Liquid Collagen vs Powder Which is Better ? – Detail Comparisons

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the mammal’s body. It is responsible for healthy joints and skin health. Collagen is a major component of connective tissues in most body parts. It has a lot of benefits in the human body. However, as you age its production in the body reduces. This now calls you to start taking the supplement. Collagen supplements are many. But the main ones are liquid collagen and powder collagen. There is a lot of misinformation between these two. People have their comparison to determine which is better among many other factors. Some will prefer powder over liquid others liquid over powder.

Generally, collagen derives from a combination of animal tissues like cattle and fish. In this article, we will discuss Liquid Collagen vs Powder. You will get the facts out of fiction about liquid and powder collagen. So, read the article till then to get this information.

Liquid Collagen

As the name suggests, liquid collagen is in liquid form. It consists of collagen peptides broken down into smaller peptides. This way it is easier to get absorbed in the bloodstream. You can add these supplements to food like tea and soups. It is important to do good research before you start using any supplement. This is because FDA does not test the effectiveness and safety of supplements. Look for supplements that have simple ingredients.

If you get supplements with a lot of added sugars, it may be dangerous for your health. Liquid collagen that has vitamin C can help your body in the absorption of collagen.

Types of Liquid Collagen

1. Pre-made collagen drinks

Pre-made collagen drinks do comprise powder dissolved in water or any other beverages. You can consume them on their own or mix them in other types.

2. Drinks mix collage

Drink mixes are purely liquids. Sometimes they have flavors and sugars. You can take them direct as sips.

  • It is easily digested and absorbed into the bloodstream fast and efficiently. This is according to liquid biodiversity and absorption studies. The Physician’s Desk Reference state that 85% to 90% of nutrients contained in liquid absorbs in 22 to 30 seconds.
  • It is effective according to several scientific studies. When you drink collagen, studies show that it stimulates the production of collagen. This is responsible for skin and tissue regeneration.
  • You can take it directly without diluting or mixing it with water.
  • It is easy to package liquid form for small serving compared to powder form.
  • Many versions come pre-made as flavored drinks. So, you cannot mix them as compared to powder that you have several options to mix.
  • If you do not like the flavors of the pre-made drink or drink mix, you will have to search for long to get one. Consider taking something else with a good flavor after taking the liquid collagen.

How to Take Liquid Collagen?

Many prefer getting options where you can prepare your favorite taste. However, this is not the case with liquid collagen. So, you can choose a brand that has the favorite taste and sip away.

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Powder Collagen

This is one of the popular collagen supplements available in the market. As it sounds, it is a white powder that can dissolve in liquids. It comes in tubs or packets. You can mix it with food and drinks. This is good compared to liquids as you have different options that you can take the supplement. There is no difference in terms of functionality between the powder and liquid. They both perform the same task.

Many people prefer powders because of different reasons. One of them is versatility and taste. Some powder collagens do not have a taste which is good for those who do not like tasty stuff. Also, if you add in your food or drink, it will not give it a different taste. Another reason why people prefer powder is the fact you can choose what to use it with.

The powder collagen passes through a process called hydrolysis. This makes them easily absorbed in the bloodstream. This is because they are normally broken down from amino acids to peptides. The resulting powder is now what we call collagen powder that as said, is easily absorbed.

  • You can add to anything anyone can think of. They come in tubs or packets that are super versatile. You can use it on coffee, smoothies, and water. Others can use it on the morning omelet and food.
  • You can get the floured brands that you can use with water to get a yummy collagen cocktail.
  • Some products include other useful ingredients that can boost your body’s immunity. For example, they can add hyaluronic acid responsible for moisturizing the cells.
  • You can add it to anything without changing its waste.
  • Some people may get some powders having a bad taste for them. This can discourage them from adding the powder collagen to their drinks or food.

How to Take Powder Collagen?

There are different methods that you can take collagen powders. If you get the powder with a little scoop, then you have the perfect dose. What you need to do is to add the dose to the smoothie before you take it. In case you prefer taking it with beverages, stir or shake it well to make sure it solves. Also, stirring will help to dissolve in case there are lamps. Otherwise, it is you to choose as there are several options you can use.

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Is Liquid Collagen Better than Powder?

Collagen production in your body starts reducing between 30 to 40 years. So, it is important to start taking the collagen if you want to maintain your skin elasticity. However, there are many controversies surrounding liquid and powder collagen. So, you need to know the better option to choose. The main goal of taking collagen is to get positive change within a short period.

So, this brings the question of which is better. This is obviously the one that will get into the bloodstream faster. Research done shows that the absorption rate of liquid collagen is 90%. This is normally compared to 30% of the powder collagen. It is important to note that the quicker the absorption, the quicker it starts working.

FAQs – Frequently Ask Questions

What are the negative effects of taking collagen?

People presume that there is nothing without some disadvantages. With collagen is the same case too. Collagen can have different digestive side effects. This may be a result of the ingredients used to make the collagen. Your body may get some complications like heartburn. Also, other people may complain about getting a bad mouth taste. This depends on the preference of the person or the body’s acceptance.

Can you refrigerate liquid collagen?

Note that FDA does not taste for the safety and effectiveness of supplements. So, it is upon you to do good research before you get one as mentioned above. If you prefer using supplements to boost your collagen production, you can fridge. This is regardless of whether you are using the powder or liquid. Always note that you should use the regulated temperature when doing it.

Does caffeine destroy collagen?

According to some skin experts, caffeine does not destroy collage. What caffeine does collagen is that it slows down its production but does not destroy it.

Can taste collagen in drinks or food?

You may get worried about collagen tastes in food and drinks. However, most collagen products are tasteless and odorless. This means that you cannot notice the taste of the collagen in your drinks. This is good as it will not change the flavor of the drink or food you are taking. Also, you may have to add something to make sure the powder dissolves properly.

What can destroy collagen?

Several products or conditions can destroy the production of collagen. You eat a lot of sugars; it interferes with the ability of collagen to repair itself. So, if you want to increase your collagen production, you have to reduce the high consumption. Also, refined carbs can destroy collagen, avoid them. Also, exposing yourself to a lot of sunshine can affect collagen. Sun carries a lot of UV rays that can affect your skin hence destroying the collagen. The other thing that destroys collagen is smoking.

Final Recap

When you start approaching 30 years, the production of collagen in the body reduces. So, it is important to start taking collagen supplements to boost its production. Collagen has a lot of benefits in your body as it comprises a third of your tissue formation. Also, it helps in bone formation. As discussed above, you have options to choose from different supplements. Your choice should make sure that the supplement gets absorbed as fast as possible. This is to ease the fast production of collagen. This is because the main goal is to see collagen produced in your body. So, with that said, it is you to decide between liquid and powder which do you take.