10 Best Liquid Collagen Drink That Really Works

Collagen forms the greatest percentage of proteins in our bodies. It is the primary building block for essential body tissues. Some of the best examples of such tissues include tendons, muscles, ligaments, and skin. Additionally, collagen is very crucial in the formation of healthy body physique.

As people become more conscious of their skin health, collagen has become a staple name. Several supplements have flooded the market. However, none beats the liquid collagen in terms of their efficiency in penetrating the body. Therefore, it is in order to say that liquid collagens are the real deal. If you want to experience the magic of these products, don’t worry. We have done our research and compiled a list of top best brands that you can get for the best results.

Any of them get various health benefits, including relieving you of joint pains, improving your skin texture and appearance, among others. So, if you have been struggling with that haggard and age look on your skin, here is the remedy. Before we proceed, let’s look at why liquid collagen over others;

Benefits of Liquid Collagen Drink


This is probably the main reason why most people will take liquid collagen. Collagen goes to three main beauty spots on your body, and that is the skin, nails, and hair. Frankly, these are prime spots that nobody would want to mess with. All three are outside parts that define beauty. That is the catch.

Collagen strengthens the hair and nails to give them that smart and healthy look. If your hair or nails lack collagen, you’ll realize it becomes brittle and dry. Therefore, if you have been pursuing that Kardashian looks, this is where it resides.

Anti-aging aspect

As people age and expose their skin to different environmental conditions, it tends to lose its elasticity. This causes wrinkling and stretch marks destroying that pleasant skin look. Collagen, being a protein, increases the skin elasticity. The result of that is a firm, plump and young-looking skin.

According to studies also, liquid collagen helps to keep the skin hydrated and smooth: These conditions stimulate skin repair and regeneration. That means with constant collagen consumption, you’re assured of healthy skin.

Strengthen your gut

Collagen is one of the connective tissues that hold and protect your gut together with its delicate inner lining. It forms a critical barrier to prevent the destruction of the intestines, which can lead to the leaky gut syndrome; A condition in which food particles and pathogens enter the bloodstreams.

Research has also shown that liquid collagen can help in the digestion process and promote health in the digestive system. For example, the amino acids present in the collagen helps in faster healing of damaged digestive tract tissues.

Muscle building

Collagen happens to be a significant constituent of muscle tissues. No wonder it is a favorite and so popular with the bodybuilding enthusiasts. Increasing collagen in your body gives it raw materials to build more muscles as it repairs those worn out.

That doesn’t, however, mean that collagen is only for bodybuilders. As people age, we focus less energy on muscle building, and you may have to stimulate it. So, using liquid collagen will force the body to focus on muscle development and repairs instead of storing fat. This process leads to burning more fat than keeping it. That explains collagen is associated with loss of weight.

How Do Liquid Collagen Drinks Work?

When you consume a protein like collagen, your stomach and small intestine will break the protein by using enzymes. Therefore, they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream very fast. Once in the body, they stimulate your skin collagen to become more active. That’s why collagen is known for smoothening and hydrating the skin. However, you shouldn’t expect the collagen to take effects immediately you use them. It may take several weeks to produce a noticeable change.

Also, they can be so helpful in terms of the food digestion process. Their high glycerin content triggers acid production in the stomach, which further aids better food digestion. According to experts, for better digestion results, you should take collagen supplement at least one hour before or after the meal. And again, this shouldn’t be a once in a while exercise. You may have to consume the supplements for about nine weeks. Then you will have noticeable results.

The 10 Best Liquid Collagen Drink Review

1. Sleep-A-Weigh Plus 

Sleep-A-Weigh Plus is our top pick for the best liquid collagen. It contains two major crucial ingredients; the organic aloe Vera and thermogenic responsible for weight loss actually when asleep. Also, it is not a vegan drink as it is an extract of bovine from cows. However, it contains a natural supplement called melatonin that can help you fall asleep faster.

Sleep-A-Weigh Plus

Every Sleep-A-Weigh container has about 4grams of protein, 3 net carbs, and 10 calories. Other famous supplements that aid in weight loss are also present. These include apple cider vinegar and CLA. Being a product of GMP, you can expect nothing but quality from this collagen drink.

  • You get collagen and sleep help and weight loss all in one container.
  • It’s not a GMO as all the ingredients are natural.
  • It helps in muscle building and the creation of new collagen.
  • It has many positive customer reviews.
  • It is not a vegan, so even if you are allergic to vegans, you can take comfortably.
  • Very tasty, and you have an option to mix it with water.

