10 Best Knee Immobilizer Braces

As we know, mobility is part of our day to day routine. Talk of mobility, it can either be a mild walk or vigorous activities like running, jogging, climbing, jumping, or dancing. This makes our knee a very crucial part of the body as it bears the weight of every single move we make. For that reason, we should attentively take care of our knees so as to avoid any possible injuries. To achieve this, we need knee braces that are distinctly used to protect our knees from any injuries during those vigorous sports activities.

What if you already have a fractured, dislocated, or injured knee? This is where a knee immobilizer comes in.  As the name suggests, they are used to immobilize or prevent your injured knee from moving or bending away. Therefore, in case of a dislocated knee, fractured shin, tendons, or ligament injuries, fret not! This is because knee immobilizers are purposely designed to solve such problems. They are also made with a blend of materials like plastic, foam, elastic, or metal materials to provide both comfort and support needed to align back your knee.

Several knee immobilizers have flooded in the market today: from poor to high quality. You should ensure to get yourself the most effective knee immobilizer that is well-fitting, comfortable, odorless, and lasting. To get the best, follow our guide to the latter.

Purpose of Using Knee Immobilizer

While knee injuries, fractures, and damages are getting common, they are mostly associated with sports injuries, accidents, or degenerative conditions. Knee immobilizers were therefore designed to cure such conditions. Below are other benefits or purpose of using knee immobilizers.

1. Hastens treatment of injured knee

These devices are the perfect remedy for a knee injury, fractures, or dislocations. Knee immobilizers are lightweight but stiff devices that strongly holds your injured knee against any form of motion, assuring its quick recovery.

2. Prevents knee pain

Knee immobilizers do not only hasten the healing but also depletes the amount of pain felt during your knee healing process. How? It motionlessly positions your knee. It’s obvious that an injured motionless knee is not as painful as an unsettled injured knee. This device is also made of soothing elastic, foam, metal, or plastic materials that soothe and relieve your knee pain.

3. It corrects your knee alignment

Knee immobilizers are designed to constantly hold back your dislocated knee to its natural position within less time. It also lessens external pressure applied in the affected area which prevents excessive tear of your knee joint.

4. It hastens treatment of asteochondral fractures

More often than not, experts recommend surgery as a remedy to osteochondral fractures. Nevertheless, knee immobilizers protect victims from unnecessary surgeries by subsidizing the pain and swelling symptoms associated with this condition. Experts recommend you to use the device for 7 to 10 days on the affected knee, which hastens it’s healing.

5. Used as a rehabilitation therapy after knee arthroplasty

Knee arthroplasty is a surgical procedure conducted on your knee to cure severe knee Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, or rectify knee disabilities. After the procedure, doctors recommend the use of knee immobilizers to limit knee motion during after- surgery walking training. This device reduces any sores or pains involved, making it easy to control your legs.

How to Use a Knee Immobilizer?

As much as knee immobilizers help to align dislocated knees, it can bend your knees further If not used well. Below is the correct procedure on how to use your knee immobilizer.

  • Place your immobilizer on a flat elevated surface and open the velcro straps that help to keep it in place. Note that these devices are designed to wear in such a way that it starts from the thigh area slightly above the knee to the area slightly below the knee.
  • Lift the victim’s leg and allow it to rest on top of the opened knee immobilizer. Ensure to straighten your leg. Later, balance the immobilizer under your leg to ensure the patellar opening is in line with your knee cap.
  • Wrap up your straps over the knee and fasten them to fit perfectly. This is to avoid it slipping when the patient stands up.
  •  Stand up to access if it slips off or not.

10 Best Knee Immobilizers

1. ORTONYX Tri Panel Knee Immobilizer Full Leg Brace

Conditions like knee sprains, knee injuries, and patellar dislocations can be quite difficult to handle manually until they are perfectly healed.  That is why settling for a nice leg immobilizer is recommended. This immobilizer comes with a variety of key features that hastens your knee to recovery. To begin with, the fabric used is fully breathable to keep your legs cool at all times. Moreover, this fabric is very flexible conforming nicely to your leg shape. That perfect conformity ensures that it contours nicely to your leg thus giving you a perfect leg brace.

ORTONYX Tri Panel Knee Immobilizer Full Leg Brace

Once you buy this knee immobilizer, you will not experience any discomfort arising from its size. This is so because it comes with adjustable straps that allow an exceptionally firm fitting. Four removable aluminum strands on its exterior functions to ensure full protection for both the leg and the knee, against unnecessary movements. This makes it very ideal to sleep with at night. Lastly, it features a very versatile design that makes it wearable for any of your legs whether right or left.

