them below the knee, and you can get some socks with thigh-high also. Knee-high compression socks can be the right choice to get full coverage. If materials are stretchy then you can get long coverage so that your overall leg can get relief from being tired and achy. Too small length only put pressure on your ankle and feet, so they are not appropriate for full leg support. Your blood needs to keep moving fast with the proper amount of compression which only can be ensured by ensuring knee-high compression socks to increase blood flow around the whole leg.

What do knee-high compression socks do?

Knee-high compression increases blood circulation and oxygen flow and removes blood clots. So that you can get relief from severe pain if you are struggling with Edema, varicose veins, plantar fasciitis, fatigue muscle, and overall medical condition of your lower leg. Athletes and runners especially choose the knee-high compression socks because they need to provide support at the lower leg. You need those socks badly after surgery for the recovery process because they are effective for fast recovery. After knee replacement, knee-high compression socks are mostly necessary socks. Doctors also recommend knee-high compression socks to prevent blood clots.

Should I get knee high or thigh-high compression stockings?

Knee-high compression socks can increase blood flow at your lower leg. Thigh-high compression socks are necessary especially for varicose veins to prevent blood clots. You need the right amount of pressure at your lower leg during exercise and overall pressure for the severe medical condition. Choosing the right length depends on your demand. Thigh-high compression socks are helpful for reducing swelling and pulling blood but they are a bit uncomfortable and you may suffer skin irritation also. Research shows that you can get sufficient support from knee-high compression socks. For severe issues thigh, high socks can be better but for daily use, knee-high compression socks are the best.

What levels of compression are available?

There are multiple compression levels, for mild use you can take 10-15mmHg, medium use can be 15-20mmHg for the severe condition you can take 20-30 mmHg, and for the extremely severe condition you can take 30-40 mmHg. If you are using first-time compression socks then choose mild and suffering for leg pain or swelling than use medium compression. Increase the compression level gradually. Before choosing the level of compression to consult with therapist otherwise, there have some risk factors of incorrect compression.


Knee-high compression socks can be a good choice because they are more comfortable to use, easy to put in and take off, they are less harmful to the skin. They are commonly described by the doctor. Because these socks play a vital role in increasing blood circulation and preventing blood clots. Numerous studies show that they are more effective than other compression socks.

You can educate yourself by our list, those all are fantastic knee high compressions socks, they might improve your wellbeing. All of them are recommended by the doctor and trainer.

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