2. LiquiVive Liquid Collagen 

LiquiVive Liquid Collagen is more bioavailable. It is predigested and hydrolyzed by the use of a unique blend of proprietary liquid. Therefore, it doesn’t have to go through the digestion process, thus absorbed directly.

LiquiVive Liquid Collagen

The ingredients used include 240,000 mg amino acid peptides, pure colsylate, and hydrolyzed collagen of bovine sources. The good thing with LiquiVive Liquid Collagen is that it doesn’t contain artificial products such as sweeteners, flavors or colors. Others not present include gluten, soy, yeast, dairy, and salt. However, it remains one of the most concentrated liquid collagens with 50 calories and five carbs in a single tablespoonful.

  • It is predigested hence making it more bioavailable.
  • Doesn’t contain artificial ingredients.
  • Its concentration is high with 240,000mg of amino acids.
  • It doesn’t contain yeast, salt, gluten nor artificial additives such as sweeteners and color.
  • A single bottle has 7.5g collagen and pure colsylate with type I and II.
  • It is not vegan friendly.
  • May cause mild digestive complications.

3. Heivy Liquid Collagen Supplement

Heivy is a common collagen supplement that helps to reverse the aging process. It does this by eliminating deep wrinkles besides keeping the skin moisturized. Also, it features the powerful marine collagen extracted from the fish.

Heivy Liquid Collagen Supplement

Every Heivy serving has 60 calories and 4 carbs in it. The other components used in the processing process include; vitamin C, jasmine extract, Biotin, and BioPerine. Vitamin C is responsible for the creation of new collagen in the body. On the other hand, jasmine extract helps to repair torn skin and bring that youthful look. Biotin nutrients are crucial in air, skin, and nails healthy whereas the BioPerine makes the collagen bioavailable.

  • Contains about 10g of marine collagen per container.
  • It is non-GMO and devoid of any additives and sweeteners.
  • Has vitamin C alongside other ingredients such as jasmine extract, that address specific body deficiencies.
  • Proprietary and patent to determine its authenticity.
  • People allergic to fish cannot take it as it contains marine collagen.
  • Processed in Taiwan; hence its standards may not meet the USA metrics.

4. Medlie Organic Kale Avocado Liquid Collagen Drink

This is best for people who love convenience and efficiency in maintaining their healthy diet. Each serving contains 110 calories and 5g carbs. The good thing is that it has a high concentration of collagen a big 10g bovine besides being a great source of fiber.

Medlie Organic Kale Avocado Collagen Drink

Of great importance is the fact that it doesn’t have sugar content, gluten, or dairy. However, if you are not a friend to sodium, you may have to check out the percentage. The Medlie 8-pack comes ready for consumption. So if you are a busy person, you can use it as a snack or meal.

  • Contains 10 grams of collagen.
  • It is purely natural without sugar, gluten, nor dairy contents.
  • Can be used as a substitute for meals.
  • It is fresh from processing and can be delivered to your home.
  • It has excellent taste.
  • It is very expensive compared to other products.
  • Not vegan friendly hence can trigger allergic reactions to some people.

5. Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty Boost

Beauty Chef seeks to tap the beauty from inside by triggering the production of internal collagen. It is not more of a collagen supplement but a stimulant. The drink doesn’t have the actual collagen peptides. Instead, it relies on a five-stage fermentation process plus powerful ingredients that catalyze the collagen. The ingredients include;

  • Probiotics
  • Maqui berries
  • Acacia berries
  • Vitamin C and Zinc
  • Papaya
  • Grape seed extract
Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty Boost

The drink is natural without coloring, preservatives and flavors. Each tablespoon of Beauty Chef has 40 calories and 10 grams which may be a put off for people who value low carb.

  • It is vegan friendly
  • Triggers collagen production within the body system.
  • Contains nutrients and vitamin ingredients that produce collagen.
  • Helps to maintain and heal your gut tissues.
  • Doesn’t have actual collagen peptides
  • Has high carb content.

6. Collagen+C Pomegranate 16 Ounces

If you have wrinkles and you want to get rid of them, you’ve got this NeoCell lab product. It is clinically tested and proven to hydrate the skin and make it softer. It is a bioavailable 4,000mg supplement that you can easily use to address your collagen deficiency.

Collagen+C Pomegranate 16 Ounces

The ingredients used include natural ascorbic acid, proprietary fruit blend, simple sugars from agave nectar and other natural extracts. Additionally, this drink is gluten-free with 32 servings per container.