  • It boasts of an open patella design that is ideal in relieving pressure around the knee.
  • It boasts of an open patella design that is ideal in relieving pressure around the knee.
  • Has a versatile design to fit any of your legs without a strain.
  • Its aluminum strands can be removed for the immobilizer to get washed easily.
  • Its design makes it a bit difficult for it to be kept clean.
  • It lacks a shoulder strap hence slipping can occur quite frequently.
  • Not suitable for people with a torn ACL or meniscus.

2. Velpou Knee Imobilizer Full Leg Brace

Here is yet another competent knee immobilizer with features that will leave you completely dazzled. It boasts of a slippage resistant back sling that effectively prevents it from sliding whenever you are having it on. Also, this back sling ensures that the latter doesn’t slide even when you are moving on the ground. A hollow design at the patella ensures that it doesn’t dispense any form of pressure on your knees. This greatly helps you to nurse the wound properly allowing it to heal faster and comfortably.

Velpou Knee Imobilizer Full Leg Brace

The fabric used will absolutely leave your leg dancing thanks to its exceptional tenderness and flexibility. Additionally, it is a moisture wicking and skin-friendly fabric that will make your leg feel like it’s inside the blanket.  Plus, the interior is filled with sponge and is latex-free giving your leg that extra comfort. Its soft six strands also ensure that it fits you perfectly without leaving any unwanted spaces. Unlike most knee immobilizers, this one comes with a 100 percent refund guarantee hence allowing you to buy it with confidence. Nonetheless, it exhibits steady metal bars that ensure your leg is fully restricted from any unwanted movements. Albeit these bars can be removed with ease when washing the immobilizer.

  • Comes with a slippage resistant back sling hence it is very firm when worn.
  • Has a hallow design at the patella for wicking away pressure.
  • Comes with a 100 percent refund guarantee.
  • Has removable aluminum strands for easier washing.
  • Its design makes it very hard for it to be kept clean.

3. Procare 79-80170 Clinic 3 Panel Knee Splint

Crafted with a universal three-piece design, this knee immobilizer is fully adjustable to give you that perfect fit. You must note that, even if it has a universal size, its foam posterior panel can be trimmed for a customized fit. Its universal size comprises of a 32-inch circumference and a 20-inch length thus fit plus size. It also exhibits encircling loop lock straps that will fully render your leg’s utmost stability.

Procare 79-80170 Clinic 3 Panel Knee Splint

More to that, it is suitable for conditions such as grade one or grade two collateral ligament sprain, patellar dislocations, and post-operative immobilization. On top of that, it has a soft moisture-wicking fabric that ensures your knee is fully comfortable for a perfect healing process. On the downside, it lacks a slip-resistant strip thus it can easily slide when in use.

  • Has an adjustable foam posterior panel.
  • It is suitable for plus size
  • Comfortable
  • Its universal size might not go very well with every body type.

4. TODDOBRA Tri-panel Knee Immobilizer Full Leg Support Brace

Just like the procare knee immobilizer, the latter boasts of a three-piece design that is backed up by adjustable straps. Its straps are six in number allowing it to accommodate most leg shapes and sizes. If you have conditions such as a knee sprain, patellar dislocation, post-operative recovery, and other mild to the severe leg and knee injuries, the latter will suit you right. Further. It has a very versatile design that allows fitting either of your legs without hassle. If you want a knee immobilizer that you can sleep comfortably, then the latter provides the best solution for you. This is so because it has four removable aluminum strands which make it super stable to prevent any unnecessary leg or knee movements.

TODDOBRA Tri-panel Knee Immobilizer Full Leg Support Brace

To spice up things more, it comes in three adjustable sizes hence allowing a comfortable fit. Its high-quality fabric that is fully breathable and skin-friendly allows your leg or knee to heal excellently. Additionally, the fabric is latex-free and has soft purified cotton to keep your leg protected at all times.

  • Has a very versatile design that allows it to perfectly fit on either of the legs without a strain
  • Has a super comfortable interior.
  • It comes in three sizes allowing buyers to get the best fit.
  • It comes with four removable aluminum strands for ease in cleaning.
  • It lacks an open patella design and hence can cause pressure around the knee when worn.

5. United Ortho 61012 3-panel Knee Immobilizer, 12’’

Most leg immobilizers feature a very heavyweight hence can be a deterrent to faster knee or leg healing process. However, the above-knee immobilizer exhibits a super lightweight nature that doesn’t alter with any of your healing processes. Moreover, it features adjustable side panels, a rigid posterior with adjustable lateral stays for a more perfect fit. In addition to that, it comprises of a universal sizing that can flex up to 29’’ circumference wise with a 12’ in length. Six hooks up straps are there to ensure you get a more secure immobilization.

