Top-Rated SBD Knee Sleeves Reviews With Size Measurement

SBD Knee Sleeves are a premium product. Crafted by SBD in Great Britain, a good deal of care goes into the manufacturing and quality control process to confirm that each client receives a high-end product. Years of research and development went into producing our original sleeves and continued to figure out improvements to the current market-leading design. SBD is a company that creates a range of high-end supportive lifting gear for elite strength athletes.

They wear knee sleeves for multiple reasons; major reasons for additional knee support and maintaining joint warmth. There are completely different levels of thickness of knee sleeves that depend upon an athlete’s sport and needs. Thicker sleeves like SBD Knee Sleeves are generally most well-liked by powerlifters, low-bar back squats, high-bar back squats, the power clean, and strongman competitors.

SBD Knee Sleeves 7mm

The SBD knee sleeves supply a cylinder-style design and a top-grade 7mm neoprene. In relevance neoprene thickness, 7mm is on the more supportive side and that’s mirrored throughout the development of those knee sleeves. These sleeves provide an additional layer of fabric that’s diagonally stitched at the top and bottom of the sleeve, and this helps forestall premature fraying.

SBD Sleeve 7mm

Comfortable Fit

For a really stable and stiff sleeve, these sleeves provide to be a decent balance of a thick, stable sleeve, whereas providing some mobility. Keep in mind some mobility, as these sleeves weren’t the simplest for moving freely as thinner sleeves will offer. The SBD knee sleeve is tapered, creating for a much better fit, and serving to lifters to warm up more effectively. The tapered edges are a positive feature of this sleeve because they provide both the upper and lower leg with support.

SBD Sleeve

The tapering side and that they stayed secure for lifting through working sets of squats. The size chart of those sleeves matches true to the particular size. These sleeves are on the list of IPF and IWF-approved instrumentation; Therefore, you’ll be able to wear them in formal competition. During a contest, you’ll be lifting for a large amount of the day, therefore, having a snug sleeve that matches true could be a huge plus as well.

The Pop of SBD Sleeves 

A sturdy pair of sleeves that matches well can undoubtedly create a difference throughout the lift itself. The support offered will enhance confidence and scale back instability throughout the squat, in order that less energy is wasted. an SBD sleeve conjointly provides a proprioceptive effect: because the user descends into the hole, the feeling of the fabric bunching at the back of the knee cues the lifter on whether they have gone below parallel, that means that lifters will additional consistently squat to the desired depth. Several competitors can have a smaller second set of sleeves for the competition to amplify these effects, progressing to get an additional “pop” at the bottom of the squat.


An engineered product to require everything a serious athlete will throw at it. Every squat repetition can stretch and relax a knee sleeve over time, which may cause tears and rips in the cheaper product. Here, SBD patented spiral stitching is vital because the forces exerted throughout the flexion of the knee are less able to separate the neoprene than in some traditional designs. They stitch this cloth with a triangular stitching pattern, which was a cool feature that hasn’t seen on a lot of sleeves.
Many athletes will train during a single pair of SBDs for years. that always makes an excellent choice for a price-conscious lifter, who desires to make sure they only need to purchase their equipment once, instead of frequently replacing it for wear and tear.

Color: Black/Red
Sold as a Pair
Price: $82.50
Size Options: 3XS – 5XL

SBD size & measuring guide
Image Source: SBD USA

SBD Knee Sleeves 7mm at Glance:

  • Steady and supportive with a stiffer 7 mm neoprene.
  • IPF, USAPL, and USPA approved and IWF compliant with the utmost allowable 30cm length.
  • Durable knee sleeve option with strengthened stitching.
  • Great for competing, as various federations favor them.
  • A versatile selection for powerlifters, strongman athletes, and weightlifters.
  • Slightly pricey than alternative preferences on the market.

SBD Summer Sleeve

Size Options: 3XS – 5XL
Color: Blue/White
Sold as a Pair
Price: $90

SBD Summer 2019 Knee Sleeves

NB: Make Sure The Size Before Purchasing. Follow Measuring Guide Accurately.

Frequently Ask Questions

What are SBD Knee Sleeves, and what are their benefits?

SBD Knee Sleeves are high-quality, supportive sleeves designed specifically for the knees. They offer several benefits such as enhanced stability, reduced pressure on the knee joint, increased blood flow, and improved performance during weightlifting, powerlifting, and other fitness activities. Additionally, SBD Knee Sleeves help to prevent injuries and aid in recovery by providing compression and warmth to the knee area.

How do I choose the correct size for my SBD Knee Sleeves?

To ensure the best fit and performance, it is important to measure your leg circumference just below the kneecap. Use a flexible measuring tape and follow the sizing chart provided by SBD. Make sure the measuring tape is snug but not too tight. Sizing may vary slightly based on personal preference and the intended use of the knee sleeves (e.g., a tighter fit for competition or a looser fit for training).

Are SBD Knee Sleeves suitable for different types of sports and activities?

Yes, SBD Knee Sleeves are versatile and can be used for various sports and activities, including weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit, and other fitness activities that involve heavy lifting or stress on the knees. They provide support, stability, and comfort during these activities, making them an excellent choice for athletes of all levels.

How do I care for and maintain my SBD Knee Sleeves?

To prolong the life of your SBD Knee Sleeves, it is recommended to hand wash them in cold water with mild detergent and air dry them flat. Avoid using bleach, fabric softeners, or tumble drying, as these may damage the sleeves’ elasticity and support. Regularly inspect your knee sleeves for signs of wear and tear, and replace them when necessary to ensure optimal performance and support.

Can I wear SBD Knee Sleeves if I have a knee injury or during post-injury recovery?

It is always best to consult with a medical professional before using any supportive gear, such as SBD Knee Sleeves, if you have an existing knee injury or are in the process of recovery. While knee sleeves can provide compression, warmth, and support that may aid in healing, it is essential to follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations and guidelines to avoid further injury or complications.