  • Gluten-free
  • It contains thirty-two servings in a single container.
  • The drink is tasty (pomegranate flavor).
  • Not bioavailable hence has to undergo digestion.
  • The ionic minerals present may not welcome to everyone.

7. Aminosculpt Liquid Collagen Supplement Drink

Amino Sculpt is a quality collagen drink made with CollaPureTMformulae which has been in use for over 32 years. Doctors and other health professionals have used it in treatments and other medical works. Amino Sculpt is a hydrolyzed collagen peptide made of extracts from grass-fed cattle. Interestingly, this is the only patent collagen drink for weight loss. Furthermore, this drink plays a critical role in healing wounds.

Aminosculpt Liquid Collagen Supplement Drink

It is not much concentrated as in every two spoonfuls there are 16 grams of Type I collagen plus 6 grams per serving.

The good thing with this drink is that is doesn’t contain artificial ingredients such as sweeteners, flavors, dairy, gluten, or fish. Third-party labs have tested and certified this product for collagen boosting.

  • Contains 16 grams of collagen per serving.
  • It is the only patent collagen drink for weight loss.
  • It doesn’t contain artificial additives such as sweeteners, eggs, gluten, dairy or soy.
  • Undergoes the proprietary process, which makes it very bioavailable.
  • Effective in wound healing.
  • Manufactured in the USA and certified by third-party laboratories.
  • It is not vegetarian friendly.
  • Contains 6 carbs per serving

8. Liquid Collagen, Biotin, Vitamin C All in one

This liquid collagen is highly bioavailable that supports bone, joints, and muscle health. It enhances skin regeneration by hydrating it. The production formulae contain anti-aging ingredients that promote skin elasticity.

Liquid Collagen, Biotin, Vitamin C All in one

Like many other collagen supplements, Liquid Collagen, Biotin, Vitamin C enhances the growth of nails and hair. Therefore, we can say it helps in correcting split, broken nails, and damaged hair.

  • Highly bioavailable
  • Has Glucosamine and MSM
  • It is all-natural without any artificial components.
  • Some people report bad taste lingering in their mouths.
  • Expensive compared to other options.

9. Applied Nutrition Liquid Collagen Skin Revitalization, Limited Value 1 Pack

This product takes a few weeks to show its results on the skin and hair thoroughly. Its taste is also incredible, and many people like it. It is a natural supplement made from fruits such as Kiwi, raspberry, blackberries and strawberry. If you are looking for tasty and short period results, try this portion. Low calories present ensure that it helps to reduce weight and fats.

Applied Nutrition Liquid Collagen Skin Revitalization, Limited Value 1 Pack
  • Its effects on the skin show up within a few weeks.
  • It’s a natural substance so people allergic to artificial ingredients can use it.
  • It is vegan friendly.
  • It is tasty
  • Has low calories count
  • The taste is not pleasant to everyone.
  • Non-vegans may not like it.

10. AminoSculpt Liquid Collagen Supplement (Tart Cherry Flavor)

This is the natural cherry-flavored liquid collagen supplement. It is such a quality product certified by four US patents including for weight loss. It relies on the original collagen formula which has been in use for over 32 years. These qualities directly propel it to our top ten list of best liquid collagen. Therefore, it is safe, and you don’t have to be afraid since even hospitals and health professionals adopt it. Besides enhancing your skin healthy, people with sleep problems can use it to aid them to sleep faster.

AminoSculpt Liquid Collagen Supplement (Tart Cherry Flavor)
  • It bears four patents including for the weight loss.
  • It is safe and stimulant-free.
  • Quality product using the original collagen formulae.
  • Technicians and doctors in hospitals use them.
  • The cherry flavor is not friendly to everyone.

Why Liquid Collagen Protein May Be the Better Choice

Even though there are different ways you can consume collagen, consuming them in liquid form remains the best. This is because of its unmatched bioavailability nature in that the body doesn’t struggle to process it, unlike their powder or tablet counterparts. Within minutes in the digestive system, it is absorbed and starts acting on the tissues. Other benefits of liquid collagen include;

High concentration per unit

The liquidity form allows the incorporation of many different ingredients in small cubic volume. Liquid collagen supplements have a high concentration of amino acids which are vital to the body functions. This means you can take just a small volume and already acquire the entire required ratio. It is not the case with the tablets or the powder supplements which have a little percentage.

Convenient and flexible consumption

Liquid collagen is a ready-made product and always comes in pre-measured small bottles or sachets. It gives you several consumptions options. You can choose to gulp down like soda straight from the container without diluting or mixing with water or drinks.