United Ortho 61012 3-panel Knee Immobilizer, 12’’

On the upside, its side panels can be removed simply and adjusted for a better and more precise individualized fitting.  Also, this knee immobilizer comprises of a versatile design that allows it to fit any of your legs easily. Comfort is not left out, thanks to its soft breathable, and skin-friendly fabric that holistically blankets your leg for utmost comfort. When you buy this knee immobilizer you get a free premium six months warranty. On top of that, it features a very affordable price thus exhibiting a very great value for money.

  • It is very lightweight nature.
  • Has a versatile design that allows it to fit any of your legs with ease.
  • It comes with a free six months warranty.
  • It has a great value for money.
  • It lacks an adjustable shoulder strap hence it can slip easily when worn.

6. FitPro adjustable post-op knee immobilizer

Similar to most knee immobilizers, this one too comes with an adjustable three-piece design that functions to give you a perfect fit. As long as your leg doesn’t exceed 29″ in circumference, then the latter will automatically fit you right. This universal circumference size is backed up by a twelve-inch universal healthcare height. However, these sizes are fully adjustable to give you a perfect fit. As a matter of fact, its side panels are also very adjustable ensuring that this knee immobilizer fits you perfectly without leaving any unwanted spaces.

FitPro adjustable post-op knee immobilizer

In addition to this, it endows a rigid posterior with lateral stays that help to ensure ultimate stability for your legs. Furthermore, it is very light in nature ensuring you have ample time to heal when having it on. It is without a doubt that this product will scratch your itch perfectly thanks to their over forty years of experience in manufacturing bracing solutions. With its simple features, the latter is suitable for conditions such as post-operative knee immobilization, collateral ligament sprain, and patella tendon repairs.

  • It is very light weight in nature.
  • Comes with adjustable side panels for a better fit.
  • It’s has a universal size that doesn’t go well with all body types.
  • It lacks a slip resistant strap hence slipping can occur when active.

7. Hinged ROM Knee Brace With Strap

If you have been searching for a firm and flexible knee immobilizer, then your long search ceases here with these advanced knee immobilizers. It features a modern fabric that easily conforms to your body movement giving your knee maximum comfort when active. Flexibility gives its users an easy time whilst optimizing their knee movements.

Hinged ROM Knee Brace With Strap

More to that, its design gives the knee stable support preventing any unnecessary leg movements. This makes the latter very suitable to sleep as it will fully protect your leg even when you are oblivious to its movements. Therefore, it is very recommendable for tackling sprains, patella dislocations, and condylar fractures.

  • Highly flexible greatly helping with numbness caused by neck disk issues.
  • It is affordable thus having a great value for money.
  • It is an easy to keep clean knee immobilizer.
  • Very firm hence being very easy to slip in.
  • It slides down quite often when worn.
  • Claims have been made that it is not made from high quality materials thus wearing out quickly if not maintained properly.

8. Oxford Knee Immobilizer Style

Wearing a knee immobilizer can be quite a tedious experience especially if it exhibits a complicated design. With the oxford knee immobilizer, wearing and removing the immobilizer is nothing but a walk in the park thanks to its amiable design. Also, it has a dual cuff design that promotes a much more effective immobilization.

Oxford Knee Immobilizer Style

A perforated internal liner gives its users maximum comfort and is fully breathable to wick away moisture. In addition, the coal foam version is more comfortable and can be worn directly against the skin for comfort and warmth. More also, the immobilizer has a popliteal pad that gives it a precise fit. On top of that, it is made out of high-quality materials hence lasting longer compared to most knee immobilizers. Its side-to-side adjustment allows users to get a perfect fit since it has a universal size. On the downside, the universal size doesn’t fit thighs that are over 38″ thick. For improved comfort, warmth, and compression, buyers are advised to buy the full foam version as it is much more advanced.

  • Made out of high quality materials thus lasting quite long.
  • Firm enough to protect your knee from unnecessary movements.
  • The improved version is very comfortable.
  • It has a simple easy to wear design.
  • It lacks a slip resistant strap hence slides off quite easily.

9. Orthomon Hinged Post Op Knee Brace

Powered with an easy to use ROM hinge, the latter is super easy to use and can be adjusted very quickly. No tools are needed during set up hence making it very cheap to use. The great padding with patient-compliant features allows for a quick comfortable recovery process for all its users. In addition to that, it has gripping buckles that allow easy application and quick fitting.

Orthomon Hinged Post Op Knee Brace

The above knee immobilizer also has stable extension straps that are essential in controlling and limiting knee movements. As if not enough, the latter has been built to comfortably fit either of your legs without a struggle.

  • It is very light weight and comfortable.
  • Good interior design that is well padded living no pock marks when you take it off.
  • Very easy to put on.
  • Versatile design that goes well for any of your legs.
  • Slips quite often when active.

