Top-Rated Ultra Zoom Ankle Braces Reviews

The ultra Zoom® is one of the most advanced and durable ankle braces supporting the ankle joint. Made up of revolutionary Performathane® softshell technology, which provides the right balance between comfort and support. Ultra Zoom ankle brace is amongst the foremost durable braces to forestall ankle instability, promoting a full range of motion.

The Performathane® soft shell forms to you, permitting your ankle to maneuver in all the natural ways, whereas stopping any excessive movement which will cause an injury. The Ultra Zoom ankle brace protects endlessly for hours and lasts for multiple seasons. This brace comprises a performathane shell that won’t break easily compared to alternative cheaply created braces. Again, it will use on either ankle.

Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace Recommended for:

  • Chronic ankle joint instabilities
  • Sub-acute ankle sprains
  • Prophylactic use

Athletes who play sports with a high incidence of ankle injuries like basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and others. Athletes who dislike the old-style corset lace-up vogue supports that limit ankle range of motion and lose support rapidly—individuals who need slightly additional ankle joint support for his or her regular activities.

Product Features of the Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace

  • Super low profile with Performathane technology for ultimate athletic mobility.
  • Hinged-cuff technology promotes a full range of motion.
  • Provides the right balance between support and comfort.
  • Universal left or right ankle joint.
  • Performathane® custom-fit versatile shell uses body heat to form-fit to the ankle for increased comfort, lasting support, and multi-season durability.

Measuring Guide

Your ankle brace size differs from your shoe size because it’s based on your ankle circumference. Size chart for directions on measuring your ankle circumference. You’ll use that measurement to estimate which size brace will serve the best fit.

Measuring Guide of Ultra Zoom Ankl Brace


  • Ankle circumference is less than 14 inches


  • Ankle circumference is over 14 inches

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Seller Warranty

One-year warranty against breakage for the Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace. The warranty doesn’t cover normal wear/tear of straps and pads. The ultra ankle has replacement straps and pads available within the case; these need to be replaced before the brace shell itself. Whereas the warrant guarantees the product lasts for a year, we’ve never had an ultra Zoom brace shell crack, break or tear. The outer shell of the ultra Zoom typically lasts 2-3 years before the hinge area gets loose and can need to get replaced.

All warranties are valid for the original customer only. Throughout the warranty period, if the product is defective in material or workmanship, at their possibility, the ultra ankle can either have you send the defective part or product to them for inspection; or they’ll elect to send a replacement part or product while not investigating. This warranty is void if the product has been broken by misuse or abuse.

Ultra Zoom Ankle Braces reviews
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  • The strongest sort of brace
  • Velcro strap for simple wearing
  • Creates a sense of total support that’s hard to explain
  • Sold separately
  • One-year warranty
  • Needs larger shoes

The Ultra Zoom is the most hardcore and heavy-duty brace. It nearly looks like some kind of armored shoe. These hinged types of ankle brace provide you the maximum support to prevent ankle sprain with re-injury of the ankle. These braces give the most effective support, however the minimum comfort level. It needs larger shoes to accommodate their size.