You can also mix it with other recipes as you wish. For example, you can choose to mix it with salads or other beverages. This can be helpful in case you don’t like the taste it leaves on the mouth.

Proven results

Many scientific researchers have affirmed the efficiency of liquid collagen. Studies have been done and shown that indeed these products deliver immensely. They stimulate collagen production by the body besides aiding skin regeneration and reversing the aging process. So, it’s not a trial and error thing, if you are looking for any highlighted function of collagen, drinking collagen won’t disappoint you.

Additional nutrients

It is easy to add nutrients and flavors to liquid collagen products. For instance, the absolute collagen is enriched with Vitamin C that quickens its absorption and assimilation process in the body. Unlike with solid supplements, you can customize your flavors and color the way you want.

Additionally, marine collagen from fish has an extra benefit of hair restoration. It overcomes some limitations associated with animal collagen. It is best when consumed in liquid form.

Collagen Side Effects

As of now, no research has been able to link collagen with any health risks. However, some report temporal bad taste in their mouth after taking collagen. Also, some supplements are made of known allergens such as fish, eggs, and shellfish. Therefore, allergy-prone people may experience allergic reactions when they consume them.

Sometimes the supplements may have a negative effect on the user’s appetite. They can make you have a feeling of fullness coupled with acute heartburns. FIDA has reportedly recalled several collagens due to false claims and safety grounds. Supplements promising collagen production stimulation and wrinkles elimination are more of drugs than supplements. So since most of them do not have a health basis, they are not very safe.

The inability to present instant results doesn’t auger well with some people. Skeptics use this factor to allude that actual collagen is never sufficient. The supplements can take up to 30 days to produce a meaningful result on the skin.

FAQ – Frequently Ask Questions

Which foods are high in collagen?

Animal tissues are the richest when it comes to collagen. Thus, all foodstuffs such as pork, chicken skin, beef, and fish have collagen.

The foods with gelatin also contain collagen such as bone broth. This is a protein substance found in collagen when cooked.

Is liquid collagen better than powdered collagen?

Yes. Practically, liquid collagen is the best. It is easily absorbed and assimilated into the bloodstream. On top of that, liquid collagen presents several consumption options like mixing it with other beverages and drinking it like a soda straight from the bottle. The collagen concentration is high with other nutrients also added.

Is collagen bad for kidneys?

There is no literary work as at now that suggests collagen to have negative effects on kidneys. However, it is common knowledge that excessive use of collagen supplements can have hardening effects on the internal body organs, including kidneys, heart, and the liver.

How much collagen is needed daily?

Collagen Dosage recommendations vary from one person to the other. Studies on proper collagen dosage have done evaluation ranging between 2.5 to 10 grams a day. Some supplement manufacturers recommend up to 30 grams a day. For best results, you may require a health care specialist to determine your proper dosage. The dosage should always be based on collagen concentration.

Is collagen bad for the liver?

Intuitively, collagen doesn’t have any negative effect on a healthy liver. Most body organs require collagen to produce amino acids for proper development. This includes the liver.

Should you take collagen every day?

Yes and no. The frequency at which you should take the collagen depends on reasons. For example, if you are taking them for its pain-relieving effects, you should do so daily for a certain period. After that, you can start taking them only when you feel like it’s needed.

How long does it take for collagen to work?

Collagen is absorbed into the bloodstream immediately it enters the digestive system. Within an hour, the body starts utilizing it, but the results aren’t instant. Depending on what supplement you use and discipline within an average of 30 days, you can have visible effects on your skin.

Does collagen reduce belly fat?

Yes. Collagen helps to stimulate body metabolism, which leads to the burning of fats. The result is an active and a more muscular body. So, yes, taking collagen can help you reduce your belly fat and weight as well.

Can collagen help hair loss?

Yes. Specifically, marine liquid collagen helps to overcome the hair loss problem. This collagen supplement will help you fix the limitations of other products.


Liquid collagen has several benefits, and limited risks associated with it. So if you want to tap the benefits of this awesome protein, it’s about time you made that move. We’ve eased the search pain by suggesting some of the top brands that you can go for.

So far, several people have given very many positive reviews about the collagen supplest. However, it’s not yet clear whether the collagenous foodstuffs offer the same level of efficiency, starting from giving the users a youthful look, to reducing joint pains and preventing bone loss. People have purportedly reported many other benefits not yet explored. The use of collagen supplements is safe and straightforward to use. So you need not be afraid of using them at all.