10. Hinged ROM Knee Brace With Strap

Talk of a steady nonslip knee immobilizer, the latter will ultimately satisfy every font of that. First off, it comes with an extra-long removable strap that can be worn over the shoulder. The strap is cardinal in minimizing pressure providing more support to your injured knee. Additionally, this strap helps to prevent the latter from slipping when active even when one is walking in it. It has a high duty aluminum support which ensures that your leg is always stable and free from any unnecessary movements.

Hinged ROM Knee Brace With Strap

Length adjustability is verily simple requiring no tools at all and is backed up by collateral bars ideal in providing excellent stability. Unlike most knee immobilizers of its design, it boasts of a unisex design thus very versatile. The design allows it to perfectly fit in any of your legs with ease. Its sizing is universally comprising of a 29″ thigh circumference and a 17″ height. With all these features, the latter is very suitable for lateral ligament fixation after surgery, knee joint dorsiflexion, or stable/ internal fixed fractures.

  • It is easy to use thanks to its strain-free amicable design.
  • Comes with a removable shoulder strap that strengthens its firmness reducing slipping.
  • It can be worn on either of the legs with ease.
  • Its universal size is not perfect for all body sizes and shapes.

Key Features To Look Before Buying A Knee Immobilizer

Now that you have different models of knee immobilizers in mind, let’s cover the most crucial factors to consider when buying your best knee immobilizer.

1. Versatility

A perfect knee immobilizer should be uni-sided or versatile enough to fit on both knees: either right or left. It would be a complete loss to buy just a left-sided knee immobilizer which can’t help in case you accidentally hurt your right knee.

2. Flexibility

To hasten the cure of your injured knee, your knee immobilizer should be completely immobile. That means, the device should be tight enough to avoid slipping off. What if it gets over tight? That’s why you should get a flexible knee immobilizer to allow easy adjustment if straps in case it gets too tight and uncomfortable.

3. It’s purpose

As seen above, knee immobilizers have several purposes. That means, there are several types of these devices meant to meet their diversified purpose. Knowing your exact purpose of purchase will lead you to find out the best knee immobilizer.

4. Materials

This is another crucial factor to consider when getting a knee immobilizer. This is because materials used in designing determine a lot about its odorless ability, flexibility, comfort, durability, and easiness to clean.

5.  Protection level

Different knee immobilizers have different levels of protection on your knee. That’s why you should consider this factor depending on how serious your knee is injured. For instance, a device that provides level 1 protection is the most flexible but not so effective when it comes to Support. This device is ideal for patients with mild injuries. Level 3 protection immobilizer is the best for victims with severe injuries. They are less flexible but offer the greatest support to your knee.

6. Price

Different models of knee immobilizers have different price ranges. To save on cost, you might be tempted to settle for the least expensive model available. More often than not, high-quality immobilizers tend to have high price tags. This is because they are comfortable, supportive, and made of quality materials. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between knee immobilizer and knee brace? 

People highly tend to confuse between a knee immobilizer and a knee brace. Although they are nearly similar, the two differ in their level of stiffness. Knee immobilizers are stiffer than knee braces. They are for both severe and mild knee injuries. In short, they are perfect for knees that are already injured. Knee braces, on the other hand, are less stuff and used to heal mild injuries only. Unlike knee immobilizers, they are used for people with no injuries as a preventative measure to possible injuries.

How do you measure a knee immobilizer?

To measure your knee immobilizer simply means measuring your knee dimension. For effectiveness, your immobilizer should perfectly fit around your knee. That’s why you need to measure it before purchase as explained below.

  • Stand straight or sit and stretch straight your injured knee.
  •  Get your flexible, soft tape measure and measure the circumference of your injured knee. For better results, get help from a friend.
  • Measure the height distance above and below your injured knee. The ideal measurement should be 6 inches above or below. 
  • Pick an immobilizer whose dimension corresponds with your knee measurements.

Can you walk with a knee immobilizer?

Yes. It is advisable to walk with your knee immobilizer as a healing therapy. Walking with it strengthens and aligns your knee faster.

Do you need crutches with your knee immobilizer?

This entirely depends on your level of injury. If the injury is so severe, you need crutches to avoid exerting much pressure on your injured knee. Mild injuries need no crutches. However, using an immobilizer without crutches is the best as strengthens your knee easily.

How do I keep my immobilizer from slipping?

Get the right size. This is the perfect remedy to prevent your device from slipping. If it is flexible, you can also stop it by pulling tight your velcro straps to prevent slipping.


Knee immobilizers are the best therapy for injured knees. However, you should ensure to get the right the most comfortable, and the right size to avoid further injuries. It is also advised to seek immediate health care in case your knee pain worsens and your skin sores after wearing the immobilizer.