Surgery For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome causes tingling, numbness, or pain within the hand. The wrist joint bones and ligament form a tunnel, a passage for the median nerve and finger tendons. The repetitive strain could cause swelling that pinches and traps the nerve in the tunnel. Prompt treatment will increase the probability that symptoms can stop and prevent long-term nerve injury. Self-care includes ever-changing activities, using carpal tunnel brace, stretching, and icing.

Conservative treatments embody physical therapy, changing activities, carpal tunnel mouse, a wrist brace, or medications. Surgery that re-opens the space and frees the nerve is also a choice.

The carpal tunnel could be a narrow passage within the radio-carpal joint formed by bone on the lowest and a carpal ligament on top. The median nerve and adjacent tendons run from the forearm into the palm to regulate the thumb and also the first 3 fingers. Carpal tunnel syndrome happens once it compresses the median nerve at the radio-carpal joint. Swelling and inflammation develop, pressing the nerve and causing carpal tunnel symptoms. Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most typical variety of nerve compression.

When To Consider Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery

It considers carpal tunnel syndrome surgery when:

  • Symptoms are still present after a long period of nonsurgical treatment. It does not consider surgery until after several weeks to months of nonsurgical treatment.
  • Severe symptoms ( persistent loss of feeling or coordination in the fingers or hand or no strength in the thumb) restrict normal daily activities.
  • There is damage to the median nerve or risk of nerve damage.
  • Tumors that need to be removed.


Sometimes carpal tunnel pain persists. Even in patients who have carefully followed nonsurgical therapy, symptoms can become debilitating and make daily activities more difficult.

If nerve injury could be a concern or the muscles seem weak or atrophied, treatment becomes more pressing to avoid further damage.

Surgery to cut and release the ligament may be an option if testing confirms it entrap the median nerve or if pain, weakness, and numbness persist.

After surgery, the ligament heals back together but with enough space for the nerve.

What Happens During Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery?

They can perform surgery either as an open or endoscopic technique. They perform both as outpatient surgery, require small incisions, and take only 10 minutes.

  • Both procedures involve cutting the carpal ligament to ease pressure on the median nerve.
  • Recovery varies depending on the incision size and the patient’s overall health.


After surgery, 6 to 12 weeks is typical before you can return to full movements. Ask your physician about when you can return to work and continue other activities.

After Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Most people who have surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome have fewer symptoms of pain after surgery.

  • In rare cases, the symptoms of pain and numbness may return, or there may be a temporary loss of strength when pinching or gripping an object, because of the cutting of the transverse carpal ligament.
  • If the thumb muscles are severely weakened or wasted away, hand strength and function may be limited even after surgery.
  • Both endoscopic and open carpal tunnel release has advantages and risks. Studies do not show that one strategy is better than the other.


  • The risk and complication rates of open surgery are low.
  • Major issues like nerve injury happen in fewer than one out of a hundred surgeries.
  • There is a small risk it may damage the median nerve or other tissues during surgery.
  • After open surgery, recovery could also be slower than after endoscopic surgery.

And there may be some pain in the wrist and hand. You may also have some tenderness around the scar. There are also risks of any surgery, including infection and risks of general anesthesia. However, most open carpal tunnel syndrome surgery is done with local anesthesia or regional block rather than with general anesthesia.